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    Somebody please tell me how to kill/disable the keyring

    Latest version of Mint Cinnamon. I have absolutely no F#$#%$KING use for this stupid feature. It forces me to enter my password before connecting to a network share and also, presumably, is keeping the share password from saving. Google has lots of hits on how to do this but as usual, none of...
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    Trying to share a drive

    Linux Mint Cinnamon to Linux Mint Cinnamon. Both latest version and both up to date. I'm getting a message that says :"Permissions on this share do not allow others to access it". Nothing I do in the Permissions tab has any affect. The shared drive shows up on the other computer but I cannot...
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    Just upgraded my HTPC to Linux

    Was happy to discover that Linux networks flawlessly with FreeNAS which I use for my media server. Everything works perfectly and that annoying ever so slight jerkiness is completely gone, video and audio are butter smooth. Microsoft is now completely out of the picture in this part of my life...
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    What's the proper way to close a hung program in Linux?

    Just recently upgraded to the latest version of Mint Cinnamon and I'm not a happy camper. Among other problem I keep getting random program hangs and don't know how to close them. These are just program hangs, not system hangs. Does Linux have a task manager? System was rock solid before the...
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    Import passwords into Firefox?

    Might be pissing in the wind here but thought I'd consult the experts before giving up. Just upgraded to the latest version of Mint Cinnamon. I was using a firefox addon call "Password Exporter" to manage my passwords. It exports the password list to an XML file. Apprently the newest version...
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    Sould I upgrade? Would I gain anything?

    Currently running Mint 19.3 Cinnamon. All is well. Would I gain anything by upgrading to the latest version? TIA :)
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    Need so UEFI shell help

    My apologies if this is the wrong forum. :( I need to flash the SAS HBA Firmware on a Supermicro motherboard and I need to do it from the UEFI shell. Problem is I can't switch to the damned USB drive to run the commands. I've googled this and have found nothing that works and an ass load of...
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    Windows Server 2012 R2 switching to ACHI after installing with IDE enabled in the BIOS

    Anybody who has ever done this knows you won't get back into Windows. I went searching for a solution and found tons of them and they all involved editing a registry entry that does not exist in Windows Server 2012 R2. So I kept looking and stumbled upon this web page -...
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    Need some help guys

    Setting up a brand new Acer laptop for a friend and it will not allow me to install apps from anywhere but the Microsoft store. I've Googled till I'm blue in the face and the bottom line is none of the settings used to change this are in this laptop. Can anybody me? Please.
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    Need browser recommendations

    Now that Firefox totally sucks unwashed ass I need a new browser. The only reason I've used Firefox this long is because I want total control over my bookmarks. Last time I looked at Chromium based browsers they really sucked when it can to bookmarks. Everything I've read about FF spinoffs says...
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    Anybody know how to evoke the Acer recovery partition?

    I'm working on an Acer all in one that hangs just before the login screen. All hardware diags check out so I believe it's a corrupt windows 10. All the instructions I can find are to use alt F10. Problem is this method asks for a recovery image and gives no other option. The HD has a recovery...
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    Cubey has screwed the pooch. Need some suggestions

    Long story short. Running Mint 19.2. Hasn't been fired up in a while. Went to update the updater so I could update the system and got an error message saying I had broken dependencies. Fixed broken dependencies and that's the last I saw of Mint. :confused: No great loss, nothing of importance...
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    Thumbs.db:encryptable - How to delete in Windows?

    These files are created in Linux and can be deleted in Linux but not in Windows. They are a major PITA when managing backups. Does anyone know how to delete them in Windows? TIA
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    Blast from the past

    PC Mag January 1992. Ran across this on another board and thought I'd share.
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    Failed to retrieve share list from server

    Google the above term and you get over 20,000,000 hits. :( I've tried in vane to find an answer. Problem is I won't live long enough to try all the solutions Google presents. There are at least 20 billion OPINIONS out there but as far as I can determine, there are zero answers. Nobody seems to...
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    Anybody know what this is called ?

    It's a power pigtail for a Lantronix SLP-H8 Switched PDU. I know nothing about electrical plug nomenclature so I don't know what to search for. It's 120v. Google comes up with nothing.
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    Is there a way to force Linux to actually look at the network to see what's there ?

    Keeping it simple. I have 3 boxes, a Linux box, a Windows 7 box and a Windows Server box. The Linux and Windows 7 boxes are up and running. I fire up the server, it boots normally. The Windows box sees it, can connect to shares, can remote into it. It is invisible to the Linux box. If I wait...
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    Anyone here old enough to understand this ?

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    My new Linux build

    My main box started acting up recently. More often than not It took 3 attempts before it made it thru POST. Most likely bad caps but I haven't opened it up yet to check. I decided to build another before it fails completely. It turned out to be a bit different for your normal desktop. Started...
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    How do you install a program from a tar?

    Program in question is Firefox 52.6 ESR. Searching for an answer to this question bring up a shitload of websites and the instruction on each is totally different from the rest. None of the work. This is the last one I tried -...
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    Auto cookie delete for Firefox ??

    Yea, this is Firefox for Linux. Self-Destructing Cookies worked beautifully. It automatically deleted all cookies except the ones you white listed when a tab was closed and when you closed Firefox. Is there suck a beast for the latest version of FF? All I can find is spyware and grossly over...
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    Could Not Refresh List of Updates

    Update Manager has been saying this for the last 3 days. This has happened before and fixed itself on it's on. Just curious as to what's going on. Anybody know?
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    Opening .txt files

    Is there any way to make Linux open .txt files in text Editor by default instead of asking whether to open or run it? TIA
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    Does anybody know if P-Hole works with Linux 19

    It's not listed but 18.x is. Anybody know ? TIA
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    How to force Linux to update the time ?

    I've done my homework and jumped through all the hoops. I've run the following and get no errors but the time does not update. :( sudo service ntp stop sudo ntpdate -s sudo service ntp start Any help much appreciated.
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    Why does Linux networking suck so bad ??????

    I'm gonna beat this dead hose one more time !!!!!!! Every once in a blue moon it works but never ever do i get a reasonable transfer rate when it does. In fact it's so damned slow that it's only worthwhile when transferring a couple of small files and this is over a 10G connection. But most of...
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    Linux Mint Cimmamon on an Acer Tablet ?

    Don't remember the exact model # but it came with Windows 8.1 pro and has an Intel i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. What's the chances of loading Linux Mint and getting everything to work properly? TIA :)
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    Linux data drive as NTFS, OK? Not OK?

    NTFS would be more convenient. Are there any down sides?
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    Best way to transfer Linux to another computer ?

    I've sorta painted myself in a corner. I'm wanting to upgrade my main box to the latest Linux Mint 19. To that end I have been testing and configuring on another box. It just occurred to me that if I mover this HD to my main computer I'd be almost home free. Is this advisable or would I be...
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    Need some FreeNAS help

    I have 2 FreeNAS boxes. Both are configured exactly the same except for ip addresses of course. I can copy files to Box A all day long but when I try to copy files to Box B I get "destination folder access denied". I've gone over everything till I'm blue in the face and still no joy. I have...
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    How do you change DNS servers in PFSense ???????

    I have followed the instructions as found on the web and the stupid box is still using my ISP's DNS Servers. My preferred DNS servers are listed in the DNS Settings but not being used. Is there some magic VooDoo chant I have to do? What am I missing ????? Never mind, I stumbled upon the answer...
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    Thunderbird not working after replacing router

    Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3 and 19.? I f@ucked up and bricked my router, a TP-Link Archer C7 b y flashing the wrong firmware. I had another C7 as a backup and am now using it. I have no issues other than Thunderbird is instantly throwing up a "Cannot Connect to Server" message. It does this under...
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    How do you share folders/drives between 2 Linux boxes

    Samba is installed on both boxes and shares are created. On box A I can see Box B but the share isn't showing. On box B I can't see Box A at all. Funny thing is, sharing works flawlessly between a Linux box and Windows. You'd think the Linux code monkeys would make it equally easy or easier...
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    Need help making a bootable CD

    Well, actually I can make a bootable CD but theres a problem. Summary I need to boot a Supermicro server from a DOS CD that includes ipmicfg.exe so I can rest the ipmi password. I make the bootable image and include said program but when I boot from the CD said program is nowhere to be found...
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    Intel 825745L Supermicro 8XSIL-f stupidness

    Board has 2 of the above mentioned network interfaces. Both work flawlessly with the drivers provided by Microsoft in Server 2012R. But when I try to install the drivers downloaded from Supermicro and from Intel It says it cannot install because no Intel NICs were found. Anybody ever deal with...
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    Any way to adjust the mouse wheel sensitivity?

    My trusty Logitech has screwed the pooch so Im using an old MS mouse. It works fine except that the wheel is too sensitive. It scrolls too far unless I pucker before scrolling. There's no setting for this in the mouse applet. TIA
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    Remote desktop from one Linux box to another ?

    OK, it's easy enough to remote into a windows from Linux Mint using Remmina but remoting into another Linux Mint box is what I'm trying to figure out. Is it even possible? TIA
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    Just tried Brave for Linux

    Won't be using it because it makes bookmarks too hard to access. Needs a bookmarks button, not just a bookmarks bar. I have more bookmarks than is practical to fit on the bookmarks bar. This is a major complaint according to Google. Don't understand why this stupidness exists. Also don't like...
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    WTH is wrong with this ?????

    Trying to restore the OS on a Lenovo ix2-NG NAS box. The OS is on the HD, not in firmware. I'm following this youtube video - When I get to this part, this is what I get - zImage is on the desktop so why can't it be found? I suspect it might be a syntax error or else "Parrot" that the...
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    So who pays $400 for a mouse ?

    Need a mouse and noticed Newegg has 3 mice priced at about 400 bucks. I must have missed something major in the development of the humble mouse. I just can't see the value in a $400 mouse. Could someone enlighten me? Anyway, I need a cordless mouse with forward and backward buttons on the side...