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  1. Zepher

    Installed the EVGA Hybrid cooler on my RTX 3080 FTW3 and now my PC stops at on Code 97.

    doesn't post or have video output. Was working fine before I installed the hybrid cooler and works fine with 1080ti. I reset the BIOS, reseated the card and cables a few times, still nothing. EDIT: Installed the Hybrid Cooler on my RTX 3080. After I installed it, I get a code 97 on the...
  2. Zepher

    Polk S35 Center Speaker $149 at Best Buy

    The Polk S35 Center Speaker is currently on sale for $149 at Best Buy, Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker Black S35 - Best Buy I have this speaker and it's an excellent slim center speaker. I bought it earlier this year when it was on sale for $199.
  3. Zepher

    iCue Nexus - Touch screen controller

    this looks pretty nifty, although kinda pricey at $100
  4. Zepher

    How does Windows see more Ram than the BIOS?

    I got an older machine from a client, one that I built for them 11 or so years ago. It has this board along with a Core2Duo E6400 and 2x 1GB DDR2. I went ahead and flashed the BIOS and installed a Core2Duo E8600 I had lying around as...
  5. Zepher

    PC won't completely shut down

    Wondering what would cause a PC not to shut down completely. I sold a friend my i7 2600K, Asus P8P67 Pro about 9 years ago and he was having issues with it recently where it would power off shortly after powering on, then repeat, or it would post and boot into windows 10 but randomly just shut...
  6. Zepher

    Fully Decked out and accessorized 16" MacBook Pro costs over $8k

    Chose all the options and accessories for it and it came out to $8,164 before tax, lol.
  7. Zepher

    3900X not using 100% with Handbrake

    Is there a reason why Handbrake is only using around 40% of the 3900X during an X265 encode? And are the temps I am seeing with HW Monitor and CoreTemp correct? Seems kinda high at 70+ C with only 40% load on the processor, and the max was 88*C according to CoreTemp. Is it maybe throttling due...
  8. Zepher

    Best Buy 8TB Easystore $119

    Price keeps coming down on these guys,
  9. Zepher

    Threadripper X399 system keeps randomly locking up

    My friends son's X399 system has become unstable a month or so ago and they brought it to me to see if I could get it working. Specs: AMD 1950 threadripper, Gigabyte X399 Gaming motherboard, 4x8GB Gskill ram, EVGA 1080ti FTW3, EVGA 850 B3 When he dropped it off it wouldn't power on, reseated...
  10. Zepher

    PC has been unstable for the past couple of weeks, PSU issue maybe?

    Since April 14th, my PC has been randomly crashing, no blue screens, just locks up and reboots, mainly in games, but it does do it when browsing the web or when running Furmark. thought that maybe my GPU was failing but I would get a couple of days with no issues then it would start crashing...
  11. Zepher

    Was able to get my G15 V2 working again.

    A number of years ago my G15 V2 had the LCD stop working, it just went blank, and would show part of the G15 logo for a split second when messing with the buttons. Keyboard has just been sitting around and I decided to see if I could do something with it. Opened it up and didn't see anything...
  12. Zepher

    Trident Z Royal Series Crystal RGB Ram

    Wanna spice up your build with some fancy crystal topped ram with RGB lighting?
  13. Zepher

    Mini Air Conditioner

    Anyone use this funky cooler? I thought it was an ASIC Miner when I first saw it...
  14. Zepher

    Newsdemon Usenet Unlimited + VPN for $39/year

    Newsdemon has a $39/year unlimited special right now. Also includes VPN. Link I was paying $10/mo, so this saves a bundle, a lot more than switching to Geico, lol.
  15. Zepher

    Mojave is out, Dark Mode is sweet

    Just installed Mojave and it looks nice. Loving the dark mode for the interfaces. I wish they would do a dark mode for iTunes on the PC.
  16. Zepher

    Corsair H150i Pro £49.99 GBP

    Corsair has the H150i Pro 360mm AIO listed for 50 pounds on their site
  17. Zepher

    Can't get Sound Blaster ZR drivers to work.

    Creative's drivers and software suck. I just spent an hour trying to get my old SoundBlaster ZX working in my Xeon. Installed the latest drivers, no go, installed the older driver from their site, no go. I get sound when the drivers are unloaded and requests a reboot. When the software is...
  18. Zepher

    Latest GeForce Experience now thinks my media player is a game.

    I just installed the latest version of GFE and now my media player shows an FPS counter. I looked through the settings and can't find anything to let me disable GFE for individual games, was hoping to find some setting so that I could disable it for my media player.
  19. Zepher

    Case fans are getting expensive

    These new Corsair LL fans are $120 for a 3 pack with the Lighting Node Pro and Fan Hub,
  20. Zepher

    Ad causing a page load

    This ad is causing a page load and makes you hit the back button twice to go back. This started this morning.
  21. Zepher

    Strange Volume issue caused by ads.

    Not sure if this is related to a Windows update but the ads on this site is causing my audio to lower down then come back up while watching media or listening to music. It started happening a few days ago. It only happens Hard Forums as well. Just out of curiosity, I disabled my ad block on...
  22. Zepher

    Corsair Air 740 with Corsair Lighting Node Pro

    I purchased the Lighting Node Pro the other day so that I could easily change the lighting color, effects, or turn off the lights in my case. Install was pretty simple, the LED strips have magnets in them so they can be easily mounted and moved if you have a steel case, also has double sided...
  23. Zepher

    WD 4TB Red Amazon Prime Now, $109

    This is the cheapest I have seen this drive for sale, it's even cheaper than the 3TB Red. Since it is Amazon Prime Now, stock and price varies by your location.
  24. Zepher

    HP Media Center Remote works great in Windows 10

    Had this old HP Media Center remote from years and years ago and decided to see if it works in Windows 10 to control Plex. Plugged it in and it worked right away. Pretty cool. probably be able to find these cheap on eBay.
  25. Zepher

    GeForce G-Assist automated Gaming tool "GeForce GTX G-Assist takes advantage of cutting-edge NVIDIA artificial intelligence to bring you the next revolution in gaming. Eliminate AFKs. Overcome the toughest boss battles. Monitor and maintain your peak gaming performance...
  26. Zepher

    Anyone using the Intel BXTS13X AIO Cooler?

    I bought a pair of these for my Xeon system and was wondering where to find replacement fans if/when these ones go out. I know I can probably use any 120mm SP fan if I can't find the Intel one.
  27. Zepher

    24pin SSI front panel header to normal header for PWR RST HDD, etc

    I am moving my Intel server board from my Intel Chassis and want to use the chassis with a standard ATX board but the front panel uses a 24pin ribbon cable, looks like this, I am wondering what was the best way to "convert" or adapt headers that can interface with the panel or with the...
  28. Zepher

    eVGA DG-87 with SSI-EEB board?

    Was thinking of getting this case to house my dual Xeon setup since the Intel case I have now is not suited for this board, CPU1 gets pretty hot under load due to no airflow around it. I can't really find a definite answer on SSI-EEB board mounting into an E-ATX case, some posts I read said only...
  29. Zepher

    Anyone know how to modify a .manifest file?

    We have a program called AviMark that is used as a database for the Veterinary Hospital that I do IT work for and they just bought a Surface Pro 4 to use as a mobile tool for the Doctors to use to look up patient info. the issue we are having is that Avimark does not render properly on the...
  30. Zepher

    How to solve USB Device Descriptor Failed error?

    I have an Apple Superdrive and it was working with Windows 10 before the Anniversary Update and I tried using it this morning and got a couple of errors, Code 43 when it was listed as unknown USB device, and now a Code 10 with the driver loaded. Both errors had Device Descriptor Failed.
  31. Zepher

    VMware not showing NIC after Win10 Anniversary Update

    I just updated my server with the Anniversary update and fired up my Win 10 VM and it showed that the Ethernet cable was unplugged, I checked the settings and there are no NICs listed to choose from. Device Manager shows 2 VMware NIC's as well as the 4 NICs on the server, there is no issues...
  32. Zepher

    Can the SAS to SATA cables be used both ways?

    I was wondering if this type of cable can be used to plug in 4 SATA ports on a motherboard to a SAS backplane? StarTech Model I was thinking of getting a new case and it has 5 mini SAS connectors on the back plane so I'd be using 4 SATA ports on my motherboard. The LSI...
  33. Zepher

    Sun/LSI MegaRAID SAS 9261-8i, is this a decent card?

    I have a couple of them here with no cables and was wondering if they are worth buying the cables to use them. they are Sun branded and searching the net it shows as this card, MegaRAID SAS 9261-8i I put one in my Windows 10 test machine and Windows found a driver automatically,
  34. Zepher

    Wattage of 16 8GB DDR2 ram sticks

    I tried to google and search here but didn't find what I was looking for. I have a Dell T7400 workstation that has 2x Xeons and 128GB of Ram, it has 16 8GB sticks in it, Samsung 16pcs 8GB 2RX4 PC2-5300F DDR2-667 ECC Fully Buffered FB-DIMM Memory RAM The machine is going to be in an environment...
  35. Zepher

    How much of a downgrade was this?

    I have been using my old gaming setup, 3770k, Asus Sabertooth, 16GB Ram, XFX 7970, HAF-932, as basically a file server for Plex. I use it download movies and tv shows and then share the media via windows shares and Plex shares. I have 20TB of storage on this machine. I decided I would try and...
  36. Zepher

    Installed some Cable Combs

    I've seen these used on a lot of builds to keep the wires nice and straight but didn't know what they were called. Found out earlier this week what they were called and ordered some for my machine.
  37. Zepher

    Who still has a Sprint SERO plan?

    I think I got my plan over 10 years ago when it was $30/mo, had a Blackberry Curve. I still have it today but it has gone up $20/mo, first $10 increase was for the SERO Premium which included Any Mobile Anytime. The second $10 increase was when I got the iPhone 4s, this fee was for Premium...
  38. Zepher

    Sprint users can get a free Asus AC66U router

    I was browsing a facebook pc page and someone there mentioned that Sprint gives a free Router to use for Wifi Calling. I went ahead and called and asked about it last week and they said I could get one so the put in an order and it arrived today. I set it up as an AP since I have another router...
  39. Zepher

    $120 device that boosts your TV's audio

    What do you think of this device for $120 that basically just boosts the audio level up for you,
  40. Zepher

    Cloning a Windows 10 Drive, why doesn't it work!!!???

    My friend brought me his girlfriends slim HP machine that she bought a few months ago and he got her a 250GB SSD for me to install. The original drive is a 500GB Seagate. I have used Paragon Migrate OS to SSD, Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 suite, and Macrium Reflect, all cloned the drive just...