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  1. XLeezardx

    Call of Duty Modern warefare Digital content codes

    Do they work with all platforms?
  2. XLeezardx

    In the market for a new laptop

    Recommendation please. $2K Budget, looking for lightweight, long battery life and durability. Looking at the carbon X1, is there better options?
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    Dark Souls 3 | Looking for players

    I play Dark Souls 3 on PC and PS4. Looking for players to game with. My name is ViolentDrunk on steam and PS4.
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    Mortal Kombat X PC Download on steam after you get a key $20
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    Sager Gaming Laptop HELP

    I am in the market for a gaming laptop and im looking into the Sager brand. Problem is there are so many to choose from I do not know which one is best. My budget is $1500. Looking for 15.6 inch screen and GTX 770m. I looked at the NP8235, NP8255 and NP8265. Just dont know what the difference...
  6. XLeezardx

    ASUS G750JW

    I just got this laptop as a bday gift from my gf. She got it from best buy and I havent been keeping up with computers for 4 years. This laptop is supposed has a GTX 765m in it and a 4th gen i7. Is this a good laptop? How long will this thing last me. Should I tell her to return it and buy me...
  7. XLeezardx

    Using a mobile phone as a Wifi Hot Spot

    Instead of ordering full Internet service at the house, can you just use these phones (ie: Iphone 4S or GS3) as a full time wifi hot spot? If so can you game online through your PS3?
  8. XLeezardx

    Apple Free Case Program
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    HTC EVO flawless?

    I am seriously thinking about returning my iphone 4 give the EVO a shot. Not because of the atenna issue (not an issue for me), but just because I can't download a 45MB email attachment (photoshop file) on the iphone. You cant download no god damn email attackments, I am beginning to feel the...
  10. XLeezardx

    Starctaft 2 Collectors Edition

    Just pre-ordered my first CE of any video game. Did I make a dumb purchase?
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    iPhone 4 Video Quality

    Video quality sucks when uploaded to youtube, I dont know why. Warning: NSFW
  12. XLeezardx

    Microsim to Old Sim Mod

    Took my old sim and cut it out to fit Microsim. Plugged into my blackberry and confirmed it works. Now I can leave my iPhone 4 at home while I go out and get drunk. Not Ghetto, but resourceful. =)
  13. XLeezardx

    iPhone 4 Rant

    How the FUCK do you create storage folder on your iPhone 4 so you can drop ANY files you want in it? PDF's, Excel files, Porn, etc and then access it like a USB thumb drive. I was able to do this flawlessly on my blackberry and windows mobile 6.5. Why is apple making this a bitch to do? Also...
  14. XLeezardx

    EVO vs iPhone 4

    Thinking about picking one up and need to hear from users that has both. I have been playing with Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and iPhone OS4. This is my first time using the iPhone and I always hear people say the Android OS is smoother and snappier than the iPhone OS, overall a true...
  15. XLeezardx

    iPhone 4 Users Stand Up!

    Just got mine and its awesome! Screen is beautiful and O/S is extremely snappy smooth. Doing a battery test now. Who else got thiers?
  16. XLeezardx

    Game recommendation for "couples"

    I need to find other things to do with my gf on our spare time. I have decided to get her into console gaming and im looking for recommendaiton on games so I can play with her. Im in the market for a console but havent decided on which one, either PS3 or 360. Help an [H] member out. Thanks
  17. XLeezardx

    Windows 7 Screensaver and Power Issues

    Recently, I notice my screen saver never comes on and when I go into the configuration, wait time is set to 999. Change it back to 15 minutes, restart and the system resets time back to 999. Also I can't seem to change my power plan. Anyone else having these issues? Search doesnt show much.
  18. XLeezardx

    Apple iPhone 4G Rumor
  19. XLeezardx

    Photoshop to Illustrator conversion help needed

    I have a logo that I need to get printed. I created this logo in Photoshop and saved it as an EPS file (printer requested). I can only afford 2 color printing but for some reason my photoshop file contains 4 colors. I need to someone turn my photoshop made logo and convert it in illustrator to a...
  20. XLeezardx

    Not happy with dell notbooks, recommendations?

    I am getting stressed out. I ordered dell Studio 1555, didnt like it and returned it. Right now I have in front of me a Studio xps 16 and a Latitude E6400... both decked out pretty well. Not happy with niether of them. Dell XPS 16 (RGBLCD 1920x1080, 4670, 2.8ghz)overheats after an hour of...
  21. XLeezardx

    Blackberry Bold 2 (9700) Who's getting this?
  22. XLeezardx

    Windows 7 and Madcatz Street Fighter 4 Fightpad

    Anyone else having any issues? Buttons are all wack when im trying to configure it in windows 7. Button RT is assigned to one of the axis buttons and u cant change it. There are no drivers for the fightpad, only xbox360 for windows drivers available.
  23. XLeezardx

    Super Street Fighter IV Thread Coming next Spring..... Rumor has it that each charactor will have additional ultras. There will be more characters than these 3. Game will cost less than $60 and it will be a stand alone.
  24. XLeezardx

    Freelance logo designer needed

    Anyone here willing to help design a new company logo? My skillz SUCK!
  25. XLeezardx

    Opinion needed on this ad

    Hey fellas, I need to do an email blast for a company. Last minute notice thing. The ad I just made looks really plain as hell. What can I do to spice this up? Dont mind the text, its just a sample thats goign to be replaced.
  26. XLeezardx

    Advertising layout

    Im on an advertisement campaigne, shits due tommorrow. Anyone have a sick ass layout for an email blast? Got like 50 new telecom hardware products I have to advertise.
  27. XLeezardx

    BFG 260 GTX 216 Core - Luke Warm Deal

    Best Buy has the BFG 260 GTX 216 Core for $169.99 + Tax I purchased one yesterday in Plano and 10% coupons do work, making it $152.99 + Tax
  28. XLeezardx

    BFG Tech safe?

    Thinking about purchasing a GTX 260 (BFGRGTX260MC896OCDE) from best buy because I have a $100 giftcard. Is this a safe graphics card manufacturer to go with for the long run? Dont wanna be fucked if the company should go belly up. Its either forking out $80 for this card or $149 on a XFX 4870 1GB.
  29. XLeezardx

    Network secuirty help needed

    I work in a small private company of 20 employee's. We have a small dell server on a basic 24 port switch and linksys router. We are currently on a T-1 and our bandwith split for voice and data. Well... couple of my co-workers are taking too much bandwith and is slowing the network down. They...
  30. XLeezardx

    Camera recommendation for FOOD

    Im kinda in the market right now for a Camera. I want to start taking really good pictures of my cooking and post them on a website. Image that looks like this would be nice. I am no photographer and the only camera I own is a Canon S3IS. Would my current camera be able to take pics...
  31. XLeezardx

    AT&T Data + Unlimited Text Question

    Isnt unlimited data + unlimnited text $30 a month? My friend told me if you get an Iphone, u have to pay $30 for the dataplan and an aditional $20 for Unlimited text messaging.
  32. XLeezardx

    Street Fighter 4 Tournament DFW: Gauging Interest

    Would anyone here in the DFW be interested in a local SF4 Tournament set up in a bar? $15 Entry Cash and Gear prizes
  33. XLeezardx

    Should I buy this EVGA GTX 280?

    I got a freind who bought this video card and wants to sell it to me for $200. He found out it would not fit his case and its too late to return. Should I pick it up for 2 bills?
  34. XLeezardx

    Whats up with Seagate 1TB failures?

    trying to buy a 1TB HD and wow... Look at all these recent failures. Can anyone recommend a good 1TB HD? Edit: Wait, not only is it seagate, its also WD and samsung. I cannot risk loosing all of my porn...
  35. XLeezardx

    Redo a custom Logo

    Can anyone here help me redo a simple logo?
  36. XLeezardx

    Just bought a PSP 1.5 Good or Bad?

    Just Purchased a like new Sony PSP 1.5 with 2GB memory stick and GTA Liberty for $60. I know this is a very old first generation PSP. Did I get a good deal? How is this one different from the new ones? He told me NEVER update the firmware and that this PSP has some kind of emulator I must run...
  37. XLeezardx

    Parked Domains and SEO

    The company I work for has 5 websites total. 1 of them is the main one. The other 4 are on seperate webhost accounts and they all are just redirects to the main website. If I migrated those other 4 websites to the main website as parked domains. This move would cut cost 80% for the company and...
  38. XLeezardx

    4870 on Older PCI Express

    Running a GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L Mobo. Will the old PCI Express hender the performance?
  39. XLeezardx

    What would you do with these products?

    I have all these things in my room right now (went on an impulse shopping spree), and I dont know what to do with it. What would some of you Audiophile/Gamers do with my equipment and how would you set this up? Any additional things I need to purchase since im still on the impulse? 1. M-Audio...
  40. XLeezardx

    Disapointed in the 8800GTS (92)

    Lats night I purchased this video card and crysis. Everything on medium settings, no AA or AF, 1680 x 1050 and the games frame rates were very disapointing. Its smooth about 70% of the time but every now and then framerates drop, especially during cenimatic scenes. Is there somehting wrong with...