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    Finished building my new case!

    Well, mostly. I haven't attached the side panels and such. Blue acrylic for those. Case is made from 0.118" Styrene Sheet. I may put more edging around the corners. Haven't decided yet. 4x 120mm intake Arctic PWM fans 1x 120mm Exhaust PWM fan 2x 92mm Exhaust PWM fans Front on the motherboard...
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    Asus ROG Strix 3090 = 400W GPU That's.... that's a really power heavy card. So, new standard PSU for a rig with it will be 800W minimum? 1000W For a bit of headroom?
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    Bizarre, but Awesome (Maybe?) Case This is a really strange design. But possibly really cool? EATX, Dual ITX, and all sorts of strange options. I'm oddly tempted....
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    Good Guy Phanteks!

    So I'm having some issues with my front USB ports on my case. It's about 4 years old now, so that's entirely possible, given wear and tear. I e-mailed their support asking if I can order the module from the front of the case by itself. We trade a couple emails with information, and I get a...
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    Mining Case STEALS! Super Hot! They've got a few mining cases that are wicked cheap. little over 12 hours as of now! Dead!
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    AIO Cooling underperforming

    I've got a 6700k (Still stock, after BIOS flash and complete gutting/cleaning/rebuild) sitting under a Corsair H1156i 280mm Cooler. Arctic P14 PWM fans on them. (Good SP fans) If I stress test the CPU, I can thermal throttle it, at stock speeds. Which is obviously not what a 280mm AIO should...
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    weirdest enclosure A dual SATA M.2 drive enclosure, in a 2.5" drive body for internal use? Weird.....
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    [H]AWT! Intel 2TB NVME - 180$ - Microcenter In Store Holy shit that's a steal for 2TB!
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    Homeworld 3.... Crowdfunding? Ummm, their initial goal was.... 1$? what? Delivery expected in Q4 2022? Is this going to be the next Star Citizen debacle? (Which would be sad, I really liked the old Homeworld games!)
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    Government Facial ID / Airlines So, this ought to be popular. Federally managed facial ID system that private companies can link into for near-instant responses!
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    Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism "After a civil rights backlash, Facebook will now treat white nationalism and separatism the same as white supremacy, and will direct users who try to post that content to a nonprofit that...
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    Compatability Question

    So recently I scored one of these at Goodwill for 8$ So, I want to expand the base with a fresh built wood enclosure, and throw a PC into the base to run MAME. For a PC, I have an i5 7500 Lenovo Tiny which has an NVME slot on the bottom of the system: I've already verified that it's a PCIE...
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    PS Classic 37$ It's a fun system to mod, and 37$ is worth it for the two controllers. Info on things in the previous thread:
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    Sandisk uSD 128GB U3 - 28.50 160mb/s Read, 90mb/s Write - designed for 4K Video. Pretty damned solid price for a high-speed card.
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    Hot (?) Playstation Classic - 40$ Yeah, they fucked it all the hell up, but at 60% off original retail... Might be worth it.
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    8% Ebay Bucks!

    I didn't see an email, but I did have one sitting in my ebay account showing 8% Ebay Bucks until 12/14
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    Smaller-mATX Cases

    Most mATX Cases don't seem to really be that much smaller than ATX at this point. What're some good mATX Cases that still support a full sized GPU? The Thermaltake Core G3 is an interesting one (Super slim, but still tall) Any others?
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    Hp Mixed Reality Headset - `Zon 149 Back down to 149 for this. Certified Refurb's. Last time it was up, it got some pretty good traction from people!
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    Samsung Gear VR w Controller - 2017 - 36$ Go to the other sellers page, and there's an Amazon Warehouse deal for 36 bucks. When I search on the amazon warehouse itself, I don't see it there. Edit: This model number works with the Galaxy S8 /...
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    No Man's Sky - 25.47 @GMG Near historical low (23.99) for the game on ITAD. With the new content coming out soon, might just be worth it.
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    98$ - 512GB XPG NVME SSD Not a bad price at all...
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    Case Resonating with Voice?

    Yeah, weird subject, but sometimes computers are weird. I've noticed that my Enthoo Evolv can resonate with my voice if I speak loudly, or when I sneeze. The front panel will start vibrating audibly after speaking. It's so weird. Anyone else seen anything like that with a case before?
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    Spend 50$, get Free Pi 3$50_threshold_q218_global_&dclid=CLqRoJr1wdsCFRAGDAod8yYPwQ Spend 50$, and you can get a free Pi 3. I'm...
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    Ebay: Spend 150+ and get Free Google Home Mini Spend 150$ on Ebay and you can get a free Google Home Mini. I just did it, stacked with the 6%. (Bought some Laptop batteries for work, so I get reimbursed, get the Ebay Bucks, and a free Home Mini. SCORE.)
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    6% Ebay Bucks

    I don't see ebay bucks as often as we used to, and 6% ain't terrible.
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    Koolance 2 Bay Res w Pumps - 93$ This was posted before at 115, but now it's down to 93$, including both pumps.
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    Ebay: 100$ off 400 on Tires

    Code: PMOTORS318 That's not a half bad coupon, if you needed something like that.
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    Microcenter In Store: Powerspec Laptop w i7-7700 & 1070 - 1299 That's a damned solid price for a laptop with that level of gaming ability. Only a 1080 screen, though.
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    3 Dremel Tool Set - 129$ - Home Depot Considering the saw portion of this is 99$ retail, that's a steal.
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    Gamestop Members: XBox One S - 1TB - 50$ Off + 50$ GC

    Just got a heads up from Gamestop: XBox One S is 50$ off normal, plus you get a 50$ Gift Card. (Powerup Members Exclusive) Seems like a damned solid sale on the console.
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    PC Committed Suicide! Not mine, but funny (and yes, actually on topic) If this doesn't convince you to be careful with cooling parts, nothing will....
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    Dell i7 6700 + 960M + 4K Touchscreen laptop - 799$ that looks like a pretty spanky deal.
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    2 Upgrade options, which is better long-term?

    So last year I built a new HTPC for myself, and... well... made a couple mistakes. CPU AMD FX-8230E w 16GB RAM Video: GTX950 2GB So, currently it outputs 4K desktop resolution (because GTX 900's do that) But it won't do 4K in any applications, because hard encoding. Possible Upgrades: i3...
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    Browsers now stealing your CPU to mine Crypto for the TV network? well.... It's not flash based advertising or autoplay videos.... I'm probably more okay with this....
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    Better Upgrade: New Board/CPU/RAM or Video Card

    So last year I built a new HTPC for myself, and... well... made a couple mistakes. CPU AMD FX-8230E w 16GB RAM Video: GTX950 2GB So, currently it outputs 4K desktop resolution (because GTX 900's do that) But it won't do 4K in any applications, because hard encoding. Possible Upgrades: i7...
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    Proliant ML10 Gen9 i3 6100 - 199 Not bad price for what you get. Tempting.
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    Hot - Oculus Rift + HP Omen w i5 7400 + 3GB 1060 - 999 @ BestBuy That's a pretty damned good deal right now, and in store even!
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    Best Buy Flash Sale couple hours and change left. Mixed deals, some pretty good, some are meh.
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    [Warm-ish] i7 4770 Dell Mini Tower If someone need a base tower, this isn't a bad start. Perfectly functional without any work, add a 1050 and SSD and it'd be fine for most 1080p gaming. It's not /super cheap/ but it's...
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    Hot-ish - Zotac GTX 1080 AMP - 449$ Microcenter In Store (No Rebates) Pretty good price, non-blower. No rebates to be annoying, either.