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    BIOS Flash

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    removal of zone alarm pro

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    Ripping DVD's

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    DSL 2Wire and Linksys SRX 400 router

    we have 2 wire as well at my house, problem is we want to get rid of it. so is there a certain modem that i should look at. and oh yeah, our connection comes through the phone line for some reason... :rolleyes: /threadjack
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    modem or router?

    delete me.
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    My Basement Datacenter (21 Pics)

    i was wondering the same thing.
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    $1500 gaming pc

    well for the gpu, im thinking 7800 series. ram, 1g should be fine hdd, 160g serial ata. look at wd, maxtor, seagate ps, pc power and cooling if you have the $, if not, i have fsp 500w blue storm. i recommend it
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    the magic 3.

    aim triton? noes. use aim ad hack, or go to
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    Computer Audio Hot Deals

    finally. i've been waiting for these speakers to drop in price.
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    Pix of MSI's upcoming AM2 socket MB

    hells yea. i have a dozen or so of em.
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    Its alive!! muhahaha

    it's a nice case, but learn to work white balance on your camera.
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    new computer, budget

    the 7900's are going to be so expensive. i'd forget about waiting, and get a 7800 or 6800gt now.
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    Logitech needs to quit making mice

    i love my media mouse. does all games flawlessly, and my music too.
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    Func Archetype: Base Problem

    get what you paid for, nothing less.
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    Hell's Illusion - Project Lament II

    i cant believe i just read this whole thing thus far. and thus far it is amazing. good work.
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    Should I upgrade or wait...

    ^^^ that's what i was going to say. wait for m2, it'll be well worth it.
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    Yes, another comment on my rig thread

    get the 4400+ rig and another hard drive. a simple 120 7200 should be fine.
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    First Build, any suggestions?

    i'd suggest a power supply that already has 24 pins. fortron 500ax the blue storm. i have it it's silent, and nice.
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    The Optimus Keyboard has a date!!

    ^^ good call. i never thought of that. but why would anyone want to get into your keyboard?
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    The Optimus Keyboard has a date!!

    if it's anything over 100, forget it. still a kick ass keyboard though.
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    Built-in Office

    11 months now, it's janurary. and regardless, it's an amazing piece of work.
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    550watt PS enough for two 7800GT?

    if that isn't enough, replace your ps because it's dead.
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    Built-in Office

    well after i go through page by page i expect nothing less than perfection... :p it is still a beautiful desk. i'm a fan of cherry finish too. i wish i had the time to do something like that. damn school. nice band saw too. :
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    Looking for a new case...

    look at an acrylic case?
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    Built-in Office

    that is simply amazing. i see the fraternity beer has stuck with you throughout the years. :) anyway, did i see you sand against the grain there?
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    ASUS A8N series as bad as they sound?

    i had to RMA my a8n delux once i got it. but once i got a new one, i've had zero problems since.
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    Water system: Project: Silver Ocean

    nice lights and nice mod. dont worry about that slip up with the drill, i did a blow hole on my case and messed up bad. i now have about 20 deep teeth marks on the top of my case :rolleyes:
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    Western Digital updates the Raptor for Modders

    that's a lot of green for not a lof of space. and you think wd would be able to cut a better window than that...
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    Naked Pics! Look Inside! Wow! (56K Beware)

    congrats on the surgery and the low temps
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    [WIP] Painted, Watercooled QPack

    im lovin the teddy bear on your chair. :p
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    Project: TARDiS

    that is awesome. i actually though that was an endless array of wires until i read the description.
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    Project: Blind To Defeat

    that's an interesting color choice.
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    My Lian-Li front

    yea that would be nice. inside shot por favor
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    can a geforce3 ti200 run battlefield (the first one)?

    you might be able to get to the main screen after about 20 mins. after that, good luck.
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    Help Installing Harddrive

    what mobo are you using?
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    Best Storage Solution for Valueable Files? Ext Hard Drive, DVD, ?

    dvd's would be the best bet. if not that, print them all off. :eek:
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    Building a PC - Need your help!

    if you're going next year, why worry now? stay somewhat in the loop and build during the summer. besides that, why the benq drive? lite on and nec make some quality drives.
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    Want to build $1,200 Gaming Rig

    if there's no overclocking go with something like: a8n sli deluxe 4000+ maybe opty? 7800gt antec case 400w 24pin power supply 2g RAM really necessary? :confused:
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    My 1st build suggestions appreciated

    i also suggest opteron just for the sake that you can overclock further in the future if needed. as far as cases go, antec or coolermaster. hdd: 400g 16mb cache WD for the power supply i love my fsp 500w blue storm. i also suggest going with the newer version of the a8n as the one...