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    HELP Can't send for a month!!

    Due to surgery then getting back to work I've been kinda ignoring my Linux box which had been crunching along fine up till September and it seems that I've 9 WU built up on each instance. I tried a -send all to clear and all I get is "can't connect to server". ( Any...
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    Q6600 prices creeping down?

    Fry's has it for $180. What's the folding community's thoughts on how fast this will fall? I see them introducing the Core 2 Quad Q8200 for a $203 soon, do you think that I could find another Q6600 for say $150 by September?
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    How do you fund your fold?

    How do you fund your fold? I'm limited to stealing beer money. And that's for O'Douls. I've got one borg worth about 100ppd with a son. The rest are excess cycles at home. I'd like to start doing some GIS work that would require a stable of quads to flip bits when a job comes in. And fold...
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    How do you fund your fold?

    How do you fund your fold? I'm limited to stealing beer money. And that's for O'Douls. I've got one borg worth about 100ppd with a son. The rest are excess cycles at home. I'd like to start doing some GIS work that would require a stable of quads to flip bits when a job comes in. And fold...
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    synctoy - good or not

    I've been experimenting with backup tools, I hate losing a WU because of a reboot etc.. However this has grown beyond backing up my folding folder. My goals are: Compressed backup Only the diffs EASY RESTORE Killer and others have posted batch files. Is there any experience here with MS...
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    where the heck is the deals thread?/24 port switch $11

    This is hot for you uber farmers Transition Networks MIL-S2400S Fast Ethernet Switch - 24 x 10/100Base-TX LAN for $11 at
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    PPD down on SMP on FahMon

    Starting about Friday I noticed that my PPD were down on 4 instances of SMP across the board as reported by FahMon. Instances on quad 1 were getting about 3500ppd, now about 3200 quad 2 (the tax machine) went from about 2100 to 1470 x2 went from about 800 to 700. There's been no change on...
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    Anybody get a Fry's Q6600 for $180?

    They were on sale for about a half hour today, I missed it :( But it looks like the price is FINALLY coming down. /edit that was FRY', not the B&M
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    Is the BSEL Q6600 pad mod really this simple?

    as shown here it's one small piece of tape. Is it really this easy?
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    F@H stats down?

    Anybody else having problems getting updates?
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    VM problem

    Just tried to install VMware on the new Dell 530 Q6600 w/ Vista Home Basic. It's my first VMware install. At what appeared to be the last step the machine rebooted (without asking), and continued to reboot. I went to the restore point before VMware and it seems to work now, but w/o Vmware...
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    Link for power costs

    Here is a good spot for average power costs in the nation. My new Dell Q6600 w/ 1 instance is putting out about 2200ppd using 120w, 250GB hd, 1Gb RAM My old Q6600 w/ 1 instance put out about 2200ppd using 97w, 40GB HD, 2GB RAM Now my old Q6600 w/ 2 instances puts out about 3300ppd using...
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    Vista Basic, Dell Q6600, SMP, and VM?

    Well I'm burning in the new dell Q6600 [NO OC] and expecting about 2300ppd w/ 1 client. This is my wife's machine and if I get anything to funky going on it she'll just turn it off because she'll blame it on folding. How hidden is the VM client when booting and running on Vista Basic? I've...
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    Dell Q6600 for $458.

    In this thread Tigerbitten prices a Q6600 for about $400-$450. There's a Dell, w/ warranty here for $458. I'm seriously thinking of this for SWMBO, any comments? Fry's is still selling Q6600 w/ M/b for $280 off and on. I'd need it to run windoze, probably in a VM, plus a VM linux...
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    Best SMP Bang For Buck

    We need a thread for the best SMP folder for the buck with different variations: For the dedicated folder- A board, CPU, processor, PSU, RAM, thumbdrive/HD For the gamer For the home worker/student/player For the home theater dudes For instance my Q6600 - ~$350 to $400 cranks about...
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    Help - PS3 and search

    2 things - 1, MAJOR - My PS3 production has dropped like Giuliani, - It's been trying to download a WU for an hour, any suggestions? 2. What happened to the search feature on the forum?
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    Shafted again - need help w/ Ubuntu

    Power surge, UPS failed, main HD fried, reloaded Ubuntu on new HD, forgot what FREAKIN' libs I had to download to get SMP working - UB shows 4 cores, "./fah6 -smp -config" returns: This client only supports 64-bit linux machines. Your machine was detected as ''. HELP please!
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    SMP server down?

    SAB - Been trying to send back a unit for hours, tries to connect to (which is down) hen rolls over to, and just repeats. Any solution?
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    Ticker app wanted

    Has anyone seen any monitor app that would let me put a small window anywhere on the screen just to monitor my points? I'd like to stick a little monitor in the upper right hand corner and watch it tick away, /edit I only want to display 1 line, 10 characters, at about 12 point size
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    help to recover a WU

    Nutsing around with my new ubunto q6600 I somehow tried to restart the fold with the wrong command, bombed out, and when I started it back up it went to step 0. About 1200 points down the hole? Any possibility of easy rescue?
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    new Q6600, some questions

    Got my new Q6600 w/ an ECSG31T-M m/b - No overclocking - and 2GB RAM. Q1 - Just slapped it together with the default h/s and paste. I'm seeing temps of 20deg C, 68 deg F after it's been running for over 30 min (while I'm waiting four Ubunto64 to download). Is this normal? It's not heating my...
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    please comment on these C2Q combos <$300

    Well at pricewatch the prices for combos have finally dipped under $300. Are any of these looking good? I'm in need of more heat.
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    What happened to my PS3?

    My PS3 had been churning out about 900ppd (3WU) reliably at 194 to 204 watts. Somebody in the family turned it off for a couple of days. Now it's back on saying it will take about 10 hours for a p3426, but it's only using 118w. Did they throttle the system down?
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    Are Q6600 prices going up?

    I've been tracking Q6600 prices for a few weeks, wanting to get a new folder, primarily at the egg, mwave and zip-zoom-fly, hoping that the prices were going to start down. They started out at around $272 at all three. Mwave and zzf have gone up a couple of bucks, but today the egg has it for...
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    minimal SMP folder

    I've a dual P3 933 I got about the last century, it's hard drive died and I was about to toss it. I've a dual AMD 3800 which meets SMP deadlines fine. It will probably take me about 5 hours to put the 933 back on line with Linux - Does anyone think it will meet SMP deadlines? I know that the...
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    Think of giving PS3's as Christmas gifts

    IF: You have the $$ You know someone that you would usually give a $400 or more gift to. That recipient could use a PS3. They would fold for Team #33 and maybe for either you or gemniii :) Seriously think of a PS3 as a gift. I realize that there may be only a few of us that give $400...
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    Ubuntu Samba setup assistance please

    Just d/l the latest Ubuntu desktop and am trying to set up samba. All the guides say to install samba. The system complains it's not there and has been replaced by two other packages. If I try to install them it says they are installed. If I right click a folder and try to share it a gui...
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    smp improper termination

    Had a system crash, SMP wouldn't run, I figured I needed the new client. Old one was at 18%. Opened the new one in a new directory and tried just copying FAH and some other files to the old directory. Didn't work. Tried doing a new install and copying the old work etc. files over, Worked...
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    Quads, points and power

    I am trying to quantify average ppd per KW on quads. The couple of "power usage sites" Ive seen have few if any quads. I've done a search here and found there are scattered posts in separate threads. For example: So I would appreciate if anyone could contribute to this thread with: Quad...
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    What's the best folding m/b for a $250 C2Q?

    The Egg has open box C2Q6600 for $250. What's the best m/b for this? I'm looking for: O/C stability All else can ride, I don't need ANYTHING fancy. I just mainly want to surf and fold.
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    AMD X2 3800+ for SMP

    As we all should know the only thing tighter than SMP deadlines are the PS3 deadlines. I''m running an AMD X2 3800+ w/ 1GB of RAM and have to be careful not to use to much memory, cuz the SMP client will bomb out. FahSpy reports it running at 710 ppd. Tigerbitten seemed to recommend...
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    Congratulations on our 21st Birthday!

    It just occurred to me that when I joined, back in 2001, we were disrespected by Ars Technica and other teams. AND we were labeled as "a bunch of 15 year olds". Well that makes us a bunch of 21 year olds now! Virtual Beer for ALL! Fold On!
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    Contributions by ip address or machine id?

    As most of us have several machines running has anyone found out if there is an easy method to determine the contribution per machine after it gets to Stan4d? Either by ip address, the value in the registry or whatever. Just really more statistics for the stat w#ores, like me :) At times I've...
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    What's up with Stan4ds stats server?

    Every time I check it for the last two days it's been saying come back in 15 minutes. and now I can't post! /edit - tried posting twice got an error each time! :) /edit2 - works FINALLY!, I was getting frustrated!
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    PS3's for the [H]

    Ok peeps - There seems to be a heck of a lot of PS3's folding for default. It's time to get them to fold for the [H]. Since we are all 15yr old's we need to look around and find any PS3's and get them to fold for the [H],
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    finally made a million

    now need to go for two
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    What's the minimum CPU now

    With the bigger proteins what is now the minimum CPU to beat the fold ? I've some 1800's and up that I could use to fold and heat the house this winter, but if they get assigned proteins they will not finish in time it's useless. PS3's rock
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    PS3 q's

    Did not find it anywhere else - What do the lines in the PS3 display mean? What's the NS for? It was showing 513.xx NS yeaterday, today after it went advanced it's showing 420 NS/day. Why does it show WU's will be finished about 1 day later? Ex. 3.5 hrs to go , it's about 11AM EDT Saturday...
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    Microwulf - take a byte out of folding Another beautiful stack machine.
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    slow p1487 on linux

    One of my room heaters, a Sempron 2400 running Linux, is crunching on a p1487 (1161 points) and is taking over 3.5hrs per frame. This will give about 78ppd. Seems low to me, I run console, forceasm, got plenty of RAM. Is this usual? Any suggestions? Happy Thanksgiving all! Fold On!