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  1. harsaphes

    Loop Hero. Amazing.

    Get this game! Read about it yesterday and then watched some videos. Wow, what a great waste of time and super fun. You walk in a constant 'loop' which spawns creatures from cards you play on the path. There are weapon, armor upgrades ect. You have a 'home base' that you can choose to visit...
  2. harsaphes

    Anyone Else Playing Dyson Sphere?

    Hey all. Anyone else playing Dyson Sphere? If youre into resource management/building games like Factorio ect you will love this. I have about 20 hours in and it's great. Lots to learn and figure out if you arent watching YT videos. Go play it!
  3. harsaphes

    MainGear Pre Config. Thoughts?

    Hey guys, I really need a new PC and I honestly just dont feel like building one right now. I've had good luck with Maingear in the past and they have a pretty nice Pre Configured rig. Here are the specs.... AMD Ryzen 5900X with Epic 240 Supercooler MSI B550 PRO-VDH WIFI NVIDIA GeForce RTX...
  4. harsaphes

    Cyberpunk preorder, PS5.

    Morning all from chilly NYC. I bought the game but when I'm in my dashboard I cant find any listing for it? Is it only going to show when it's launched? Sry. It's early and I havent had second cup of joe yet. Found it. It was under PS4 games and now its pre downloading. It would be much easier...
  5. harsaphes

    De-shroud, Repaste, Temp Drops!

    I was having problems with my rig 'locking' up and decided to try and lower the temps in my Ncase by de-shrouding my GPU, re pasting it and adding two fans underneath in an exhaust position. Pretty happy with my results at idle.
  6. harsaphes

    NZXT H1. This Could Be A Great Case....

    If someone made a perforated panel to replace the glass one.
  7. harsaphes

    Storage For Video Production

    Hey guys. So I'm running out of room on my rig to store my youtube videos. I need some sort of external storage solution. Is there some sort of pre built options I should be looking at? Im not really in the mood to buy something and I dont know really where to start looking or what brands I...
  8. harsaphes

    Razer Tomahawk Thread

    Who knows how this will play out but I really like the idea of it.
  9. harsaphes

    Cable Connection/Selection Help Please

    Hey all. I need to connect a Thunderbolt three laptop to a Display port monitor. Should I just get a USBC cable to Display port or should I get a CalDigit hub and run the T3 cable in and do a Display cable out? Thanks.
  10. harsaphes

    Automation Empire

    Anyone else playing this? I'm having a great time with it, though it takes figuring out how all the pieces fit together. I'm trying not to watch YT to see whats going on.
  11. harsaphes

    Galaxy Fold Thread

    Morning all. Thought I would start a Galaxy Fold thread for those of us stupid enough to drop a big two grand . 'Launch' day, if it can be called that was a joke. There were no Fold's in Bestbuy or ATT anywhere in NYC. I really want an unlocked version but that seems to not be available at the...
  12. harsaphes

    No Mans Sky..I'm Late To The Game!

    Like the title says I just picked up NMS today and I'm loving it. Anyone still playing this? Is there a 'hard' group?
  13. harsaphes

    Any Group Games?

    Hey guys..any games going on within our Forum? I'm looking to maybe start playing something and was searching about. Thanks.
  14. harsaphes

    Any Group Games?

    Hey guys..any games going on within our Forum? I'm looking to maybe start playing something and was searching about. Thanks.
  15. harsaphes

    Wireless Headset For PS4...Suggestions Please

    Hey all, I'm looking for a great pair of wireless headsets to use with my PS4. I've looked at reviews on Amazon but would love some feedback from the community. Thanks
  16. harsaphes

    Elite Dangerous. Console or PC?

    Hey guys, I'm interested in playing around with ED and wondered if I should go the PC route or PS4? Thoughts?
  17. harsaphes

    Hard Gaming Group?

    Morning guys/gals, I'm looking to get into a group for some gameplay and was wondering if we have any going on and what games are being played. Let me know!
  18. harsaphes

    How would you set this up.

    Hey guys/gals, I want to re set up my home theater setup. I have the following..... PS4 PC Denon AV Samsung TV/breakout box. Right now I have the PC and PS4 hooked to the AV, hdmi, and the AV to the breakout out box HDMI..But, I'm using it for both my audio and I have ARC enabled...
  19. harsaphes

    Wirecutter mechanical keyboard reviews.

    Thought I would throw this out here.
  20. harsaphes

    They Are Billions. Zombie RTS.

    Anyone else playing this? I picked it up over the weekend and its super difficult, which is good. Base building, fighting RTS. If you are into this sort of thing grab it.
  21. harsaphes

    I need a good RPG.

    Happy New Years all. I'm in the mood for a little RPG goodness. I like the standard, collect and equip stuff, pick your party, blah blah, you get the idea. Not really looking for MMO shit. I've just started Div. Orig. Sin 2 and I just cant seem to get into it. Anything like this is right up my...
  22. harsaphes

    Opus Magnum. Arcane Puzzler.

    Hey all, just picked this up after watching a Youtube video of the game play. If you like a good 'think about it' game you will not be disappointed. You must figure out how to combine elements to form a new one using various mechanisms in various combination. There are many ways to figure out...
  23. harsaphes

    Rift now 399. Should I and what do I need?

    Morning all. So now that the Rift is 399 I'm thinking about going to Best Buy and grabbing one. I know the new Santa Cruz will be available MAYBE in 2018 and I can always sell and upgrade then if need be. What else do I need to get? The sensors yes and how many? I'm guessing I'm sitting in a...
  24. harsaphes

    Oculus Oct. Announcements.

    I don't own one but I was pretty impressed with everything that was spoken about yesterday. They seem to be moving forward here in their plans.
  25. harsaphes

    Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset

    Just preordered one of these as my Christmas present to myself. Early hands on reviews are good and I'm interested in the 'inside out' tracking system.
  26. harsaphes


    Anyone else play this? I'm basically new to it but totally obsessed. After about 60 hours in I feel confident in what I'm doing though trolling through Reddit has given me soooooo many ideas that I've never thought of. I'll post some screens later.
  27. harsaphes

    ASUS Zenbook Pro UX550VD/VE SWEET

    Wow, I'm loving this, kind of just what I'm looking for.
  28. harsaphes

    Anyone else "playing" Block'Hood?

    I put playing in quotes because it's incredible SLOW and I don't really feel like I'm playing anything...that said I enjoy it.
  29. harsaphes

    I'm down to 3 choices...

    Purchasing from Dell XPS 15 inch 4K.... Gigabyte Aero 15... New model, not many user reviews yet. MSI 63VR 7RF Feedback?
  30. harsaphes

    Screen descriptions, Matte vs Antiglare.

    Morning. Still looking for a laptop and I keep seeing screens described as being Matte or Antiglare or somethings both. Are these considered the same thing, or is one somehow different from the other? Found my answer in the Display Forum.
  31. harsaphes

    School Me In Laptops.

    Morning. I'm selling my MBP and going Windows. Gaming and browsing ect. I've looked at all the usual suspects but what I am uniformed about is the GPU. Some units have a 980M and some jump to a 1060. Obviously a 1060 is more powerful but do I really need that? I don't need overkill I just...
  32. harsaphes

    Razer Blade fan noise issue?

    Hey guys I'm looking for a new laptop for gaming and love everything about the Razer except the noise issue I keep reading about. Anyone have any experience with this and if so a solution? Thanks.
  33. harsaphes

    Persona 5, anyone playing?

    Just read a great review of this game and it has me intrigued. I've never played any of the series. Should I pick this one up?
  34. harsaphes

    Folding@Home or Boinc? Should I choose one over the other?

    Just starting out here guys and trying to find my way. I noticed Boinc after installing F@H. Is one used more over the other?
  35. harsaphes

    AV Experts, help me out.

    Hey all. OK, here goes... I have a Samsung JS9500 set and a Denon X2200W AVR and PS4. Everything works correctly. I recently bought the game Zero Dawn which has an HDR setting. After turning all the setting correctly on the TV and PS4 I was able to select the HDR in game (previously greyed...
  36. harsaphes

    Out of the 'ripped movie' loop, what's needed?

    Hey all. So I have shelves full of dvd's sitting in a closet, and I would love to free up this much needed space by ripping my movies and getting rid of the disks. What kind of setup am I looking for? Should I use my current system..see sig spec... with an added drive, or do I need to build a...
  37. harsaphes

    CIV 6 suddenly won't run.

    Morning all. I've been playing the game since launch with no problems. Yesterday I fired it up to set up a new game. Single>Map large/huge>Advanced Setup..nope. Advanced Setup and Play are 'unselectable'. Mouse clicks do nothing. I can back out and go to the previous screens but I cant play the...
  38. harsaphes

    HDMI splitter suggestions?

    Morning. I want to split the HDMI from my PS4 to use with a bedroom monitor. It's currently connected to my TV on the other side of the wall. Any suggestions for one? I've never purchased one before. Thanks
  39. harsaphes

    'Title Bar' of Chrome is now in Bold and I need to change it back.

    Morning all. Somehow something was changed and my title bar in Chrome is now in bold letters. This includes URL'S, Tabs and bookmarks. There is a setting under Windows, Display, Advanced, 'Change only the text size' with a checkbox 'bold', this however is not checked so I can't undo it. Any...
  40. harsaphes

    Samsung Smart TV unable to stream Netflix. What's up?

    So just recently my 65 inch Sammy won't stream Netflix (wireless). The shows start and then time out with a message that the TV has no/lost the connection. Looking into the network settings show the set still is connected. Very frustrating and results in my having to switch inputs and watch...