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    Need a 24 port switch

    Hello. Looking for something quiet and won’t produce a lot of heat. It will be kept in a pantry. And the quieter the better. Looking for around $100 if possible. 10G would be cool but I’m sure that is way more than I can afford. Don’t need PoE. Thank you!
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    Possible to upgrade dell poweredge 2950?

    Currently have a dell poweredge 2950 with dual xeon E5430(socket 771 and 2U rack). Seeing some deals with socket 2011 (E5-2670's). Is it possible to upgrade the guts to socket 2011 if I replace everything? Board,cpu,ram. Would it work? Is it even recommended? This server is local in our office...
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    Chairmat on thick padded carpet

    Hello, Anyone know of a chairmat that is sturdy enough to stay straight and not bend on thick padded carpet? Hopefully with reasonable cost? Chair mat I have was meant for a hardwood floor so it sinks my chair in because the carpet padding is so thick. Would like something that stays put and...
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    Mining too hot for Vegas heat. Any suggestions?

    Are there places I can put my mining equipment that will keep it cool? It's one machine. Or anyone here in Las Vegas that can host it for me? It's not big, but is loud and puts out heat.
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    best litecoin mining pool?

    Anyone still mining litecoin? What pool you guys using?
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    how to get the most out of my 290x

    Hello. Currently mining ETH with my 290x. getting around 20-21 mh but I know the card is capable of around 28. How would I configure it to the most out of it? Using the settings found on setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0 setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100 setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1 setx...
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    Need new TV. 75 inches minimum

    Hello, Wife told me to start looking for a new TV. It will be for TV watching and movie watching. Will have 7.1 surround sound (already started thread for that). Would like it to be 4k with HDR. Do not care for curved. Budget with be around $3k. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you! Link to...
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    7.1 surround sound suggestions.

    Hello, just got the green light from the wifey to start piecing this out. Our new house should be finished early march. I already have prewired for 7.1. Thing is all the speakers are ceiling pre-wired. I was wanting floor standing speakers for the fronts. But the ceiling is already prewired not...
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    Jailbreak for 9.3.3!

    Download Pangu iOS 9.3.3 / 9.3.2 Jailbreak For Windows | Redmond Pie There is a catch though. It is semi-tethered. So if your phone reboots. You will have to "rejailbreak". But to do rejailbreak is pretty easy. And you don't lose settings. Explained here: Re-Jailbreak Pangu / PP On iOS 9.3.3...
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    Transferring files slow computer to computer on LAN

    Hello. Having an annoying problem that I'm not sure how to fix. I download media to my main computer. Then I transfer it to my media server. When it transfers it maxes out at 15 mb/s. When it should be a little over 100 mb/s. How would I go about fixing it? Both are connected to the router...
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    Headphone amp and speaker/headphone setup question

    So I just got me some sennheiser 598SE. Thinking about getting a headphone amp. Will the headphone amp make everything sound better or just louder? Also how should I setup if I split between using headphones and speakers? Speakers are maudio av40's. Sound card is sound blaster xfi...
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    New 2nd gen Amazon Fire TV with 4k support and Alexa built in Preordered mine already. The wireless AC alone was worth the upgrade for me. I cannot stress how much I LOVE my current firetv.
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    Another company wifi thread...

    Hello everyone. Got another one of these threads. This time with a bit more experience. So I had a netgear WNDR 4500 doing ALL of our office wifi. Guest wifi and internal wifi. It was starting to die. My boss order us 2 new linksys ea6500...
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    New storage drive. Should I stress test?

    Hello, I just got a WD Red 3TB drive. Just formatted it and was wondering if I should "stress/burn in test" it. Is it recommended? And what software is recommended? I have another one of the same drive coming this week. They will be purely for storage of movies/music on my second computer for...
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    $25 off $100 using PayPal at tigerdirect

    Just used this to get 2 WD Red 3TB drives for for $75 each. $25 instant discount for using PayPal and $20 rebate. Used 2 different PayPal accounts.
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    Jailbreak for iOS 8.1 available Do it now. Beta of 8.1.1 just came out and it patches the exploit. Looks like I'm staying with 8.1 for a while.
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    Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS

    I love the super smash bros franchise. I bought a wii exclusively for SSBB but they ruined that game with dumb game mechanics. I really hope they do this game justice. Might have to buy a WiiU JUST for this game. Not sure yet. They announce new characters every now and then. They just...
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    What is the best way to configure a ASUS n66u to stream HD media?

    Just bought an ASUS n66u. I thought it would solve my problem with streaming hd media but its kinda the same. Been using plexconnect on my new Apple TV 3rd gen. My movies constantly buffer. All my movies are around 10gb mkv with 1080p and DTS audio. The audio gets transcoded to DD but the...
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    Need new media streamer for >$200

    Since apple did not announce a new apple tv. I need to buy a replacement for my boxee box since the wifi on it died. I need something that has wifi since I have no way of hardwiring it. Needs to play my 1080p mkv's with DTS audio. Would LOVE it to have XBMC support. Also, if it could look...
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    Possible new apple tv (4th gen)? I really hope so. I'm hoping they can jailbreak this one so that you can run xbmc on it. I do not want to build an HTPC. I want a media streamer that can do local files as well...
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    Starcraft 2 HotS $30 Frys If you have a frys nearby it's a great deal. I was able to price match at best buy no problem.
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    Custom build or buy a Dell/HP?

    Need a new computer for a friends company. They will do no gaming on it at all. Just internet browsing, quickbooks and excel spreadsheets. Computer needs to be fast. I will also be upgrading the RAM. What would be better. A custom built computer or buying a prebuilt since no gaming will be...
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    How do you toggle between desktops for eyefinity?

    I want to be able to setup 2 desktops and can't figure out how. I want to be able to hotkey through it so I can switch back and forth quickly. 1 for eyefinity and 1 with just extended desktops. I have the latest drivers for AMD. Any help appreciated.
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    iOS 6.0.1 released

    Fixes my biggest gripe about iPhone 5. Wifi issues. Now my browsing is way better. Just thought I'd let you guys know.
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    Adding a wireless router to an existing network.

    Added a wireless router to our office here so that people with laptops could get on the net without having to physically plug in. Right now it is ok, but the router is acting as it's own DHCP server instead of our server here assigning out the IP's. The main gripe I have is I can only login...
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    Cheap quality cases for iphone 5

    Anyone know where to order some or possibly a B&M store. Need case for this phone ASAP.
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    Need a card for dual monitors.

    Need a card just for dual monitoring. It's for work so I need to be able to pick it up local like at frys. Needs 2 DVI connections. Trying to keep it sub $50. But I don't want it to be the cheapest card ever. Anything out there like that? Brand does not matter. Looking at frys is confusing. I...
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    Vostro 420 vs Vostro 260S which is better?

    E8400 vs i3-2120 and DDR2 vs DDR3. Vostro 420-E8400 and DDR2 Vostro 260S- i3-2120 and DDR3 I have the option to upgrade 2 of my coworkers who are on the 420's to the 260's and give the 420's as hand me downs to the new employee that will start in a week. Is it worthwhile upgrade for them...
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    Edible arrangement coupons?

    Would like to send my fiance some chocolate covered strawberries but don't feel like spending $45 on them. Anybody know of a place I can get for a good price? I live out in Las Vegas if that matters.
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    Using neighbors Internet.

    Me and my neighbor have decided to go halfsies on his Internet. I want connect my router to his router and have my devices (phones, laptops etc) connect to my own router. What is the best way to do this? We both have wireless g modems and I just flashed my wrt54gl v1.1 with ddwrt. Setup a...
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    Just got a DGL-4500. Unable to connect to internet.

    Got this router based on the above sticky. Logged into the router and did the Internet connection wizard. Won't connect to the internet. Did it manually and entered in the correct dns ip's. Still nothing. I'm getting no help on the official forums so I've come to you guys for assistance. Got...
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    Boxee box. Just got one.

    Actually pretty cool little thing. I can put my old computer upstairs for my gf. Just wondering if anyone else has one and can give me some tips on how to fully utilize it. Someone told me about navi x and how you can pretty much stream live tv. So if it works well enough I might cancel my...
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    Black Friday 2010

    Couldn't find a thread on this so I thought I would make one. So what has caught your guys eyes? Are you going to stay out in lines or are you sitting tight for Cyber Monday?
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    New computer is crashing...still.

    I need to test my hard drive because it's the only thing I have not test. It's an intel 80gb ssd g2. Is hitachi tools thing the best one? System in my sig. I've tested ram for about 6 hours with memtest. Passed. Tested CPU with prime95 for another 6 hours. Passed. Reinstalled OS directly on...
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    Problems with my new computer...

    Just built this beauty and im already having problems. Boots into windows just fine but sometimes i have a problem where i cant click anything and i have to ctrl alt del and then come back and everything is fine. Even more problems now. I cant install my sound card. Everytime i do it gives me...
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    Best slideshow software

    Its for my gf. She told me to research this a while ago but i totally forgot and shes asking now. I need the best and hopefully user friendly slideshow software. Whether it be free or you have to pay for it. Thanks guys! If it matters shes going to be making a slideshow of her grandpa that...
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    mac vs pc which is better for photo editing?

    Ok so me and my gf had a discussion about photo editing because I'm becoming more and more interested in photography. All I said was both have there pros and cons but a pc can do anything that a mac can do. But she kept saying that if you do the same exact thing to a picture on both a mac and pc...
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    Hp dv6000 hard drive problem?

    Exact model is dv6135nr. Seems like the hard drive is dead not sure. I would like to see if it's fixable or not. Everything is posting but then goes to f2 to resume or f10 for setup. F2 says initializing link failed. F10 goes to bios. I can't run a diagnostic for the hard drive. I have a lot of...
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    Sub $1000 NON gaming comp for a friend

    Building a computer for a friend that will be using the computer for office work. Needs to be under $1000 tax and shipping included. This will be for the whole thing. They have nothing that they will be reusing at all. They shouldn't be gaming on it but i want the computer to be snappy. I don't...
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    How to calibrate a toshiba 32RV525r

    I just got a nice bday present from the gf. A brand new toshiba 32RV525r. If you dont know the 32RV525r is a newer model of the famous 32RV530u. Looks ok so far but just need help calibrating it. The text looks a lil fuzzy now and the resolution is all kinds of fucked. I want to keep it...