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    280 vs 240 Radiators

    So I'm thinking about switching my current system to a slightly larger case that can accommodate a 280 mm. Is a 280mm better than a 240mm? just wondering since I already have a 240 rad and fans. Thanks!
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    Modifying Radiators - adding additional port

    Does anyone know where I can get g1/4 brass bungs? I’d like to add an additional ports to my radiators.
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    Display Recommendation for 3090?

    I currently have a Dell S2716DG (Gsync 1440p @144) and just literally purchased the new Alienware 27" AW2721D (Gsync ultimate 1440p 240) and was thinking maybe I should've bought a 4k monitor instead. Would you guys recommend for a 3090 - 1440p or move up to 4K? I'm currently playing only 1...
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    AsRock x570 chipset fan replacement

    Any chance anyone knows where I can purchase a replacement chipset fan? been waiting over 3 months for a replacement from Asrock - worst customer service I had in 20+ years.
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    Ryzen 3950 / 3600 CL14 - can’t boot

    Sooo I’m new to AMD (last setup was a 939) and having some stability issues with my new system. First I tried running the XMP profile and change the infinity fabric to 1800, but just boot loops and goes into safe bios mode. Next, I ran the Thaiphoon burner, exported the html, imported in the...
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    ASRock x570 Taichi DSDT help

    My mobo is in for RMA at the moment and hoping someone can help me out. Anyone that is running an ASRock x570 taichi board willing to extract the DSDT for me? I’m willing to pay 25 bucks for you’re time. Here are instructions on how to extract the DSDT...
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    Mismatch GPU nvlink? Titan rtx and 2080ti

    Curious here, can you nvlink to different model cards? Titan rtx and a 2080ti? If so, would it better than 2 2080tis nvlinked? I have 2 2080tis now, but was offered straight trade for my watercooled 2080 ti for a titan rtx. thoughts?
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    Looking for a new 27” gaming display - suggestions?

    Can someone suggest 27” 4K /144 gaming display? Thought about buying the Acer X27, but wasn’t sure if there was something on the same level from a different brand. I’m currently using a Dell S2716DG with an 8700k and SLI’d 2080Ti. thanks!
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    Radiator size for my system?

    Currently I have a stock clocked 8700k and 2 stock 2080ti, running 2 240 radiators. While the components run relatively cool, water delta is on the high side. 17-19 over ambient when playing games. Should I change out the rads? If so, what rad size would you guys recommend?
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    Rigid Tube 12/10 vs 12/8 - performance?

    Is there a performance difference between 12mm/10mm vs 12mm/8mm rigid tubing? most of my system is 12/10, but I bought the 12/8 on accident. Thanks!
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    Rule of thumb - 120 per component?

    Just curious does the rule still applies today with the hotter components like 9900k, 2080ti, etc... or is there a better guideline to follow,
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    Need help finding fitting

    Does anyone know where I can find this fitting or one similar to it in size? Thanks!
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    New Gaming Monitor recommendation

    Looking to get a new monitor for my gaming setup. Can someone recommend a good 4K monitor? I’m currently using an old 27” 1080 dell monitor. Thanks!
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    NVLink cover?

    does anyone make replacement cover for the NVLink? All the NVLink I’ve seen are sooo ugly!
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    TURBO-RTX2080TI-11G pcb Reference PCB?

    does any one know for sure if the Asus TURBO-RTX2080TI-11G is a reference design PCB? Thanks!
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    2nd D5 pump for redundancy

    I have spare d5 pump and was thinking about how I can utilize it. Thought about adding is a redundancy pump - how would I plumb that in my single loop?
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    Water temperature matter?

    just curious, does water actual matter? If so, what’s generally considered safe water temp?
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    New Loop fluid recommendation

    I currently have a nickel cpu and GPU block along with a computer radiator - what do you guys recommend for fluid? In the past, I used to run distilled and silver kill coil in my copper loop, but not sure if I should be going a different route since I'm using nickel blocks now. tanks!
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    what fitting is this?

    Can any one tell me or link me to the 90 rigid tube fitting? Ive searched all of Bitspower webpage, but can not find it. looks like a non rotary 90 rigid fitting. any help would be awesome.
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    92mm rad for 8700k?

    Im not sure if it’s possible, but would like to get some opinions if a 92mm rad in a custom loop would be able to cool a 8700k effectively. I was looking at this rad: It says it has a cooling capacity of 220w. On another note, is Hardware Lab...
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    Private Proxy Server - multiples IPs?

    I'm in need of multiple IP addresses and I'm currently paying for a block of 20 ips - just curious, is there a way I can set something like this up using my own hardware?
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    Stacking Radiators - bad idea?

    I've been searching and some say its ok and some say forget about it. This would be a dual loop configuration doing this: 140x60mm Rad (7 fpi) - 140mm fan - 140x60mm Rad (7 fpi) 1 140 rad would be for the GPU 1 140 rad would be for the CPU Thoughts?
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    Will this be enough? 140MM radiator

    Been kind of bored and would like to mess around with water-cooling again. Just out of curiosity would a 140MM radiator be able to cool a 8700k (95TDP) and Zotac 1080 Mini (180TDP) running stock clocks?
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    new to Hyper-V multiple domain joins

    I'm setting up a test machine to access my company domain and to access a client domain. Physical laptop is join to my company domain and the Hyper-V virtual machine is joined to the client domain. Everything is working fine, but I had a question about network shares. Can the virtual machine...
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    MKV streaming from Synology to Apple TV4 - Best format

    Got a question about best quality for streaming. Currently I rip all my blurays 1:1 and don't mind the large files, but when streaming from Synology DS916+ (quad core/8gb ram) to my Apple TV4 and CPU is pegged at 98-99 utilization. What is a good compromise for making the MKV more stream...
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    Any Benefits in upgrading? 5820K to 7700/k

    I'm been thinking of upgrading my 5820K to a 7700 or 7700K. is there any real benefit or performance that I will gain? This is for any Gaming PC. Any insight would be great!
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    Wierd wireless issue when downloading from a LAN computer - thoughts?

    I've run into a issue and I can't figure out why it's happening. Basically when downloading from the net or file large transfer to my synology box on a pc that is attached by wire, the wireless competely drops. Access point is still powered on, but the wireless networks disappears. The moment...
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    NVR build - question about 2nd LAN port

    I'm building a NVR out of some spare parts and had a question about the 2nd LAN port on the motherboard. Can I use one of the LAN ports as a DHCP server? basically I would like to attached my 8 port POE switch for my cameras to keep the traffic off my main network and use the other LAN port to...
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    Recommendations needed: 9U 12" depth wall mount rack.

    can anyone recommend a open wall mount rack with a maximum overall width of 19.5" ? I need to fit 2 side by side in a 39" space. Thanks!
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    total noob question - splitting cat5e

    is it possible to spit a cat5e in to 2? basically i need 2 ethernet jacks in one location, but there is physically only one wire. thanks!
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    ITX overclocking mobo recommendations

    Can someone recommend a cheap (under 100) mini ITX mobo with overclocking abilities? this will be for a 6700K. Thanks!
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    IP POE home security cameras?

    can anyone recommend some good ip Poe cameras with IR? I currently have axis cameras, but want to switch over to something with ir and more view adjustments. Thanks
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    Downgrading radiators - thoughts?

    So I have a 5820k and gtx 970 cooled by 2 240 radiators running at 700rpm and also 120mm radiator in loop but no fan is hooked up. Running Fallout 4 at max settings gets me about 29-30C. My question is, could I get away using just 1 240 radiator with increase fan speed to cool both components?
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    Rewire PSU from scratch - Which wire to buy?

    What type of wires do you guys recommend for rewiring a PSU? I would like to use 16g, Links would be helpful. Thanks, Jesse
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    Additional GPU - need a new psu?

    I currently have a hdplex 250W plus a voodoo 350w power adapter and thought about adding another gtx 970 (mini). Would my current PSU setup be able to handle it? system specs x99e-itx mono 5820k 16gb dominator ram nvme sad 4 120mm fans aquaero evga 970 gtx mini d5 pump
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    2nd D5 pump useless?

    I have a spare aqua computer d5 ( i thought i lost it) and was wonder if i should split my single loop in to 2 or is it a waste? my current system gtx 970 mini, 5820k, 2 aquacomputer 240 rads, aquaero, and d5 pump. thanks
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    hardline tool / jig

    just curious what tool or jig are you guys are using? looking to give hardlining a try. Thanks!
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    Aquaero and sleeping functionality

    quick question for people that run there system 247 with an aquaero. I just noticed the other day when my PC went to sleep the pump and fans turned off as well. Is this how it's suppose to function?
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    Fan to floor clearance?

    I'm thinking about adding some exterior fans to the bottom of my case and if I do, i would only have about 2mm of clearance before it hitting the desk. would this hinder the performance of the fans? they will be used as intake fans.
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    Shortening temp sensor wire - Aquaero 6

    I'm finally installing my AQ6 along with the supplied temp sensors. Unfortunately, they are super long and would like to shorten them. does anyone know where to get the molex terminal crimp? Not the black connector, but the pins that go in it?