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    RIP CentOS

    With IBM killing CentOS, what will the IT professionals here be moving to as a replacement? FYI - IBM unilaterally changed End of Support for CentOS8 from 2029 to 2021. End of Support for CentOS7 remains at 2024 but for all we know, they could change that to. Thinking of evaluating openSUSE to...
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    Thunderbolt3 to 10GBE Adapters?

    Have a bunch of new 10GB circuits coming online soon and I'd like to actually be able to test their full bandwidth rather than assume provider made sure everything is alright. Have a new X1 Carbon 6th gen coming which is equipped with 2 TB3 ports. Been trying to find some SFP+ to TB3 boxes but...
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    Twitter content not loading?

    All tweets embedded in posts have never made it past "Loading" over the past several weeks - have seen this on multiple devices. Something I'm missing?
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    VZW "Unlimited" Data is Coming Back Similar asterisks as the other carriers - you get unlimited up to 22GB and afterwards are throttled depending on tower congestion. Anyone going to make the switch?
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    PSA: VZW to disconnect legacy Unlimited users using over 100 gb/month

    Verizon to disconnect unlimited data customers who use over 100GB/month They will most likely force all users off unlimited eventually. This is just the first step.
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    PFSense - Android IPSec VPN not working?

    Anybody having issues with the latest release of PFSense and IPSec VPN using xauth PSK? I am able to get it to work on iOS and Windows using the Cisco client with no problems yet Android always fails. Based on the logs, it looks like it's having trouble with Phase1 during the IKEv1 handshake...
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    Windows 10 Not Updating Build Versions?

    I upgraded my laptop via the USB drive builder MS provided months ago and currently have a version of V 10.0.10240. However, it appears that there are much later builds out there including a huge update that I saw some of our new surfaces pull down yesterday that this machine refuses to pull...
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    2015 Thinkpads - individual mouse buttons are back!

    My IT department took a lot of flak over that touchpad this last year....
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    Nexus Phones no longer a Nexus? Basically, Google updated their language saying that carriers now have the right to stop them from rolling out OTA updates to phones...
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    PSA: Verizon looking to close Unlimited Data Upgrade loopholes Aug. 24 It looks like if you upgrade a dumb phone to a smart phone, they won't let you get the reduced price back when you move the smart phone to the unlimited line - you have to...
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    VZW to start throttling unlimited users on LTE Was only a matter of time.... Wonder what puts you in the top 5%
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    Rumors of death for the Nexus have been greatly exaggerated
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    Google/Android Silver Program Lots of info leaking out about this today. Cliffs: Replacing the Nexus program (most likely) OEM partnership between Google to essentially produce GPE...
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    Verizon finally offering discounts to off contract customers There are strings attached (must have 8 gb of data)...but at least they are moving in the right direction
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    ATT Severely Cuts Prices for non-contract family plans|wireless As a customer on Verizon with 9 lines, this is very tempting. My potential savings per year could be up to $2600 if I went out and bought everyone Nexus 5's The savings come from the fact...
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    Verizon brings us Band 4 Taken by NYC
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    Moto X will be $350 on Cyber Monday

    Dev editions too!
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    Moto X already getting KitKat

    Beating out the OTA on the Nexus 4 :p
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    Moto G - starting at $179...OFF Contract Pretty hard to beat that price
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    New 4th gen Thinkpads are finally here Finally has 1920x1080...welcome to 2009 Lenovo. Seems like a lot of people here are saying Lenovo is losing corporate customers. Any reason why? I've been seeing more and more companies going from Latitude -> Thinkpad then the other...
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    The x240 is here Hopefully the rest of their haswell line up is right behind it.
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    Why I think OEM's are going to be hesitant to upgrade current phones to Android 4.4

    Exhibit A: Cliffs: Android is open source but Google Play Apps are not Google keeps power and control over Android by forcing all OEMs who want access to the Google...
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    Straight Talk Comes Clean - 2.5 GB 4G Data, unlimited 2G!ut/p/b1/04_SjzQ0NTMyMTAysNCP0I_KSyzLTE8syczPS8wB8aPM4l0MvHyNAx09jII8zE0NPAM8nIPdzf0M_N2M9MP1o8BKDHAARwN9P4_83FT93CgvCwD4YpwH/dl4/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/ At least we know for sure now
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    Microsoft buys Nokia (Device Business)

    Called this like...2 years ago
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    Interesting article about why new Android SW updates are insignificant With Google Play Services, it looks like Google as largely worked around the issue of "fragmentation" - they simply built into Android a closed source delivery platform where they can...
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    Question about connecting to networks through VPN with the same local IP structure

    I setup a clients office with the same IP structure as the one I did on my own personal network (10.0.1.x/ When I connect to his network via L2TP/IPSEC VPN, this poses a problem when I try to hit something on his network - Windows defaults to looking on my own network. Is...
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    Lenovo to include 3rd party start menu in new Win8 machines Interesting if this catches on. Having something like Start8 already installed out of the box might be a huge incentive for the best buy/off the street consumer.
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    Anybody noticing Google Play Music using excessive bandwidth?

    Should have been looking at my daily reports from my firewall more closely What the fuck man. Had an option to cache all music while charging and on wifi automatically checked off. How do you go through 143 GB in bandwidth on a 16 gb device?
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    Android Device Manager is live Finally - remote wipe and location is here. My guess is that they will expand this to managing apps like you used to be able to from the Play store
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    $35 ChromeCast Stick Works with iOS and Android - No brainer
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    Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V VM's and Networking

    I've been looking to setup a few VM's on my setup at home so that I will always have a desktop to connect to and "work" once I VPN into my network. From what I've seen in YouTube videos, the process for setting up a VM in Server 2012 is fairly straight forward but I am somewhat confused on...
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    Android Users - What is your launcher of choice?

    Curious to see what launchers people prefer for their Android phones. Considering spending $4 for Apex or Nova to get some better organization than stock poll incoming
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    Unifi 802.11ac AP's

    Has anybody deployed any yet? If so, how are they? I'm looking to deploy them in my home to future proof a bit and replace each of my old AP's one at a time as price goes down. If you purchased, can you please post up the site where you got them from?
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    Motorola Bootloaders Unlocked (Snapdragon powered ones only) Fuck you verizon
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    Looks like Windows 8 RT has failed Price drops across the board. Wonder what MS is going to say at their developer conference in June.
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    Verizon hops onboard the Cloud Texting bandwagon This might have taken over if they did this 3 or 4 years ago. But with Apple strong arming iMessage in iOS devices, and Google soon to unite all of their chat services under one umbrella, I doubt this will get far.
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    Unlimited data on MVNO gravy train may be over (for ATT sims) Net10 owns ST. Don't know this affects them specifically yet.
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    Has Google made peace with Verizon?

    So I noticed today that Google released a new chrome book. Personally, I think they are nuts for asking this much money for a computer with only a web browser and extensions but what intrigued me was the fact that it has...
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    ATT Buys Alltel I think Alltel was a US budget brand? I wonder if the almighty FCC will let this one go through
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    Motorola X Phone

    So I decided to make this thread for rumors as well as official info once it starts coming in. (I'll keep the OP updated) Here are the wild rumors so far that supposedly come from a "reputable" source that has provided good info in the past from Motorola X Phone will be...