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    XFX RX590 with MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi will not display anything

    Brand new computer with all new parts. I can’t get anything to output to my displays ryzen 5 3600 XFX RX 590 MSI x570 Gaming Edge Wifi Gskill ripjaws 8gb x 2 3200 Evga 500 watt psu 80 White Western digital 500 gb nvme drive Western digital 7200 rpm sata 500 gb Hooked everything up but nothing...
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    How to get headphone surround sound in COD Warzone?

    PC audio, and audio in general, has always eluded me. I’m building a new PC mostly for the new COD Warzone. I’m using an MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi with Realtek ALC1220 onboard audio. What exactly do I have to do to get a good headphone surround sound experience? I’ve seen videos mention Dolby...
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    What is XFX 590 RX Core Edition and why is it more expensive?

    The Core Edition is newer, slower, and costs $50 more. Can someone help me understand what's going on here? Core...
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    Would an older Seasonic M12D SS-850 work on today's gaming PCs?

    I have an older Seasonic M12D 850W PSU. I'm not sure if it has the correct plugs for an X570 based gaming PC. I'm looking at installing an RX 590 GPU. I'm pretty sure it'll work fine and has all the...
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    Need help with iCloud photo for Windows 10

    I have an iPhone 6 and an iCloud account. All my pictures and videos get uploaded automatically to my iCloud account. I installed iCloud Drive and iCloud Photo on my Windows 10 PC. Right now my PC is downloading all 30ish gigs of pics and videos. Now my questions are -will my PC...
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    Klipsch Quintet Speakers and Astro Mixamp

    Speakers Mixamp
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    Replace a string with a corresponding string.

    I need a little help at work. I have to sift through a large amount of text looking for instances of a particular string and then replacing it with a different string. The blocks of text are in no particular form or fashion. It's not standardized and doesn't follow any particular template...
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    Need help troubleshooting Logitech Driving Force GT wheel

    The L2, L3, left paddle, and D pad buttons are all non functional within windows. My games also dont pick up me pushing these keys. Already installed newest Logitech software. I opened the wheel and found no physical damage. Also checked the wires from the buttons to the main circuit board...
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    AOL client for Linux

    Before you ask "why?" please understand I need this for work. Does anyone know of a dial-up Linux terminal based AOL client? The only ones I've found are very old and I doubt they would still work. Thanks
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    Guild Wars 2 free trial

    Apparently there will be a free trial of guild wars 2 this weekend. If a current player would be so kind as to send me an invite that'd be awesome! Please leave a private message for me and I will send you my email or whatever else you need. Details at...
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    Would like to boost SWTOR performance, new vid card or 2nd 5870?

    At times Star Wars the old republic takes some big frame rate hits. I'd like to boost performance and even upgrade the detail settings. Here's my current set up: 1 x XFX HD-587A-ZNF9 Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported ...
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    Question about using Mumble

    Currently I use the digital optic output on my soundcard for game audio. Is it possible to have Mumble use the regular headphone output and mic input jacks for voice chat? Kinda like how Xbox 360 does it. Looking through the config windows that appears to be the case but I'm not sure.
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    Did replacement iPad 2 screens just have a big price drop?

    Many months ago I shopped around for replacement digitizer screens for an iPad 2. They were about $80 or $90. Today I see complete kits on Ebay for about $30 to $40. Was there a big price drop or are these knock off parts?
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    Supermicro SC750 weight spec.

    Does anyone have a weight specification for an empty Supermicro SC750 or SC750A case? I found a spec of 49 pounds however it said gross weight. I'm not sure if that includes the packaging material. I'd weigh my own but it's full of all my hardware.
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    Prototype 2

    So apparently the new Prototype comes out today. Anyone getting it? I thought the first one was great.
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    Some pages don't show fullscreen in Facebook iPad app

    For some reason one person's page on Facebook never displays fullscreen on my iPad Facebook app. The page name is "Brady banned me from their campaign". All other pages that I've liked along with my friends' pages all come up full screen. Is there something different about the Brady page...
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    COD:MW3 Single player campaign thoughts: Major spoilers inside

    Finished the single player earlier today and over all I'm a little conflicted on how the game ended. I could probably say more but I'm getting tired of looking at this text box. Will probably add more later. So for those that played through the single player, what did you think?
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    It took me twenty years to realize this...

    The four circle logo in the corner of Super Nintendo game boxes is a stylized version of the controller buttons. I suck. That is all.
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    Any body have input on this HDMI/Toslink switch box?

    Thinking of picking this unit up from Monoprice. It will take four HDMI inputs and has one HDMI output. It will also take the audio stream and pipe it out either an optical or coaxial...
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    How detailed do universal remotes get?

    I no longer have the original remote for my Denon AVR-1602 A/V receiver and I'd like to start using it again. Would a universal remote be able to replicate every button of the original remote? I'm looking at the Logitech Harmony remotes and apparently all you do is download a config from...
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    How can I tell what's wrong with my Klipsch speakers?

    I've got a set of the old Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 speakers from about...2002ish? Just today I heard a pop come from the speakers. Not sure if it came from the sub or my two satellites. No sound. I adjust volume on the control pod and all I get is terrible static and popping, very loud...
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    Dawn of War 2 Retribution @ $15 on Steam, $12 Amazon

    Looks like DOW 2 Retribution just had a price drop on Steam to $15. It's also $12 on Amazon download. Think now is the time for me to buy.
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    Replacement monitor stands

    I busted the factory stand for my Acer H243H (damn Call of Duty made me do it I tell ya). It's a little plastic base that snaps onto a vertical pole piece. Does anyone know where I can find parts like this or do I need to buy some sort of generic stand that mounts to the little holes in the...
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    Can't get my profile back in COD World At War

    I reinstalled my Steam purchased copy of World At War. I was under the impression that I could reload my old profile and pick up where I left off. I'm almost positive that I've done it before. Now the game is telling me it doesn't find a profile and when I try to create a new one it keeps...
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    IGN Stock Exchange, anyone playing?

    For those that don't know you can play a stock exchange type game at Basically you buy shares of current games whose values are determined by how popular the game is (search hits, clicks, video hits etc). I've just started and I'm currently up four dollars. Anyone else playing?
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    Black Ops, trouble with melee attacks and adjustable zoom scope

    I use mouse wheel down on my Logitech G9X for melee attacks. I also bound my Z key to the same. I use the Z key to adjust the zoom levels but sometimes when I try to melee attack with the scroll wheel I will bring up the scope instead of knifing. Anyone else have this problem? Were you...
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    New Black Ops zombie to include Danny Trejo and Robert Englund.

    Wow, this looks fucking awesome. Looks like there are new melee attacks. Sarah Michelle Geller does some kind of jump kick towards the end. Yes I said Sarah Michelle Geller.
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    Should iPad like mobile PCs work with Hulu?

    It seems to use Hulu on iPad or iPhone I have to shell out $10/month. F that. Should mobile PCs that are like the iPad work with Hulu? I mean, it's still Windows right? Or does Hulu block those types of devices as well?
  29. C's Pop-Fiction

    Anyone else follow the Pop-Fiction series? For those that don't know it's a series of short videos that showcase some of gaming's famous myths and deepest secrets. Most of the game I don't care for but some of the detail they go into is amazing. I just watched the latest one about some...
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    Who uses this? Will playing with Alteriwnet for MW2 get me VAC banned?
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    Seems Black Ops now has support for color blind players

    Seems Black Ops finally has alternate color schemes for player names and such.
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    Has anyone gone t hrough an entire Prestige level using stock load outs?

    Just hit Prestige 8 in Black Ops. Thinking of doing the whole thing using the default classes. I figure it'd be a great challenge. Has anyone done this?
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    Black Ops First Strike preview (COD haters stay out);thumb;1 Cool looking stuff. There are some new goofy gameplay elements being introduced. A zipline in one level along with auto turrets and a land bridge that can be destroyed.
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    Looking for Black Ops Zombies players.

    Are there any forums online that is dedicated or really good for finding people to partner up with in Zombie mode on PC? I found the Steam group but there's no one in chat.
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    Can I play Eve Online by myself?

    Or does it really cater to joining guilds and what not? I'm not a social gamer kinda guy but I'm dying to get into some sort of MMO. Most either look ugly as sin or boring as fuck. I'm half tempted to get buy Diablo 2 and start that again. I know that's not really an MMO but it's about as...
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    Is MS Security Essentials conflicting with Black Ops?

    Since Black Ops came out I've had this random problem of the game minimizing at random. At first I thought it my keyboard, or my keyboard conflicting with my HS1 headset. Anyway, it happened to me again last night and I noticed that this time a Microsoft Security Essentials box popped up...
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    Can too many key presses trigger an alt+tab?

    Recently I've had this problem in COD: Black Ops where the game will randomly minimize and windows will make a ding sound. The effect is exactly like if I were to hit alt+tab. Sometimes it's while I'm pressing keys and sometimes it happens when I'm not pressing any keys. I have a Microsoft...
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    Anyone have HS1 conflicting with their USB keyboard?

    I'm using an Microsoft 4000 wired ergonomic keyboard. I've noticed that once I started using the HS1 my keyboard's mute button and volume controls stopped working. I've also had some odd issues while playing COD:Black Ops with the game minimizing at random as well as movement keys getting...
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    Question about Black Ops ending, BIG spoilers inside.

    Okay so apparently in the Black Ops universe Lee Harvey Oswald was compromised and I assume he didn't assassinate Kennedy. In one of the final cut scenes in the game you see a photograph of Kennedy in front of a group of people and apparently Mason is in the crowd. Do you think Mason was still...
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    Hour long preview of COD:BO multiplayer...

    is up at Watched the whole thing. The wager matches look like they will be pretty tense. One key thing that was let out is that kill streak kills don't count toward more kill streaks. Thank god. Also the contract system looks to be fun as well.