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    Tablet for a quadriplegic student

    A student of a friend is quadriplegic and is looking for a new tablet (her current one is a first gen iPad; she's working on getting her BA). I am not super up on what's out there in the tablet world, or what would work for someone with major limitations to their dexterity. Her major...
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    Inspiration for a Raspberry Pi case

    At some point soon I will either be getting a new job or getting a check from a big project, and when I do I'll be celebrating by picking up a raspberry pi. I want to use it as a media front end for my storage/work room. I've been looking at cases, but most of the stuff out there is boring...
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    New itx build (Lian Li Q07)

    I've been dreaming of doing an itx system for a long time, and finally found the justification for it through my media set up. I've got a big server tower filled with drives and a couple of Mac minis as front ends. I was using the Plex client and Plex Media Server on each mini (since PMS would...
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    AMD vs Intel mini-itx for plex?

    The lady friend has noticed my internet browsing, and is going to buy me this for xmas: Lian Li PC-Q07 I've always wanted to do an itx system, and I'd like this one to primarily run Plex Media Server for the other front ends in the house (2 mac minis) and run the Plex client for watching TV...
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    Netbook buy: Dell Mini 9 or Asus Eee PC 901?

    Looking to pick up an under 10" netbook for less than $300. I'm a poor graduate student, so I can't spend more than $300. This will almost exclusively be used for typing documents. There will be some web browsing as well. That's about it. I've used a small laptop before (old, 10" Acer...
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    DIY Headphone Amp and Airports

    So I have one of those home-brew headphone amps in a mint tin, and while planning for a trip at the end of the month, it occurred to me that I might have problems with it if I were to try to take it on an airplane. Considering how uptight the security checks are, I could see the TSA folk having...
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    Projector Suggestions

    Room mates and I have a new place and we feel the need to bring a new projector into our lives. We'd been watching things on a nice CRT projector that was decommissioned from a convention center. Huge res, beautiful colors, the works. This thing, however, is freaking huge. Weighs 200lbs and...
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    Problem with Scroll Lock & KVM

    I have a Trendnet KVM that uses hot keys to switch, the key combo being: Hit "Scroll Lock" twice Hit "Up Arrow" I've got it hooked up to my PC and my MBP. The problem is when the KVM is on the mac and I hit "Scroll Lock" twice to switch, the brightness on the LCD dims by two notches...
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    HDD info on icon

    Okay, so I know how to get the hdd icon to show how big the drive is, but where is the option/what must I download to get it to show free vs used space? My coworkers and I cannot remember/find this, so now I turn to you fine people for aid. Thanks.
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    USB headset for MBP

    So I want to pick up a headset for gaming. This is mostly for teamspeak for WoW. And yes, I know that my MBP has speakers and a built-in mic, but the mic isn't loud enough, and I don't want my room mate to have to suffer through the endless geek chatter from my speakers. It's bad enough that...
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    Headphones for heavily pierced ears...

    So, with the temperatures dropping, I need some means of keeping my ears warm. I've now got 11 holes punched in 'em, and all the metal gets chilly quick. So...I'm thinking, instead of dorky ear muffs (which put too much pressure on my ears anyway), I'd get some headphones that would cover my...
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    g5 iPod accessories?

    So, what's the word out there on accessories for the new iPods? Anyone found any cool cases/remotes/doohickeys/thingamabobs that they like? Any neat-o rumors of exciting things to come? (frickin' laser beams, anyone?)
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    External SATA to USB enclosure for networking multiple drives?

    Story time: Once upon a time hound had 1TB in SATA hard drives. Hound had filled these magial drives with wonderful data. All was peaceful and happy in houndworld. One day, disaster struck, and hound's CPU bit the dust. Getting the PC running again was taking a lot of time, and hound grew...
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    Popcorn Struck in Tiger's Teeth? (Popcorn issues)

    I've got a 1.25Ghz Mac mini with OS 10.4.1, 1GB of RAM, 40GB HDD, and the CDRW/DVDROM combo drive. I have a NEC dual-layer DVD burner that I have hooked up to the Mac via a USB enclosure. I am also using a 40GB Toshiba laptop hard drive hooked up via another USB enclosure. Due to the lack of...
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    More crack!

    So...I went to the apple store yesterday just to look around...and walked out with a mini. Bought the putty knives and put in a GB of RAM just now. Tiger is so smooth. I'm now watching a movie that I ripped with Mac the Ripper, chatting on Adium, and surfing with Camino. This thing looks...
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    Mystery Burning Problem with multiple computers/drives

    Okay, have tried searching for info on my problem, but can't find much, but please excuse if this is a repeat issue: I cannot burn disks. Or rather, I cannot completely burn disks. No matter what I try, things get to about 6% or so, and then I've got a coaster. Also, attempting to burn...
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    Inline Remotes for iPod?

    So it looks like my Apple inline remote for my iPod is wearing out, it's weak where the cable meets the connector, and I just got the damn thing in September. I might try to actually fix it, but in case that doesn't work (read: I break it more), does anyone have any suggestions for a different...
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    Okay, so I'm not going to knit a computer case (yet...), but I once saw someone use some yarn for wire management on some mod site, and I'm contemplating it for my own case. I've got a serious wire management project planned for this weekend, and while I have tons of zip ties and a sleeving...
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    Temp probe suggestions

    I've searched this forum and can't find much on this... So I've finally got a case with temp probes, and I'm wondering about the best locations to put them. Where have you guys put them, and what results have you gotten? I've got two to work with, btw. Thanks.
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    Dell Refurbs?

    Okay, I've checked around and searched, but I am not finding anything in this forum about my question, but if this is a repeat, then please excuse my ineptness... I was looking at the dell outlet site, since things are much cheaper there, and I was wondering if anyone had purchased a refurb...
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    New to Monarch Hornet

    I know that the SFF nature of the Monarch Hornet system is debatable, but I figured I'd ask... I've just received a Monarch Hornet from someone on this forum, and now I am trying to set this puppy up. Where have people put those temp sensors, and what kind of results did you get?
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    Multiple speakers for multiple systems?

    So, I've searched this forum, and I might just be lacking the right terms to search with, so if I'm rehashing an old concept, then please let me know. That said, here's my question: I run two systems, and use both daily (I have a KVM). One system is more dedicated for media, and the other...
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    Best headphones for heavily pierced ears?

    I'm looking to get some decent headphones, and I've been doing some reseach into some brands, but I've got one little problem--my ears are heavily pierced (big holes in the lobes, lots of holes in the cartilage on each ear), and comfort is a big issue. I'm on a tight budget, I just need...
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    IDE problems

    So I bought the Soyo Dragon KT880 because I wanted all that drive space (it can support 12 devices onboard). I had to RMA the first one I got because neither IDE1 nor IDE2 would read drives. I went through the whole ordeal of trying different drives, cables, and even setting everything up on a...
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    1.5v slot and 9600 AIW

    Okay, got a new mobo, and it has this little sticker over the AGP slot that reads "This slot can only support a 1.5v video card." Now while I realize that this means 4x, I am looking to get an ATI AIW 9600. The reuglar comes in 4x/8x, and the Pro comes in 8x/4x/2x/1x. Will this work?
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    Strange headphone mod...

    So I recently spent a good amout of money of one of those newfangled iPod things, and I am determined to use it as much as possible. There is one problem--I am constantly taking the ear-bud headphones in and out of my ears, and this is getting annoying. Now, before anyone starts bashing the...
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    Reverse mobo mod tpye thing?

    Okay, I tried googling for this, but I'm not hitting the right terminology, so, does anyone have any info on mods that involve modding connectors to the back of the motherboard to aid in wire management and create a "wireless" look? My buddy seems to think that this is possible, and I want to...
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    Dual monitors on AIW?

    Is there any iteration of ATI's All-in-Wonder cards that supports dual monitors? (VGA vs. DVI doesn't matter)
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    IDE2 problem?

    Just got a Soyo Dragon 2 KT880 for my 2500+ Barton Core CPU. Finally managed to get everything hooked up and working, except for one problem. Everything that is plugged into the second IDE channel will not read correctly. The specs are wrong in the BIOS and the devices won't even show up in...
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    Data recovery tool, Flip Flop

    Anyone remember a freeware program called "Flip Flop"? It would pull information from floppies that had gone bad. I've been searching like mad to find it, but it seems to be gone. Anyone know where it is? Thanks.
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    Cheap and dirty dual monitors...

    Here's the dilemma: 2 lcds 1 kvm 1 vga splitter No more money Can I swing dual monitors by hooking up both lcds to the splitter, then hooking that up to the KVM? Would Ultramon help me with this. I know I should just get a dual monitor kvm, but they are expensive and I am poor. Thanks.