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    How Much Voltage is Too Much Voltage?

    He might have a 240 outlet for his electric water heater or dryer he can test voltage from.
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    The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is Brilliant

    Wow, it actually got me looking at PS4 prices. Then I see it's got a really good chance at landing on PC in 2021... Oh the wait has now begun
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    I'm part of the MX400 group. Taught me so much about not just grabbing what my friends suggested and actually researching myself. After that I saved up till I could afford a used 9800pro. OMG the difference, the Difference!
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    Linus from Linus Tech to Possibly Retire

    Like, hate, or nothing him; I guarantee he's gotten a hell of a lot more new blood into the PC world then most of us.
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    Post Your RocketFish pics/mods

    Omg, was like wtf is in my alerts? Nice to see these still getting some love. Hell still have mine sitting on the shelf just waiting for me to try my hand at water cooling again.
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    PC Deidicated For VR Gaming

    Picked up the following and rebuilt the HTPC to support my VR habit. No more moving my comp into and out of the living room. Ryzen 1600 + mATX MB = $140 16gb 3000 RAM = $60 1060 3gb = $70 used eBay Rest was repurposed old gear from previous HTPC Ok so in reality I tried it with the 1060 and it...
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    Gotta say, I'm impressed with Ryzen after being an Intel guy for so long.

    I'm pretty sure they knew who they were hiring when the offer went out...
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    Any HTC VIVE charging and headsets mount available

    I'd suggest getting the best HMD you can reasonably afford or wait if we have a close launch date if something decent is coming out. And if the vid card can't keep up, then I think most people are just dropping the resolution to compensate.
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    Energizer Smartphone has a 18,000 mAh Battery

    Hell, if it vibrates well enough...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Review

    So it uses the same power, less ram, but slightly faster then a 1070, for the same price...
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    "Captain Marvel" '90s-Style Website Will Have You Nostalgic for Dial-Up

    The Counter is fake... Son, I am dissapoint
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    Nikkei Claims Smaller, More Affordable Nintendo Switch Is Coming

    Just a smaller more portable version that plays the same games. End of story, move. on..
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    Check Clockspeeds and Benchmarks Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

    Ya the early 1060 mobile adopters actually came out better as you didn't have to worry about the Max-Q's yet, still kickin along with my i7 6700hq and 6gb 1060. Can even handle most VR games.
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    Should have bought a 1080 Ti

    1080ti may turn out to be the 2600k of video cards.
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    Nvidia Expands G-Sync Support to Approved Adaptive Sync Monitors

    which is why it pays to not only find a good deal on a monitor by price and also by multiple reviews.
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    Nvidia Expands G-Sync Support to Approved Adaptive Sync Monitors

    I just think it'll be hilarious when they start marketing it "Now with FreeSync Support!"
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    Nvidia Expands G-Sync Support to Approved Adaptive Sync Monitors

    My thought process? Samsung has already added VRR (freesync) support for their higher tiered TV's so that XBOX and such can take advantage while in game mode etc. Which means there's a really good chance a lot of the new TV's at CES this week will show off their VRR support too. That's too...
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    Mining Upcoming Alt Coin

    If you're heating your house anyway, what ever you hash is basically cost free.
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    Blizzcon 2018

    Ahh, vanilla on decent hardware (server-side), US servers, upgraded graphics engine, and support REAL support! ahhh yes...
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    Windows XP Still Going Strong In Eastern Europe

    I still have XP machines at work, they do not touch the internet/intranet ever...
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Income too high, no food stamps 4U!
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    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    Ahh to get back into water with something so interesting
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    Gigabyte RX 580 8GB is just $210

    Don't forget, get AMD and Freesync is much cheaper then Gsync
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    Here's the fun part, Kyle pays out of pocket for the first batch, but do you really think Asus/MSI/GiB/etc aren't going to send him some of their aftermarket versions for free later on?? NDA free and with a lot more class to I'm sure.
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    NVIDIA Clearing Out Last-Gen Stocks

    Why not just buy those 1060 3gb's on ebay for $76 /s
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    Robot Ruins the Fun of “Where’s Waldo?” with Facial Recognition

    More like there's Bob, Mike, Karly, Joseph, Shenead, Jeffrey, Lucas (warning potentially violent, weapons charge on file), Cassidy, Toby,,,,,,
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    Hunt: Showdown - Free Weekend - 20% Off - Game Key Raffle

    My 1080ti will enjoy being fully utilized again...
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    When will prices drop?

    I'm seeing a bunch of cards popping up on sites like SlickDeals frequently, which tells me things are about to really start moving price wise. I would not buy right now.
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    New cards in July

    I'm starting to think my 1080ti are the 2600k of vid cards...
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    Tesla Owner Who Turned On Autopilot Then Sat in Passenger Seat Banned from Driving

    And 10yrs from now people will look at non-autonomous driving as the dangerous option.
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    Articles saying buy video cards now

    Or wait another couple months and pay 2/3's the price!
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    Any good vive controller charging dock

    Original box doesn't work as well once you upgrade to the deluxe audio strap. I mean it works, but just not as simply.
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    Tesla's Semi Truck is Really Fast

    You can easily tell who deals with broad trucking issues and who doesn't. But I can promise you, big companies don't spend a dime on R/D needed for something like this unless they've spent a shit load of money finding out if this is viable or not, whether as a PR stunt or functional product. If...
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    The allure of VR

    Speaking of beating on Ony's toe, still one the fence to shell out for that new VR MMO. You literally have to have endurance for a long stints as everything you do is manual in the game, from physical attacks to spell casting. Oh, Orbus, that's it.
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    Anyone jumped on this yet? Thinking of picking this up but already snagged a few new VR titles from Christmas so not sure I've got the time to devote myself at the moment, but def looks promising.
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    A Doctor Built a Machine That Helps People Die

    Actually many insurance clauses state that they won't cover suicide only within the first 2 years A buddy of mine found that out with his wife. It was sad either way, but she had done it a good bit after 2 years was up.
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    Mining Service Nicehash Hacked, $60 Million in User Funds Stolen

    My guess is neither of them have slept at all since the first SHTF phone call.
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    Surfed porn on mom's work phone using Tor

    +1 - would read again, and hopefully will with future updates! But alas, I think this is Kyle drunk at work again...