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    Joker Laser Etching

    Got bored at work the other day so I thought I'd play around with the equipment. Made myself a laser etching of the Joker on my case door. Thinking about putting something else cool on the other side. pretty cool I think. Just thought I would share.
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    This design is directly spawned off the Sapphire cube. I really didn't get enough time with that case, and I really wanted to do a lot more to it than I did. So when it came time to upgrade my LAN PC the desire was too strong to deny...I had to make another cube. I liked the Sapphire case. It...
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    CaseModGod's Crucial Ballistix Mod Contest is having a mod contest Through October 31st 2005 to give away 2GB kit Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC4000 high-performance memory, Crucial Ballistix T-shirt, Crucial Ballistix Cap, Crucial Ballistix Optical Gaming Mousepad, Crucial Ballistix Poster. Go check it out and enter...
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    Martini HTPC finally gets a TV

    ...and back from the dead The Martini Mod! I built this thing almost two years ago and never had the cash to get a good TV for it. Well in a moment of weakness I broke down and got one...Finally! The TV is a Samsung DLP HL-R4667W. So far I think it is pretty dang cool. Its really nice to...
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    Sapphire Liquid Metal "Blizzard" Demo PC

    This is a case I created for Sapphire to showcase their new "Liquid Metal" cooled X850XT. They only gave me two weeks to do this to get it ready for E3 so the design is really simple. The design was to match the Liquid metal "theme" when the PC is off. As you can see when the PC is...
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    Must Kill Teddy Bears

    Must Kill Teddy Bears - Clear Logisys Mod Brandon Steen, A friend and Fellow Co-worker of mine who also just happens to be an excellent artist, was having some computer problems. His problem? His case was uglier than sin and an abomination to mankind. I had been wanting to try out some...
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    Attn Texas area Gamers and Modders.

    You all saw the pics from the TXGF Dallas LAN where ATI unvieled its lates 512mb card. Looked like fun right? Don't miss out on this one in Austin. Sign up and get info here. Lots of...
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    Overclocking a Shuttle SK41G

    Hey guys, New to the forum and I have read through several threads here and you guys know your SFF. So I thought I would get some input. I have a SK41G, well at least it used to be, it's now in a custom case I made but thats beside the point. I have an XP2400+ with a Poseiden shuttle...