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    Suggest a new Monitor for me

    Currently running a LG Electronics UM95 34UM95 with a 2080. I'm looking to upgrade to the same size monitor that supports HDR and Gsync in the $800-1000 range....any suggestions?
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming to PC November 5th

    This had to be the longest game I've ever played-I got it when it first came out and put in a few hours every day-maybe longer on the weekend if I didn't have anything to do and it still took me almost a month to finish it. I was so burnt out on it that I really didn't get into the online parts...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming to PC November 5th

    Good question-I'm in the same boat-I finished it on the Xbox1X when it first came out.
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    Looking for Monitor mount for tablet/small monitor

    I currently have a swing arm mount (attached to my foundation) attached to my 29in monitor in the basement-I just picked up 13inch LCD to use as a secondary monitor and I'm trying to figure out a way to attach to the 29in monitor. I ordered this with it...
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    Homeworld 3.... Crowdfunding?

    I pledged $100 bucks for Blackbird Interactive's Shipbreakers-which eventually evolved into Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. Guess what happened when that came about? They refunded me my $$$ and gave me the game for fucking FREE! I bought the Remaster edition of Homeworld when it came out. I'm...
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    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    I spent about $2500 on my last PC build in December-I don't have a 2080Ti or i9 CPU, but its fast enough for anything I throw at it. I'd like to get a 120hz monitor, but had an unexpected Tax bill this year, so that killed off that idea. My old PC is in the basement enjoying retirement, just...
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    The Division 2

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    PayPal's new refund policy has sellers up in arms

    I ran into this with sellers from China with another hobby I have-I ordered 3 different things from two vendors-both of them where shady as fuck-one sent a fake tracking number (never did anything) and the other never provided a tracking number, accepted the payment nearly 29 days later (pushing...
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    The Division 2

    So how do we join the clan-whats the name?
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    Toyota Has a Curious Justification for Not Selling Any EVs

    Its due to cash for clunkers back about 10 years ago and rising new car pricing. Cash for Clunkers killed any excess inventory in the used market and newer used cars had to be traded in at higher levels to help off set rising pricing in new cars/suv/trucks. I remember back about 27 years ago...
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    Prisoners in England to Be Taught Code

    If they where that smart, they wouldn't be in prison :p
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    Captain Marvel Will Lead the MCU, Kevin Feige Says

    I saw CM and was underwhelmed by it-it didn't suck, it just didn't "entertain" like the other MCU movies did-I'd rate it around the first two Thor movies. The Hulk is the worst of the bunch. With that said, did see potential with it-maybe different director/script would work better. As for the...
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    Toyota Has a Curious Justification for Not Selling Any EVs

    But at the same time, California isn't exactly like the rest of the world-people who can afford Teslas are buying them because they have the same cult that Apple had 5-10 years ago. Those were the same Prius buyer 15 years ago when they first came out. BEV are the future, but even with CARB...
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    Toyota Has a Curious Justification for Not Selling Any EVs

    Not exactly-Diesel is extremely dirty in relation to a gas engine in emissions released. The additional upcharge for diesel engines (plus maintenance) and the gap between MPGs Diesel vs Gas engine has shrank dramatically (due to newer emissions standards being tougher on diesel) has practically...
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    Nvidia's Freesync Monitor Support Tested

    It depends on what your playing-I was on the Google Chrome streaming test of Assassins Creed and it wasn't Bad at all The graphic quality wasn't that great (then again I do have a 34inch display-would look fine on a 1080P monitor) but overall it wasn't a horrible experience.
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    "Captain Marvel" Trolled the Trolls with a $455M Global Launch

    I really liked the first Captain America-the first two Thor movies weren't all that. Captain Marvel as a bit of a let down-it didn't wow me or did I enjoy it as much as the other Marvel movies. It has potential, but overall it felt flat. I'd rate it to roughly even with the first two Thor movies.
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    Huawei Launches a Lawsuit in Texas

    That isn't going to happen-it will fall under National Defense protection-we aren't going to tip our hat to as what we know and how we know it. Even though they already have a US based subsidiary-they would still be required to follow US laws. I know from working in the DOD world-the company I...
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    Tesla Is Unveiling Its All-Electric Crossover, the Model Y, on March 14

    Is going to wind up looking like the X-which looks like a puffed up Model S The X is fucking ugly looking-they should go for a more traditional 2 box/CUV look instead of a Sedan that has a mutated passenger cabin. I'm gonna assume the Y is going to look like ass too.
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    The Division 2

    Two complaints: I've played the private Beta, Technical Test and now the open Beta-and all I'm doing is repeating the same missions as what was in the Private beta, but it does appear that there is some more missions in the open beta (played for about 2-3 hours Friday) Other issue is more or...
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    California Dealers File Petition against Volvo's All-Inclusive Car Subscription Service

    Answer me this-if this was so easy, why don't we have self flying planes (completely remove pilots from the cockpit) or self driving trains yet? Both are far easier then a self driving car to do due to more or less fixed paths they need to take and there is a hell of a lot less variables to deal...
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    California Dealers File Petition against Volvo's All-Inclusive Car Subscription Service

    And your drinking the coolaid if you think thats going to happen-Cars/SUVs are kept for a much longer time then any other consumer item-at least 8-10 years...its going to take years for all the non-self driving cars to be replaced. When they can have a self driving car figure out were to park...
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    California Dealers File Petition against Volvo's All-Inclusive Car Subscription Service

    Fully Autonomous cars are a ways off..there are many issues that need to be solved so they can actually replace most cars with it. They'll make in roads in certain places were factors are limited (i.e. getting people around parking lots and the like) but you going to need a major improvement to...
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    Woman Sues T-Mobile after Employees Allegedly Snoop on Racy Private Video

    FYI-US Overnight Mail is actually a prescribed method to send Classified documents through. There are packaging issues you have to follow, but you can do it...
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    California Dealers File Petition against Volvo's All-Inclusive Car Subscription Service

    Not many people have $30K in hand to plop down on a new car, but I get what your saying. If it was only $400 a month, it would be worth it, but I normally keep my car 8 years or so then replace it.
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    California Dealers File Petition against Volvo's All-Inclusive Car Subscription Service

    The problem is that dealer bodies have pretty strong policial ties ($$$$ to throw at canidates) to make sure they are protected.
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    Palmer Luckey Details His Vision of Reshaping National Security During Interview

    But it "works" and has most/all the bugs worked out of it. NASA was using old dino tech computers on the Space Shuttle (I think 286 Laptops or something?) because it did what it needed to do and worked. An old company I worked at made parts that where based off 40 plus year old specs for the...
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    Here Is the Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Story Trailer

    People pick stupid hills to die on... Getting this game for free via my Rx590 purchase was the number one reason I bought the video card (not to mention to sell my 1080 to help pay for my new system). I enjoyed the game even on my laptop in my signature for the most part, but I do admit that...
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    Just a quick question on degredation of a CPU?

    My 4770K has been running at 4.4 for almost 5 years now-no issues with crashing etc
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    The Division 2 PC Features and Specifications Have Been Released

    I had fun playing the orginal on the laptop I have in signature without any major issues (I was in the process of moving back home and was staying with family till my wife and I found a house) I bought the RX590 put into my old system and to get the Division 2 and some other games for "free"
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    R.I.P. Billy "Wicked" Wilson - Dead at 33 :-(

    Holy shit that is terrible-I saw this thread in the newsfeed and I was like WTF-then was reminded of the good ole VE days back almost 20 years ago!
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    NVIDIA CES 2019 Press Event: Watch the Livestream Tonight at 8 PM Pacific

    Glad I didn't dump $$$ on a new monitor with my new build-I was waiting till the summer to get a new 34" G-sync monitor.
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    China Completes Successful Soft Landing on the Far Side of the Moon

    Smoke and mirrors, they can't afford to deploy them in large numbers And your figures are way off for the latest generation of Patriot missiles
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    China Completes Successful Soft Landing on the Far Side of the Moon

    The Russians talk shit alot, but they can barely afford new weapons systems these days. As for the S300/400-well the US has a S300 system in its posession and it didn't fair to well against the IDF in Syria with non-sleath aircraft going against it.
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    Apple Lowered Its Q1 Revenue Guidance Due to Slow iPhone Sales in China

    What can an iPhone X really do better then say an iPhone 7? I upgraded to an X when they first came out and it wasn't earthshattering different then my 7 I had. Looking at the phone to unlock it isn't all that. I'm planning paying off the X next month and hanging on to it till 2020-21..I'll...
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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

    So far so good with my new MSI 2080 Seahawk EK...but its only been a week or two
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    The OFFICIAL post pics of your SFF thread...

    Here is my new setup- Thermaltake - Level 20 VT MicroATX Desktop Case Intel - Core i7-9700K 3.6 GHz Asus - ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING Mini ITX LGA1151 Motherboard Crucial - P1 1 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive MSI - GeForce RTX 2080 8 GB SEA HAWK X EK AlphaCool Radiatore NexXxoS XT45 Full...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Footage Allegedly Leaked

    Rumor has it that RDR remake might be DLC for RDR2-which makes sense. I have this feeling that RDR2 isn't going to lend itself to making billons for Rockstar via Online play-the time scope is limited and that's going to limit its appeal to many players. They'd be better off generating single...
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    I got my MSI 2080 Seahawk X EK in on Sunday-I'm waiting for some fittings to show so I can start my leak testing on my new build. The card is beatiful with the EK waterblock on it...I wasn't a fan of it in photos, but it looks awesome in person-has some nice carbon fiber details to it.
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    Monitors no longer wale up from sleep

    I've been having this problem also with my 1080 and LG monitor.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Footage Allegedly Leaked

    I finished Single player on the XB1X end of last month-one of the best single player games I've played in a long time. I'm not sold on the multiplayer aspect of the game yet- With that said, I'll wait till I can get a deal on it, if/when it comes to the PC-I was one of the dumbasses that paid...