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    Looking at buying a ryzen 3600/mobo and 3200mhz ram trying to decide on a motherboard to go with it. All i keep reading is tons of folks on various forums, reddit and the like constantly suggesting b450/x470 boards instead of x570. I have been considering getting the MSI x570 gaming edge while...
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    GPU clock confusion

    Got a new 5700 and its advertised at boost clock of 1750 but is very frequently going well over 1900 according to adrenaline and GPUZ. Is this just normal for these? I try to google it but just come up with a thousand threads about overclocking or flashing it to an XT.
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    Haswell overclocking issues

    I have a 4670k with a z97a mobo and seem to have hit a brick wall with this setup at 4.6ghz. It wont boot under 1.35v but its stable at 1.35. The thing i dont get from reading around is that i should be running hot as fuck with that vcore and OC but i dont even break 70c under full load on air...
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    Sbz+ dt770 vs virtual surround USB headsets

    I have the sbz and dt770 and a cheap pair of g430s but for positional audio in fps the g430 seems to do better. I don't think this should be the case is there an option in missing somewhere or am I expecting too much?
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    One fps to rule them all?

    If you had to buy one current fps what would it be? Not a huge fps player but wasn't one current one. Leaning towards bf1 or overwatch just can't decide especially considering how different they are.
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    Worth upgrading or not?

    I have an olympus E-PL1 with a 14-42mm lens and a 40-150mm lens. I have been considering upgrading but dont want to spend a fortune. Been looking at the canon SL1 that comes with an extra 50-300mm lens for $550. I can probably get a couple hundred out of my old set would this be a worthy...
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    Athlon 5350 vs core 2 duo e6420

    Looking at replacing an aging server i have here at home thats giving me nothing but headaches. Trying to decide if i want to replace the failing motherboard and stick with 775 or invest in something else and i ran across this one. At 25 watts and $50 i could build a small mini ITX system...
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    Are we there yet?

    Is there such a thing as a 27" 1440p thats 120hz or better yet for under $500? Without going with a korean panel. I took that gamble already and didnt win, mine wont do anything at all over 60hz not even 61.
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    compression vs compression

    Not really computer audio but was just wondering... Flac over Bluetooth or mp3 direct? Just how compressed is Bluetooth when compared to mp3s?
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    fast tn vs quality ips?

    So I am looking at monitors and am curious tog hear some opinions. I can't decide between getting one of the fast 27 inch tn panels or a higher res better panel. I don't really play FPS games but I do play mobas often and Diablo and it's clones. Thoughts? Are games like hots and lol fast...
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    YMMV m audio av40 $49.99 best buy.

    Was just there to get a game for the kid abd happened to see the last one. No signs or nothing just a sticker saying 100 off $49.99. Not a bad deal if you can find it.
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    Home network issues.

    This is driving me nuts its the strangest thing. The last few days my network has gone bonkers. It will all go just fine and dandy for periods then bam nothing loads, cant load websites or enter any games nothing then it will pick back up again. Its going back and forth like this constantly...
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    z79-a Won't post

    No video, dram light stays on. The ram is good, tested in another machine and have used another set. Tried one at a time in every slot no change. Cleared the cmos abd now I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions before I rma it tomorrow?
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    publishing product information

    On this laptop every single program that requires this step freezes on this step during installation. Any ideas??
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    Verizon dumb phone?

    I'm looking for a Verizon dumb phone for hiking camping etc. Something that has days of battery life and can take a bit of a beating. I would very much prefer one that is a solid MP3 player as well. Any suggestions
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    The walking dead PC game $8.49, gamefly

    Activates on steam and got my activation key through email instead of the dumbass client this time.
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    Crossfire or upgrade?

    I have an xfx 7950 just finished my eyefinity setup and its become clear I need more horsepower. Question is should I grab another or buy a faster card and sell mine while it still holds value? 1080p monitors, more than enough power for a dual card system just trying to make my mind up...
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    HK AVR 1700

    Anyone have any experience with the new HK line of receivers? I keep hearing grumbling about HK going downhill but a store in town is selling it for $235 for black friday. Pretty much have a couple hours to make my mind up on this. Currently have a pioneer VSX-D412, with a pair of Polk...
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    Is it just me?

    Every once in a while today when i go to the forum it takes me to one of those placeholder pages you get when a domain is empty. Is my ISPs DNS throwing a fit or something going on?
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    Can we do something about this fanboy mob mentality in gaming please

    Its a downward trend thats been going on for some time now. You can have a back and forth discussion about pretty much anything on this forum discussing both pros and cons but if you step into the gaming forum especially a thread about MMOs and dare say anything negative you are flamed, trolled...
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    Im an Apple hater and i bought an iPhone (AKA how the bionic turned me off android)

    So i bought an iPhone... I had a bionic that drove me absolutely insane. That phone had so many issues i still wonder why i never smashed it into a million tiny pieces. If it couldnt find a 4G signal instead of just switching to 3G it would search for a 4G signal and destroy my battery life...
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    WARM Klipsch Promedia 2.1 $124.99 Best Buy

    Not the cheapest they have ever been but may be the last sale before they are all gone since they seem to be discontinued.
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    $150 budget

    Last time i bought a PSU i bought an HX620 many years ago and never looked back. Now i have sold that system and its time for a new build. There are many options and im just curious for some input. I wont need any more than 750 watts, modular is MUCH preferred but i can live without if the...
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    List of games that truly benefit from SSD

    Is there a list around somewhere? I know most games outside of load time theres no real benefit but some can be drastically improved with an SSD.
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    Best SSD under $200?

    Would prefer 120gb or more.
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    Considering HTC arrive, new to WP7

    Looking to get a new phone. I like my optimus S but i want something faster. Problem is sprints selection really sucks. The EVO is not really an option because i would like a keyboard this time around and want some respectable battery life. The wife has an epic and i just dont like the thing...
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    Looking to buy new case.

    I have had my trusty PC-V1200BW+ for years now and i love it to death but i would like some better cooling. I have not taken a real look at cases since i bought the one i have now and it seems to me that there are just tons of higher end cases these days compared to before. I plan on sticking...
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    1.5tb Seagate external at wal mart $60 YMMV

    Not sure if any other wal marts are running this deal but im sure its worth a look. Appears to be this one. The model number on the drive itself dont match that one but they seem to be identical.
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    I thought plasma image retention was a non issue?

    I have a PN50C550 50" samsung plasma and really like it except that the image retention seems REALLY bad. If we watch an hour and a half movie that has letterboxes when we switch to another channel after watching the move the lines will remain. However eventually the lines will just disappear...
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    Trying to pick what RPG to play

    Been going through the list of games i have wanted to play. Some new some old. Started Risen and its unbelievably BORING although i just finally made it out of harbor town so i suppose it may get better. I have the Witcher EE, Two worlds 2, Divinity 2, DKS. Does risen get better (Like...
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    G510 owners

    Any of you have trouble with this thing when resuming from sleep? I was only able to find one thread about it on the logitech forums. Every time the machine goes to sleep when its resumed the keyboard wont work unless we unplug it and plug it back in. I tried the latest firmware fix and it...
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    6950 best for the money?

    At this price does anything really compare? It really seems too good to be true, 6950 unlocked to 6970 seems to be by far the best deal right now. Am i missing something or just thinking too much?
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    DCUO buddy key

    Anybody have a spare one? You dont get one if you buy on steam and i have a friend here wanting to try it out.
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    Best card around $150

    Getting ready to do a new build and am curious what people think is best at this price point.
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    X-540 question

    I want some surround for gaming but want to keep my Maudio speakers for front. Would i be able to hook them up to the X-540 setup? It looks like i can.
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    Deciding on upgrade

    My current gaming machine is an e6420 @3.2ghz, 4gb DDR2 and an HD4870 with standard 7200 RPM drives. Im looking to spend $400 and am unsure how i want to go. I could buy an i5, new motherboard and 6gb of DDR3 or i could go with a 775 quad core and an SSD. Not sure which way offers more...
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    Simple router question.

    I remember reading that unless an N router is a dual band router running in mixed mode you are capped at wireless G speeds, is this true or am i remembering wrong.
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    Alternative xfi drivers

    So i have been using an Xfi for quite some time with the default drivers from creative. I just learned about Daniel K's drivers however and am wondering if there is any reason to switch to those if i have no issues. I cant really find an explanation as to what exactly is different about his...
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    My right or their right??

    I have set my speakers up based on my right and left from sitting in front of them. This is the right way isnt it? Just saw a pic of someones setup with the same speakers i have but reversed so now im doubting myself. :p
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    Any way to theme win 7 starter?

    At all? Even using a uxtheme patcher you cannot change the theme. All i get is basic, classic and a few accessibility themes. This is just beyond silly to disable basic functionality like this...