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    920 i7 @ 3.5ghz vs 4790k @ stk/4.6ghz

    So what will it feel like? I just picked up one from microcenter for 269.99 and asus z97 ar for 105. Going from a 920 i7 at 3.5. I do game and have a 780ti scored 9980 on fire strike. This new sys will have 32gb ballistix and triple SSD. Just curious what to expect. Had all parts except...
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    Resources for 4k Panels?

    I need your help. Are there any native 120 or 240 hz 4k TVs out there yet? With the dual link what is the theoretical limit of hz that can be pushed? How long b4 we see some 144hz gaming versions? I realize most current cards can't push those hz but eventually they will. I'd like to future...
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    Help, suggestion for low motion build monitors

    Ok to put in context I'll have 2 high end maxwell to push the monitors late this year or early next. Iv got Hanns-g 28's but the motion blur is pretty bad thus was exploring high hz monitors 120-144hz, but then will we see reasonable monitors come out in oled and when will we see 4k oled high...
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    780 ti being bottle necked?

    920, 3.5Ghz, 12 gig Tested on gta iv 30% CPU usage but can't maintain 60fps with max settings, which honestly expected I could. Thoughts? Oh yeah 1080p game play.
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    Monitor recommendations?

    Ok background first build will be end of this year, will use the highest I-7 avail, maybe spring for a 6 or 8 core CPU if under 750ish. I'll likely pick up high-end maxwells x2 and maybe more. Price for total build is probably 4-5k. I have SSD, PSU, 32gb memory. Etc. So to the monitor...
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    Flashing a 290 to a 290x

    I'm experienced in doing this with the old school nvidia cards, any guides and how hard is it overall. Anyone done this and what have your results been. Is this and easy way to save 150 ish on a sapphire tri-x 290x vs 290?
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    When will we see AMDs next gen

    Now that nvidia struck first, when will we see amd's response. I have been a fan of both camps as long as they are a good cost to performance. I have a 270x, 7850, 650ti currently running so looking to build high end rig at year end and am drooling at the next gen coming!
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    Synology 409+ when to upgrade drives?

    It's probably 4 yrs old, bought 4x1.5tb drives, so I was reading this year we will see enterprise 6tb drives. So assuming the tech hits the wd reds would that be a good time to migrate my raid? Ps the 409+ across a pure gigabit network is reading at 45MB/s and writes at about 32MB/s that is...
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    5970 OC Results and Help

    I just OC'd my 5970 to 775/1000, FM06 = 27252. This is on an I7 920 at 4Ghz, 6gig of Memory. What tools are you all using to tweak voltage and in general to OC with? I think I can break 30k
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    DDR3 Tweaking Guide?

    I'm in need of a new guide on tweaking DDR3. The settings on this ASUS P6T are not what I am used to from a DDR2 perspective. I want to try to raise the voltage slightly on the memory to weed out the memory just being a touch flaky at the 1.65v stock voltage. I also for the life of me can't...
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    New I7 Builds - Guidance Needed

    I've got this one I7 920 at 4ghz stable at 1.3v, 87c max temps under fulll load. How are those #'s? I'm thinking not too bad overall ---- The other computer is having serious issues. I suspect memory. I am going stick by stick... the one I have in there now at stock speeds caused every...
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    When will we see the 5970 killer?

    Just curious as ati really has had the advantage this round. I'm an nvidia guy, but if they don't come out with a 5970 killer I'm going to buy two. Thoughts?
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    5970 availability

    I've looked all over any reputable vendors have this card in stock? Also how much faster is it than a gtx 295.
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    50% chance to activate all 512 cores on GTX480?

    Supposedly yield of the original spec are around 50%. So does that mean in rova tuner we might be able to enable the extra 32 cores? Taking it from 480 to the full 512?
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    Q6600 vs 920 - % Increase in Speed?

    Just curious what the average OC is on a 920 I read a lot at or above 4Ghz, also how does that compare to a 3.2 Ghz Q6600 for overall performance? I paired them with ASUS P6T's, have 2 coming next week, each has 6gig, and I sprung for a 60gig SSDs for both. I'm prep'n for my Fermi's I...
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    Help - Blue Screen with 4gig XP 64bit

    If memory serves me there is some patch out there to address this memory issue in windows xp 64bit, but I can't find it and have spent 30 minutes searching! Anyhelp?
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    Tesla Rig for Big Adv?

    Anyone consider the possibility of having gpu's churn a Big Adv? Does a Tesla system allow you to basically mimic the cpu with the gpu or does it require special programming? Reason I ask is with the speed one could point a Big Adv at a Tesla machine and probaby get 2 or 3 Big Adv processing...
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    i7 980 Extreme

    Anyone going to try this bad boy out? 6 Cores of i7 goodness. I am thinking of building a system with one in it. I could use it heavily and never even dent the Big Adv performance!
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    GTX 480

    Curious if anyone is going to do a build with a Big ADV and a pair of 480's or more? If estimates are accurate a quad 480 + Big Adv 920 sys could pull 100k by itself and some estimates put it at 150k. 480 is expected to be about 25-50% faster than a GTX 295 which my GTX 295 out put...
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    GPUs-Amazing variance in power demands

    Certain work units my 4xGX2 pulls about 650 watts, some work units read the new P10101 or whatever they are called pull over 1,000watts! HOLY CRAP variancE!
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    Bargain Build - BigAdv

    1. = Intel Core i5-750 Lynnfield 2.66GHz 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1156 95W Quad-Core Processor - Retail $199 2. = GeIL 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3...
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    WTB 2 to 3 GX2s

    I've got a franken machine that is runnign 2x88GT and 2x98GX2 and we need to fix that! So I am looking for 2-3 (wouldn't hurt to have a spare or two) to fill out the Octobox. I expect to pay 150-160 each shipped They will be used for folding and will be resold to folders when I upgrade...
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    PSU Massive Sale

    3x380's = Earthwatts - Antec = 25 +P/S SOLD 2x430's = Earthwatts - Antec = 35 +P/S SOLD 2x450 = Antec = 35 +P/S SOLD 1x500 = Earthwatts - Antec = 45 +P/S I also have a coolermaster 550 = for 55 + P/S it easily runs a 295 GTX and a 780/Q6600 combo under full load! If you want to know what...
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    F@HSPY not updating WU Database?

    Just curious am I the only one. It looks odd seeing 20 GPUs all working and no points being awarded... I force the update and it doesn't seem to do anything.
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    Raid 1 - First time setup

    I have an MSI K9A2 Platinum mobo that has a hardware level raid controller. I set it up per instructions and it comes up in the boot sequence as RAID 1. When I get into Win XP 64bit it only shows the 1 drive, not the mirror. Is that normal when you use hardware level raid controllers...
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    Tired of Failing Boxes - Solution? Buy some Quality PSUs!

    I have a Thermaltake 1200 w running a 4x9800GX2, and I figured the other boxes that have been failing on and off are probably because I have 4 PSUs per farm probably all fluxing power all over the place causing failures so its time to upgrade. This also positions me well to add in Fermi's as...
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    Anyone have massive EUE's in the last week?

    About 3/4 of my farm went down last week to EUEs... no real reason I can see of. Anyone know what could have happened? New work units or client?
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    Drooling at Nvidia's new Cards

    "We've heard that ATI's soon to lunch DirectX 11 performance card, something that we know as RV870 and something that AMD calls Evergreen, should be roughly 1.6 times faster than the RV770 chip." If ATI is going to be 1.6 times faster you know Nvidia is going to attempt to crush that so we...
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    Going Green?

    Has anyone thought of building a Solar/Wind farm to power their folding farms? I've started researching it and my goal in the next year will be to get 1 machine off the grid, with more following every couple of months until I'm using 100% Green Energy for the farm. Would save me $3600 per...
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    Lassiterb you were so close!

    That's right that was the challenge! Just a few weeks ago u were less than a month from over taking me! Now my threat list is empty. I do hope it is just a lull.
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    Has anyone else noticed?

    A much higher rate of duplicate work units? I'm seeing I would say a near constant 2 of the 25 gpus processing identical wus but never the same two have the dupes. Did F@H make a change in how many copies of the same wu are distributed?
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    When are the GTX 295's going to Price Drop?

    Its about time, we are edging closer to the next gen. I really expected these puppies to be under 400 by now. Its hard to justify a 295 when the 9800GX2s can be had for 200. At 400 it comes a lot closer 500-600 as they are now is just too pricey? Any ideas when they will come down?
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    Moving and getting situated has really consumed my time. I spent a couple of hours Monday working on revamping 3 88GTs that were overheating. Stripped them MX2 applied and reassembled. That system should go back online soon. I also just layed out for 4 GX2's so that should put me back in the...
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    Odd Points? 11k from just one of the GPUs in a GX2? Scratching head. Look at the times. It backs it up.
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    88 GT Giveaway

    Its an 8800GT ASUS, 256mb, no fan control dual slot card due to the HSF ASUS uses. I'd take pics but it is in use right now and as soon as I get the replacement cards I'll snap a shot. (Probably Saturday) I won this in a contest here and now that I am consolidating and working to...
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    Looking for 4 pin PCIE Connectors

    I want to run molex to PCIE, I have several PSUs unused and want to run 2 GX2's off of a 500 watt psu, but it only has 2 6 pin PCIE. Does anyone have a site where we can pick up this sort of cable?
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    4x 285GTX or 4x 295 GTX

    From what I am hearing and reading 285 GTX = about 10k per card so 40k PPD Cost 1200 295 GTX = about 12-14k per card so about 50k PPD Cost 2000 Choices choices. The 295x 4 would require 2 PSUs in the 700w range. The 285 GTX setup would require two PSUs in the 500w range...
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    Any rumors on the next Gen Cards?

    Since I'm not hugely impressed by the jump from the 8series to the GTX line, I was curious when the next true evolution is coming? Similar to the 7 to 8 series jump. That was some performance gains there! Think we will have to wait until the recession is over to see it?
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    Official Contests Thread

    To help everyone win some free stuff I thought we should start a thread to help our folders win hardware to fold on. Hey free is always the best! and Chances to win a Case, 4870, PSU, etc in the first link...
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    Cooling is VITAL

    As some may know I have been consolidating GPUs into 3 or 4 pcie lane mobos and oddly enough some cards with OPEN CASES, began to throw Unstable flags. I was wonder what the hell was up. I put a row of 3 120mm fans over the cards to suck the hot air up and out and WALLA stable for 2 days now...