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    Alternatives to Ubiquiti AP's?

    After several months of troubleshooting, RMA's, and different products- I am tossing in my hat. There seems to be no solution to the bug we are encountering. The Unifi line has issues with areas of dense radio noise and the current gen Macbook Air/iPad/RMBP. I need to buy 4 new AP's. We have 50...
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    Time to build a new pfSense box

    After a year of using a rather solid Cisco 881w, I finally decided it was time to build a new pfSense router. I looked at ALIX boards, custom ITX solutions, and ended up choosing a fan-less Intel DC2500CCE dual-core Atom with dual Intel 1GB Nic's. I bought a small case and used a Pico...
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    Strange issue with Server2K8R2/ Unifi Pro's and MacBook Air's

    I have a strange issue I am hoping someone on here might have some insight into. A few months back I switched to Unifi Pro's. Since then, a handful of only Apple devices have been having strange connectivity issues. The main affected users happen to be my tech, my CEO, and my own MBA. Our CEO...
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    Cisco ASA vpn and HP procurve Vlans

    I need to clear my head a bit, things are so busy at work I am having trouble sorting out a simple routing issue. I have a Cisco ASA 5515-x, setup as my router with a split-tunnel SSL VPN for remote users.. It works great, except when connected via VPN I can only access the same subnet the ASA...
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    Ultimate 1u appliance board?

    Check this out: The Supermicro X9SPV-LN4F offers 3rd Gen Core i7 mobile processor, 16GB DDR3 ECC, 4x 1GB ethernet, Sata 3, USB 3.0, and IPMI. I requested a sample board for a project we are working on at work. Can't wait to...
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    Shoretel VOIP vs Digium vs DIY

    Edit: It's Monday, I need sleep, haha. I combined the following info I found in to a useful thread (hopefully). We seem to have one of these threads every few months. I need to buy/build a 40~ phone PBX for my offices. We have one remote site and very few requirements. PBX: I want to either...
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    Tech podcasts?

    I might be taking a rather short flight, but long (18h) road trip up from San Diego to Portland next week. In looking for something to occupy my brain during the two days of driving, I wanted to find something other then Car Talk to listen to. Any suggestions? The car has Bluetooth/USB/Aux...
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    Supermicro JBOD with LS1 9200-8e, 6G Sata drives not detecting?

    I came across a strange one today at work. We have a newer ZFS NAS filled with 24 1.5tb drives and 20 1tb drives. I had some issues a few weeks back with some of the 1tb drives dropping (they were leftovers when this was built- I had two 16gb sticks fail and chocked it up to that), so I ordered...
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    Synology DS1511+ and replication

    I have to build a temporary 6TB NAS that supports replication. Has anyone every seen this setup with the DS1511+? I happen to already have one and ordering another would be no big deal. I would either end up manually copying them (not ideal) or preferably setting up something like rsync or...
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    Building a multisite ESXi setup

    One of my upcoming projects is to link our two offices together and provide a fall over for my VM hosts/SAN. I currently have two ESXi 4.1 boxes, identical and fairly powerful for what I need. (14 VM's per box, 128gb ram, Dual Quad 3.0). I want to move to 5 and take down my second host (mainly...
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    In need of a better VPN solution

    We currently use OpenVPN at our office and it is driving my users crazy. I am hoping to either A) Give it its own hardware (it is a VM right now supporting 20-30users) or B) Replace it with a hardware solution from Cisco, ect. We have three main vlans and I will be adding more soon. I need...
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    TrueNAS vs OpenSolaris ZFS testing

    Hey folks, I have been given the task of putting TrueNAS and OpenSolaris head to head in a performance race. Before I start or get in to the nitty gritty, has anyone worked with TrueNAS before? I will be building two 336TB NAS's, two 30TB SAN's, and rebuilding two 130TB NAS. Each has dual...
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    A small datacenter build and other projects

    *Updated for new readers I work as the IT Manager for a small, but growing company building custom 3d Image processing and terrain mapping software. Our software runs on custom built portable clusters and storage systems. In this thread you will find my photo blog of ongoing projects since I...
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    Powerconnect VS Procurve

    I am ordering some eval switches today and wanted to get some feedback first. Has anyone worked with the HP 2910 or Powerconnect 5524's? We deal with large image files/models on a daily basis and our current netgear switches are just suffering.
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    Datacenter folks! Talk to me about doing a ground up build.

    I have been given a huge project and a great opportunity at my new job and need some input from the community here. What I am starting with: Large open 1000sqft warehouse 200 amps 220v single phase 150 amps 240v 3phase (WYE) (Upgradeable to 800amp) 5 Chatsworth TerraFrame N series 36" deep...
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    Flashing IBM m1015 to LSI 9240-8i issues

    I grabbed a few cheap m1015 cards off ebay and I wanted to update them to the latest firmware but I hit a strange issue. Every time I try to update it, Megacli causes windows to BSOD. After a reboot the controller shows as Can Not Start, and after a second reset, it never completes the download...
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    Local storage for pagefile or logs.

    Quick question here, I have two R710's connected to a 20tb ZFS box for storage. I have a few spare 15k SAS drives and was wondering if there would be any benefit to putting them in the R710's as local storage for pagefile and log storage? Each host will run 4-6 hosts mixed between Windows...
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    Homebrew ZFS SAN project

    A few months ago I started looking in to storage solutions for a virtualization project at work. After much research and speaking to several very knowledgeable people, I decided it was worth the initial investment to get a test rig together for a proof of concept. I was very impressed with ZFS...
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    Supermicro X8DAH+ and 2 LSISAS9201-16i problems

    Has anyone come across an issue with multiple HBA's on a Supermicro X8DAH+-F-O? I have two LSISAS9201-16i HBA's and with both installed, the system will get past the detecting controllers, then either go to a blank screen OR restart. I have tried searching and some basic troubleshooting, but can...
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    Colo backup or host it at home?

    My work currently has a terrible offsite backup plan. It involves 2 external hard drives, one being swapped out once a week... If they remember. This is better then nothing, but still unacceptable... Sooo due to some spare hardware I have decided to look at putting a small server either at home...
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    Such a thing as too much redundancy/overplanning?

    I have been researching and designing a network backend for a ESXi server deployment that will be taking place this fall. I am at a point where I am just out of my comfort zone and am hoping for some input from the talented folks here. I should have some drawings up later, but for now maybe...
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    32 bay hotswap case? Anyone recognize this case?

    Ran across a few 32bay SATA/SAS case with 4 hot swap power supplies at a local ecycler I visit. I happen to need one for home, but I have NO idea who makes it/what speed the back planes are, ect ect. They have dual opterons and dual 16 port raid cards + Intel Pro 1000 nics. Anyone recognize...
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    SMB virtualization project

    Hey guys, looking for your input on a small project I am planning over the next 3 months. I started working for my old company again and while I was gone, everything went to heck. Since it is a no downtime /little as possible environment (equipment runs 24/7), I decided to replace the 5yr old...
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    A cisco access point to play with?

    I have absolutely no need for another Access Point, but I have a bug and am looking for a $100-200 cisco wireless access point. G is fine, N would be awesome. Suggestions?
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    Technical interview questions

    Hey guys, I was contacted today by a local consulting firm searching for a Level 2 Network/Systems Administrator. Apparently I fit their search criteria and I had a quick phone interview today. At the end I was asked to come in Wednesday for a interview. The hiring manager mentioned the...
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    Other good networking/tech forums, books, sites, ect?

    I am researching networking quite a bit more to help improve my just slightly above average knowledge and wanted to have some recommendations for forums, sites, books, ect that could be helpful. Eventually I need to setup my cisco lab and get my CCNA outta the way.
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    Ruckus wireless mesh network?

    Has anyone deployed Ruckus Wifi AP's before? I am looking at the 7942 AP and Zone director 1000 for 6 AP's. This would cover a 2 story building.
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    Backup Exec 12.5 with CPS

    Hey guys, I wanted to see if anyone here has this deployed. I will be using it shortly in a medium business, vm environment. Its deployed and immediately had issues with the real time backups. Apparently its not well supported without going through their training? Thanks for the input as always!
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    Check this SBS08 quote for me

    Hey guys, I am helping a good fellow at a local company out who needs a new server installed. The software company for their POS app recommended SBS08 Premium and a basic $3.5k E2200 server.... The company is the right size for SBS08 and I am waiting to see if they do need the "premium" part of...
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    Building a scalable VM deployment

    I was asked last week to virualize a server environment for a larger client of mine. They currently have 6-8 servers. 60 active users. They want to add 4 more servers and have expansion plans to grow to over 150 people in the next 2 years. There current storage and database servers are...
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    Recovering data on Ubuntu from a XFS filesystem

    Hey guys, I am trying to rescue some data from a failed buffalo NAS. I loaded up Ubuntu 8.10, mounted the disk, and moved 300~gb of data over. My issue is, there is a folder /share that shows as empty, even though I know there is 30~gb of data in there! When I run a chown cmd to attempt and...
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    Quick IP subnetting question

    Guys, I am horrible at IP subnetting. I actually am planning on taking a course on it here in the near future. So your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. I am working with a client on some basic IP validation testing. On their last email they asked me to scan the ip of...
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    Remote DNS randomness test?

    I think I have been working on this project long enough. I need to run a DNS Randomness test on 3 IP's and how to do it is just completely slipping my mind. Normally I would just go here if I was local to the site/server. However I...
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    HP + 3com =?

    I searched but did not see anything. Anyone have any ideas what this means for the industry. I have always like 3com gear, but generally gone for HP over it.
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    In house hosted site works for the world, but not me?

    I have a XAMPP server here at home hosting ~3 sites. The first site works fine. I can access it from my workstation going to The second site I can only access via the IP address/e107 (which is the httpd docs folder store). The rest of the world can go to...
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    Building a school network from the ground up

    Well, my job search has been fruitless as of late, despite that I have been applying for dozens of jobs. Thankfully my father put me in touch with my old high school principal who is starting a new private high school just blocks away from the university my father works at. He needs a IT...
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    Summit Extreme Networks 48

    I was at my local tech recyclers today and picked up this gem for $20. Tested, working, in great shape. I have seen several others with Summit equipment and was hoping one of you would point me in the right direction for a usergroup/forum/reference. (Also grabbed a syncthe 120mm fan for $3...
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    Switching a client to comcast- Xp PC's ok, vista not

    Strange occurrence today. I upgraded a client to Comcast with the SMC modem, switched everyone over, and suddenly the only Vista machine will not get online. Tried ipconfig, static IP's. I can ping the workstations, other workstations can ping it, but nothing seems to work. Ideas?
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    Site to Site VPN for POS system, no budget

    Wanted some opinions on this. I have a client/family friend who owns a Plant Nursery and has a custom POS system. I just found out they are opening a new location and want me to setup a new terminal at this new location. First thing that came to mind was a site to site VPN using PFsense...
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    Cisco CCNA lab

    Well, I think its past time I get my CCNA. There is a ton of useful information that comes along with doing the cert that would greatly benefit me. This is coming from a guy who was always told certs are nothing but a piece of paper. Times change! I stupidly sold off most my cisco gear a few...