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    Facebook Posts Land US Contractor In Emirates Jail

    Interestingly, that's actually the exact opposite of reality. What rights do you think you have vs a lion? Vs a gang out in the plains? Vs even just one other person who happens to be between you and your gun, pointing one at you? There are absolutely no "inherent rights" that you get by...
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    NVIDIA's Made to Game Event Live

    Well...the whole 'getting a Steam key with the game' thing is something, but...WTF, nVidia? Who got high enough to decide that ANY level of competition with Steam is going to go in your favor?? At this point, if you really want to be relevant in some other channel than 'pretty badass...
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    The Star Trek vs. Star Wars Trailer

    Merely old enough to be grumpy at the constant 'dumbing down of things' to appeal to the widest audience. TOS Trek had something unique and different, but rather than build on it, they threw it out to spiffy up the special effects. (And FWIW, I actually do like Star Wars more than Star...
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    The Star Trek vs. Star Wars Trailer

    Well, the REAL question is whether you want to go with 'Star Trek' or 'Star Trek As Influence By Star Wars' when fighting Star Wars. You'll recall that Original Series Trek make it *very* clear (VERY CLEAR) that nearly all combat happened at warp speeds. Having to fight at sublight was a...
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    Samsung HDTV's @ 120 Hz

    Something in the conversation you posted brought to mind another finding I'd seen regarding the Samsung TV configs. Apparently, when you "rename" the HDMI post, it actually reconfigures it pretty sweepingly. Perhaps the issue is just the "PC" HDMI configuration? I've certainly noticed that...
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    Netflix Plans Twenty Original Shows A Year

    I don't see the issue. Name of the series, after all, is 'Firefly'...the class of ship they were flying. So tell the story of the crew of another Firefly-class ship in a new season, instead of the Serenity's crew. It'd be an interesting way to mix things up, keep the story new.
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    Netflix Plans Twenty Original Shows A Year

    Wonder if they'd ever think of taking on the budget for remastering new shows? Netflix broadcasts pretty much everything in HD, yet have a lot of content in SD, still, as it simply never got released in HD. Closest analogy would be to their season 6 of the Clone Wars, where Netflix isn't...
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    Cool Video of the Day

    The point of the laser defense is to cook off the one-off missiles heading your way without needing to burn a half-million-dollar SM-2 each. Obviously, if facing an enemy that can lob 300 missiles at you (so: China, Russia, that's it), you are using your SM-2s, because you are fighting World...
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    Nation State Spying Malware Revealed

    Not quite - the article notes the 2.0 version of it appeared "in 2013", and by December of 2013 Symantec had detected and was providing protection against the 'backdoor component' of it used to deliver the payload. They just didn't know until recently what exactly it was that they had...
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    Microsoft Confirms That Windows 10 Kernel Will be 10.0

    They skipped '9' because a lot of software/scripts/sites/etc out there check for Windows versions, and look for all the Windows 95/98/98SE releases as 'Windows 9[something]'. Basically, they skipped 'Windows 9' to avoid compatibility problems resulting from all the sloppy version checking out...
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    FREE: Guardians Of The Galaxy (Awesome Mix Vol. 1)

    It's free for US, $0.99 for international.
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    One Quarter Of Self-Made Billionaires Are College Dropouts

    I think you are missing the distinction between 'having a very successful business and being reasonably successful and wealthy' and 'being one of the richest billionaires in the country'. The latter group just blows money on any wild and crazy idea as it comes up, as a total loss on the...
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    Icewind Dale Enhanced editon

    Composer is Jeremy Soule, who also did the Elder Scrolls (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim) soundtracks, as well as a handful of others (the excellent 'IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey' music, for example)
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    Why Microsoft Loves Linux

    No kidding - I actually AM really solid with PCs, and dual-booted Linux and Windows for a while, but never really got into gaming on Linux as it was DOS 6.x flashback-time trying to get anything to work. Steam's Linux port has improved things tremendously, but even then - was jumping through...
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    First Trailer for Ridley Scott's 'Halo' Series Full of Sci-Fi Tropes far, "Forward Unto Dawn" looks better...
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    1-in-3 Jobs Will Be Taken By Robots Or Software By 2025

    And I shamelessly poached it from this VERY interesting video on the topic...
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    1-in-3 Jobs Will Be Taken By Robots Or Software By 2025

    So are you volunteering to run your business at a loss, so your employees can keep shopping at both our stores? Because I'm going to cut my costs in half by firing all my humans and replacing them with machines, then reducing the price on MY stock (currently very closely priced to yours as we...
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    1-in-3 Jobs Will Be Taken By Robots Or Software By 2025

    That's really not true if you think about it - when automobiles came along, did it "free up horses to do more interesting labor"? Kinda, sure - now horses just do show work, have rides for entertainment, etc. Oh, there's also only about 20-30% the number of living horses at the moment vs...
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    1-in-3 Jobs Will Be Taken By Robots Or Software By 2025

    Indeed - the problem is not that we are heading to record numbers of unemployed citizens, but record numbers of unemployable citizens. People who simply have no possible work they can do that will provide enough difference in value vs a machine for them to sustain their own life. The very...
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    The new "died in the line of duty" thread

    Double-check that it's failed outside of Folding - Stanford made more changes to their assignment servers, and they've been doling out BOATLOADS of bad work units this weekend.
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    How EA’s Founder Avoided $26M In Taxes

    It's something many people don't realize, actually - of the major first-world countries, pretty much ONLY the UK has worse inter-generational mobility than the US. In the US, the class you are born into is about 47% determinate of the class you will possibly end up in. The UK is 50%...
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    Any of the cool new Maxwell 2 anti-aliasing modes (DSR, MFSAA) work with Maxwell 1?

    I'm pretty happy with just DSR, actually, and if that is coming to Kepler, it would seem pretty obvious that even Maxwell 1 could get it. But it's a good question RE: MFAA on Maxwell 1, anyway, if THAT can't come to Kepler.
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    Any of the cool new Maxwell 2 anti-aliasing modes (DSR, MFSAA) work with Maxwell 1?

    Looks like that at the moment, yeah - I guess the question is more whether this is a hardware thing, or just a driver thing (IE., nVidia has only exposed the capability in drivers for Maxwell 2, but it could be made to work on Maxwell 1, too).
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    Any of the cool new Maxwell 2 anti-aliasing modes (DSR, MFSAA) work with Maxwell 1?

    As above. While I know the conventional answer is that the 750 Ti doesn't have the horsepower to do it, that really only applies to modern games. I play some relatively ancient games, that would have no issue with quadrupling (or more) their resolution and result in no performance difference...
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    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    2600k @ ...stock On the other hand, my other components are kinda out there. 32gb of DDR3 @2133. And something like 3x SSDs? OS and swapfile on different SSDs, and Photoshop/app (for those apps that let you configure them) cache files on a third SSD. About the only thing really having...
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    Walmart, Best Buy Won’t Accept Apple Pay At Their Stores

    I wonder if there is any difference in how the loss is reported? I've never "lost" a card, like, physically. In both of the cases I had to do the above sort of reporting, it was in the wake of a major national retailer (that we frequented) being hacked, and sure enough we started seeing...
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    Apple Event Liveblog

    Well, the thing is...what do you use your smartphone for at the moment? Generally, a handful of things: 1) Non-phone stuff, like poking around in some silly time-waster game while sitting on a bus, or reading Facebook posts or Tweets, maybe reading some news articles, etc...for all these...
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    Apple Event Liveblog

    Yeah, but this isn't the "good" one. That's $350 for the cheap one. Plastic + aluminum.
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    Apple Event Liveblog

    Looks like they are showing the iPhone 6 can do NFC, too. If so, who cares about a watch that can do it? The new iPhone doing it, on its own, will be what brings NFC to the mainstream.
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    Apple Event Liveblog

    Wwwwwow, yeah, that's a LOT more than I was expecting. Was thinking more like $200 or so for the "starting" model. But starting at $350!?! (I assume that means that's the ladies/'smaller' watch with the aluminum frame and plastic strap? Geeeeez the fancier models are going to cost a fortune...)
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    Apple Event Liveblog

    Anyone else find it odd they've mentioned that "you can send someone your heartbeat!" thing, like, three times, now? WTF? Why would you ever want to do that??
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    E-Sports Drawing Big Crowds and Big Money

    I suspect this is more than part of the problem. A HUGE draw of 'college football' and the like is for the 50-60 year olds talking to their sons about how THEY played the game...and their sons talking to THEIR sons about trying out for the same team and competing on the same fields... I...
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    Germany Mulls Ban On After-Hours Work Emails And Calls

    You think you are joking, but...
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    Bitcoin’s Earliest Adopter Is Cryonically Freezing His Body

    Which brings to mind the famous 'transporter beam' dilemma.... Presuming the 'frozen' state really retains all the biological connections...your neuron connections would remain intact. So...a hundred years from now, they 'wake you up''ve had no brain activity for a century, so it'd be...
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    nVidia to skip GeForce 800s, go straight to 900s?

    Eh? This just got posted *today*? Took a look at the other thread discussing the upcoming launch, and everyone was still on about the old naming scheme?
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    nVidia to skip GeForce 800s, go straight to 900s?

    So says this source. I gotta wonder, though...why don't you just make '10' louder? Make 10 be the top number, and make that a little louder?
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    Germany Mulls Ban On After-Hours Work Emails And Calls

    Not at all. While it's certainly true we do export an awful lot internationally, now, we also IMPORT more than we expect. The net-net is that our current international trade has weakened our domestic economy since the mid-century period. It only 'makes more sense' to do the work more...
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    Germany Mulls Ban On After-Hours Work Emails And Calls

    Careful, now, you just used the phrase 'compensated...properly'. That's just commie talk, that is! This is the point that should resonate better with "conservatives". Nobody (well, nobody in THIS thread) is advocating throwing off our current economic system and switching over to...
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    Germany Mulls Ban On After-Hours Work Emails And Calls

    I think a key point people miss when arguing that "but...but...companies NEED to do this or they'd fail!" is what the charts show... Obviously, they don't, because they didn't for *decades*, and there was no problem. Indeed, those decades were some of the most MASSIVELY profitable for our...
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    Germany Mulls Ban On After-Hours Work Emails And Calls

    You do realize that Germany has only 25% of the population of the US, but still manages 21% of the GDP of the US, right? (And for that matter, they have 74% of the GDP of Japan with only 63% of the population - so they are flat-out being more efficient than Japan, while practically tying the...