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    Intel to build 2 new fabs

    14nm is still plenty for most uses. Good for Intel to give its design and fab units more independence.
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    Activision Blizzard CEO To Get Even Bigger Bonuses...

    The stock is way up the past year and at the end of the day, the CEO works for the shareholders.
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    Rocket Lake Benchmarked by Anandtech - Pleae leave your gaming performance at the door!

    Kind of expected. It all comes down to price and availability. It is far from great but it puts up enough of a fight to stay relevant. p.s. Just saw leaked pricing. If that is accurate I have no idea why anyone will buy this over 10th gen that's often on sale nowadays.
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    How can I connect three laptops to a fourth one?

    If his laptops are going to be connected to the internet he will likely be on a lan regardless. If his laptops are not going to be connected to the internet then he can create an adhoc network with just the built in wifi.
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    Now is literally the perfect time for Intel to enter the market. However given Intel's recent track record, it wouldn't be surprising that they get their GPUs ready after crypto crashes.
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    How can I connect three laptops to a fourth one?

    If you just want to control the 3 laptops from the 4th and use all the displays then Synergy is your best bet. If you want to view all 4 on the 4th then Teamviewer is your best bet.
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    Sony GDM-FW900 - NIB

    A youtuber will prob buy it and make an unboxing video of 'GDM-FW900, the legendary crt'.
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    Need help in repairing 4 dead GPUs

    Sell them on Ebay. You will be surprised at how much they go for. It is not difficult to repair but few places in the U.S. do. Often times they are shipped off to China for repair. Im not an expert but I sometimes watch repair videos for fun on Youtube. The ones that don't turn on are usually...
  9. J

    Thanks Elon you screwed us

    Super thankful that I managed to get a 5600XT on sale late last year. Was supposed to be temporary but looks like it is going to be permanent as I've lost hope on getting a better card for a reasonable price. On the other hand I've been mining on all my PCs. Comes out to $10 a day, pays for a...
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    China's factory recovery slows in January as COVID-19 returns

    They literally lock down part of a city for a couple dozen cases. So it may not be a 'huge' number of cases but the economic impact is there.
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    China's factory recovery slows in January as COVID-19 returns

    I work in Hong Kong at the moment on an expat assignment. The irony is that there is a huge amount of public noise about moving production away from China. But in reality the amount of foreign investment going in is skyrocketing. Companies are moving low value adds from China while investing in...
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    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    I kinda feel bad for Robinhood. Caught between a rock and a hard place. Their low fee but advanced features model is precisely their undoing. It works well in a normal market and they can keep their margin of error low. However when volatility goes through the roof their clearing house deposit...
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    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    I work for a bank so I am not allowed to day trade, must hold for 30 days. However if I could I would totally buy some right now. It will likely be a deja vu of that VW squeeze. The other stocks that reddit is hyping doesn't make as much sense, the short interest is just not there. Either buy a...
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    Spare 3080...sell it or put it to mining?

    My suggestion is to mine with it but liquidate the coins as soon as you get them and sell the card when coin price drops. It seems very unlikely that 3080 prices will drop enough to outweigh the mining profits in the next 6-12 months.
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    Atari VCS Console Finally Set To Release

    Specs is a bit underpar for the $. If they managed to stick in a quad core APU at this price point it would have been very compelling.
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    Intel Appoints Tech Industry Leader Pat Gelsinger as New CEO

    Was on the fence about Intel stock but decided to buy a bit more. Mostly because the valuation is just so much cheaper compared to its competition and the fab capacity issues at TSMC/Samsung. It gives them some extra time to right the ship. It doesn't matter if there are better products if they...
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    Are we going to see good Intel processors anymore?

    Intel is still fine on X86. The bigger challenge is ARM. AMD is already working on ARM cpus, maybe Intel is too but we haven't heard any rumors. Furthermore Intel is behind on graphics and by extension AI/ML etc. Just don't see Intel working on anything that can be the 'future'. Likely why the...
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    The new laptop prices look reasonable. May have to buy a laptop to get a new gpu...
  19. J

    Intel Appoints Tech Industry Leader Pat Gelsinger as New CEO

    Intel stock is going nuts over this. Don't see how he will magically fix things any time soon.
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    Arctic Liquid Freezer II rev3

    Check out how rev2 is mounted. You need 4 long screws and maybe some washers to screw into the base plate.
  21. J

    Arctic Liquid Freezer II rev3

    I dont think it should be so loose. That said it may still install fine as the thumb screws will be pulling on the bracket. Might as well give it a try. Worst comes to worst you can buy 4 long screws and avoid the bracket altogether.
  22. J

    So I bought a trashcan....

    These are still pretty expensive, way more than what they should cost given the performance. That said though I have to admit that I am keeping an eye out for a reasonably priced one. Its a cool bit of tech and can still pack a decent punch.
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    Ex-Intel Engineer Slams Misguided And Flawed Apple M1 Benchmarking Practices

    At best it is arguing over semantics, at worst it is sour grapes. I can care less how 'canned' some benchmarks are. From my daily usage comparing to a 3900x and 4900hs the M1 is very competitive (code compiles, video editing etc) and it runs silent. Super impressed with the chip.
  24. J

    Apple M1 SOC platform discussion

    Just migrated all my stuff from my late 2013 MBP 15 16/512 to the base M1 Air. So far so good. Only issue is that my 34UC88 is only running at 50Hz. Apple is aware of issues with ultrawides so hoping it will be fixed soon. I use my Macs to remote into work and do other basic stuff so haven't...
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    New to Mining, looking for Tips/Advise

    You also need to factor in the cost of GPUs even if they are from old builds. They are worth money after all. The ideal situation for a casual miner is to use hardware that you would keep around regardless of mining. Like use your gaming pc to mine.
  26. J

    Which ITX motherboard?

    I use an Asrock B550 Gaming ITX and I've had no issues (other than wishing for a clear cmos button). For a 5600x you might as well go for the cheapest (Asrock B550M-ITX) and buy an external sound card.
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    China Targets Jack Ma's Alibaba Empire in Monopoly Probe

    Alibaba is a monopoly. Just like how our government is starting to look at the likes of Facebook for anti-competitive behavior. Also, I fail to see anyone explaining why Ant Financial's IPO got canned. Because fintech is unregulated, Ant was able to build up extremely high leverage by...
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    Bloomberg - Microsoft Is Designing Its Own Chips for Servers, Surface PCs

    Apple has had years to improve on the iPhone. Also the tooling for ARM is much more standardized, so R&D is more efficient. China's ARM chips have also been quite competitive, they suck at X86 since you have to reinvent the wheel to get to par with Intel/AMD. Their main challenge isn't in chip...
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    Lawmakers Asking Whether Cyberattack Is Act of War

    Don't get why people are arguing over conventional capabilities. US is undisputedly the top dog. There may be areas that China and Russia have an advantage but there is a good reason that Taiwan is still de-facto independent and Russia has not gone further in Ukraine. Russia and China have...
  30. J

    Alleged AMD EPYC 7003 128-Core 2P Zen 3 System Cranks Insane Cinebench R23 Score

    Don't think Cinebench is a good benchmark as the core count goes up. The workload runs too fast.
  31. J

    Apple announces over the ear headphones called the Apple AirPods Max...Price? $549

    Don't get the argument over price. If you feel that it is poor value just don't buy it. People value things differently. If I was in the market for a portable over-the-ear I'd definitely consider one. It is a lot of money but if the product is good and I get enough utilization out of it then it...
  32. J

    Apple announces over the ear headphones called the Apple AirPods Max...Price? $549

    I thought my B&O H9 was expensive... That said though, if the sound quality is phenomenal it may just be worth it for me. The bluetooth connectivity on my Airpods and Airpods Pro are super easy to use and reliable.
  33. J

    Arctic Liquid Freezer II rev3

    You need the rev2 mounting screws. Maybe call up Arctic and see if they can send you some. I got my screws from my local distributor.
  34. J

    Anyone buy a US Apple product then use Applecare overseas?

    Apple warranty is global. You won't run into any issues. The only difference may be the consumer protection laws in case of a lemon (Apple policies seems more flexible in the US).
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    I bought a 5600xt to tide me over. $200 well spent.
  36. J

    Oldest Macbook pro that can take current release OS?

    Get a late 2013 15 MBP. You can probably find one for ~$400. It is still a very solid machine. I've had mine for years and never had the urge to upgrade and I have plenty of fast Windows computer to compare it to.
  37. J

    Ebay Buy It Now: Adata 4TB m.2 XPG SPECTRIX NVME $399

    It uses RTS5762. The performance is solid but it gets hot.
  38. J

    Arctic Liquid Freezer II rev3

    Maybe they just called it rev2 for the 420. But the mount is identical to the rev3 mount on the other coolers. The older rev used long screws to screw into the backplate instead of using the offset system.
  39. J

    SK Hynix Gold 2xP31 RAID 0 1TB + S31 1TB Mobile Notebook Ryzen 5 4600h

    Doubt the thermal pads do anything by themselves. If you care about the NVME temps (I have the P31 as well and it doesn't get too hot) either use more pad so they touch the bottom cover of the notebook or get a heatsink for them.
  40. J

    Apple M1

    Considering the base MBA M1 to replace my 2018. The 2018 just never ran as well as it should. My 2013 MBP 15 is still flawless. The M1 is in a weird spot though. It is very powerful but also oddly limited. Seems to be perfect for prosumers who are totally in the Apple ecosystem. For me it comes...