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    Anyone jumped on this yet? Thinking of picking this up but already snagged a few new VR titles from Christmas so not sure I've got the time to devote myself at the moment, but def looks promising.
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    Super Hot coming to Vive

    Just incase you may have missed it, Super Hot is coming to Vive tomorrow! Can't wait to try it out as I've yet to go the Re-Vive route.
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    Roku 4 4400r

    Still sealed brand new Roku 4
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    Cheap gaming monitor

    If image quality is not a concern and 1080p is acceptable, what's the king of cheap gaming monitors with very low latency and better then 60hz refresh? G-Sync and Freesync are fine but not necessary. Also, time is not an issue so waiting for a deal or availability is fine. Suggestions?
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    Puzzles and Dragons

    Anyone else playing this time sink of a game? I've been playing for about a year and a half now and sitting on a nicely built Ronia Devil, Athena TPA, and L-Meta healer teams @ rank 262 and still enjoying it enough to log on before I max out my stamina most days. Anyone else? Google Play and...
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    Media Player, been a while...

    It's been a couple years or so since I've last looked at Media players and due to a dieing WD Live in the bedroom I get the pleasure of falling down this rabbit hole again. What I'm looking for is a unit that will play uncompressed HD MKV's off my Win7 based home server. HD audio is not a...
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    Center Channel Mounting Help

    I've got a 50" plasma mounted about my fireplace and looking for idea's on how to mount my Klipsch RC62II center. It's turning out to be more of a chore then I first thought and I'm hoping someone here may have some advice. A couple things that I have to consider is I may be moving to a 60" or...
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    Adobe Elements

    I was looking at getting my wife Adobe Elements & Premiere 10 because of a pretty sweet combo out right now and was wondering what the general consensus is for that software. Figured I'd ask ya'll as your previous reply's were spot on. Again, any experience/info you might have is great...
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    Gift for the Wife

    Looking for a gift for my wife, and thinking of finding her a good lens to add to her collection. Was hoping ya'll might have a suggestion or two as she is the semi-pro photographer and I am not.. Right now she has a Nikon D70s with the two package deal lenses, an AF Nikkor 28-80mm 1:3-5.6G...
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    iSRT - The Poll

    iSRT, have you tried it? Just seeing how many have actually used it and their thoughts. I've got it running on my system now and still trying to see the benefit. Any insight you want to give would be great, good bad or indifferent. Thanks. 2600k Asrock z69 Ex4 Gen3 OCZ LE 100gb 2TB...
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    Continuous Filtering

    So I'm working on a loop rebuild to fix a stupidity of mine (alum rad..) and with the addition of a new/used rad, a cleaned but still unperfect batch of blocks, and a rez that was impossible to thoroughly clean, I wanted to let the system run filtered as part of the leak testing phase. We'll...
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    Aluminum Bad; Cleaning the Loop

    Ok, I screwed up and put an Aluminum radiator in a system and now have a white coating on the inside of my loop. What is used to clean this off? Most of my blocks/pumps can come apart but I'm having a hard time cleaning everything, especially those hard to reach places. What are my options...
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    Dremel 3000 $50 at

    Got my very first SD Front Page with this one, and in all my happyness I forgot to post it here... Not really hardware related but alot of us like to munch on cases and this is just the tool to use. Dremel 3000 at for $50 if available in your area. Only down side is this does...
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    My Home Server build, complete with questions

    I'm building a server for the first time and not sure what OS I should go with. My choices are Win7 Ultimate, WHS1, XP, or Server08. My other options would be to pickup WHS v2 from Newegg or some FreeNAS style software if suggested. The main thing I'll be doing with this server is pulling...
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    Getting the heat out of the house

    I'm starting up a water cooling project with the hopes of lowering the noise, getting slightly better temps, and moving the heat out of the house to help save on power bills (less work for the A/C) My main rig Asus P5Q Pro q9550 @3.6 hd5870 @ 925 x 2 SSD 500gb WD Green Rocketfish/Lian...
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    UPS batteries

    Where do you guys pickup replacement UPS batteries? Is there a semi secret on-line store that sells them cheaper then everyone else and with low shipping rates? Kinda like Monoprice and cables, but for batteries. Are the Chinese made batteries comparable at all? Btw, this is for home use...
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    11.4 Coming out shortly?

    I just tried to DL'd the 11.4 preview drivers from amd and the link now goes to a 404error page. Does this mean we might be getting the full blown 11.4 shortly?
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    U2410 Advanced settings

    I've got a pair of U2410's and can't remember how to get to the advanced settings on the monitors. Sadly my GugleFu has failed me. The issue I'm trying to resolve is to turn off the auto dimming/brightness feature these come equiped with. The one where if you have a primarily white screen it...
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    Computer not Tired...

    So my spare comp is a M3A78-VM based system with a 9850BE, 2x1GB DDR2, HD4850, WD 80gb, and Win7 32bit OS. The problem I am having is it won't go to sleep. Here are the things I've done so far... Verified it is set to sleep in Control Center, and changed the time setting with no effect...
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    NEC 23" 1080p eIPS $170 shipped

    NEC 23" 1080p eIPS $170 shipped Has Display Port so could be an excellent Eyefinity option.
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    Overclocking an option?

    Did a search and found no recent results on whether or not someone has found a way to OC either the CPU or GPU on the i3 mobile series chips. I've got an MSI A6200 with an i3 M370 and trying to see if OC'ing even a little is an option at all. Thanks!
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    Free Starcraft II for WoW players

    Not sure if this has been posted or not, but my wife just logged into your account page and it shows that SCII is free for those with active WoW accounts. Did not activate it yet so not sure if there are any hoops to jump through or not, but cool deal non-the-less. * EDIT *...
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    WHS OS backup drive question

    Ok, I've got an Acer Aspire with 2 x 1.5TB Sam Greens and 2 x 1TB WD Greens. Right now I have it setup where the Launch drive is on a 1TB, the other 1TB I'm using for OS backup, and the 2 x 1.5TB's are Pool drives. Should I be using that setup or not worry about having an OS backup drive...
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    Age of Empire III $0.10

    Just incase you've missed the last couple hours of slickdeals. Read the SD's wiki...
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    Samsung 1TB F3 7200RPM $50 shipped use coupon code PUMPKIN10 *EDIT* 1 for $50 is dead but you can now get 2 for $100 if you used code PILGRIM10
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    Adding Rebuilt Comps to WHS

    I've run into a problem where everytime I rebuild a machine at home (have 3 + netbook) that it adds an extra computer to WHS for backup service. I've now hit the 10 machine limit and trying to see if there is a way to continue where the last machine stopped instead of deleting the older machine...
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    1055t Throttling back

    I've got a 1055t sitting at 259x14=3.6ghz and can't seem to stress test it. Everytime I run Intelburn or OCCT she'll keep her Multi at 14 for less than a min, then drop down to a 7.5x for what seems no reason at all. It will jump back up to 14x on occasion but for the most part sitts at 7.5x...
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    The "Maw Maw" build

    So I've received the green light from my mother-in-law to build a computer for my wifes "Maw Maw" ie. Grandmother. Now this is a woman who had a 1985 Buick Caprice in almost mint shape up until 05' when it was stolen from her. Now she did not want a new car, she wanted the old one back. Also...
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    9800GX2's for ~$120 shipped

    Not sure if I'm allowed to do this or not, but saw this deal and thought of you guys. A refurbed BFG 9800GX2 for ~$120 shipped. I made a thread for this in the FS/FT forum but throwing one here and ya'll would...
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    For the [H]orde 9800GX2 for $120 BFG Refurb

    Some of you Folders may find a use for this, a Refurbed BFG 9800gx2 for ~$120 shipped. Just remember BFG is goin bye-bye so buyer beware..
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    Helping a neighbor, amp setup.

    My neighbor just added an outside kitchen/gazebo equiped with a TV and speakers in the ceiling. The TV is going to be cable only and has been taken care of, but the speakers he wants to feed from his reciever inside. Now this would be an easy thing as his reciever has a Speaker B set but those...
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    2 free games today Crysostaysis and Alien Swarm

    Alien Swarm on Steam Cryostasis from EVGA
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    Bunch of OpenBox HD5000 PowerColor Brand Vid Cards

    Going from high to low, and they've been there for a few hours now so they must have a few.
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    Xbox 360 for $130 + tax + $50 GiftCard @ Target

    Just makin sure none of you miss out on this, as I'm sure it will be dead by tomorrow lunch
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    HTPC 2.0

    So I've changed up my current media center for a slightly more efficient version but with HD-Audio support. Still using an Onkyo 606 and Samsung 50" 1080p Plasma, but I've gone from a 9850BE quad with a 9800gtx+Hybrid Vista setup to an older be2400 dual with a HD5770 1gb and Win7. I've also...
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    x6 and Nforce chipsets?

    My M3A78 didn't make the cut for the new x6 MB's so I'm stuck using my M3N78-VM instead. Just got everything installed, booted up fine, OS on and all happy with my new 6 cores. But, I've not had any luck finding out if the Nforce boards support the turbo feature or not. I've tried loading up...
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    3d or MultiMonitor Support, who will get both first?

    So, who do YOU think will bring both abilities under one roof first? Nvidia adding N-finity? or ATI add 3D?
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    Possible Saphire 5830 $177 after MIR shipped at Newegg

    Saphire 5830 Open Box deal But if you look, the regular retail version has a $15 MIR that you may be able to take advantage of. BIG YMMV!!! MIR Link...
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    Rate my upgrade path

    Ok, so I don't have the normal upgrade path that most people do because my original parts become my wifes new parts and her old parts become either the Media Centers' upgrades (rarely) or kids/friends/spare Comp parts. By the time spare parts are actually spare and unused they are usually 3 to...