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  1. NeghVar

    Audio format converter software with certain settings

    I have a chosen software for video/audio conversion and video URL downloading. I am opening more space on my HDD. I need software that can convert audio formats to .mp3 @ 128 kbps. I have a lot that are .flac or .mp3 @ 320 kbps. The key setting I need is to be able to take the whole folder...
  2. NeghVar

    Standalone Flash file player

    With Flash now officially ended and blocked on web browsers, is there any standalone app that can run .swf files? I am trying to find a way to play Fishy!
  3. NeghVar

    Gaming chair for Christmas

    I received the chair below for Christmas, the seat is wide enough, but lower parts that jut forward from the back are squeezing my lower torso when I lean back. Yitahome gaming chair Could anyone suggest one with a wider back and/or the sides don't stick out as much? This is my old chair.
  4. NeghVar

    Gaming chair for Christmas

    I received the chair below for Christmas, the seat is wide enough, but lower parts that jut forward from the back are squeezing my lower torso when I lean back. Yitahome gaming chair Could anyone suggest one with a wider back and/or the sides don't stick out as much? This is my old chair.
  5. NeghVar

    Linking remote music in Sims 4

    I have a NAS on my LAN and I would like to link the custom music folder to the mp3's on the NAS. Shortcuts won't work. Is a symbolic link required? If so, how do I do that? UPDATE: Apparently such links only work locally and not to a shared folder. I copied them over instead
  6. NeghVar

    WAN IP is a private IP

    I suddenly began to get very slow internet speed, sporadic connections, then complete disconnect. Logged into my router and instead of the usual external IP address, I had I released and renewed and got a normal IP back. Any clue what could cause that?
  7. NeghVar

    Do not show hidden files on a NAS

    I have a NAS with BTRFS. I also have show hidden files enabled in Windows Explorer. Because of this, files that start with "._" (resource fork of BTRFS files) are visible. I want to make it so that the resource fork files remain hidden on the NAS, but not locally. Is this possible?
  8. NeghVar

    upgrade to M.2 SSD from 6TB HDD

    I am piecing out a plan for upgrading my 6TB HDD to 3x 2TB in JBOD or RAID 0 Last year I put together a new system MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 32 GB DDR4 MSI RX 5700 Mech OC Corsair Force MP600 (500GB) Moved 6TB libraries/game HDD to the new system So what I am looking to do...
  9. NeghVar

    floating point operations per cycle

    How do I determine how many floating-point operations per cycle my CPU is able to do? I have the rest of the formula to determine the FLOPS. sockets * (cores per socket) * (number of clock cycles per second) * (number of floating-point operations per cycle). I am charting FLOPS from past...
  10. NeghVar

    Digitizing a yearbook

    What software would be best to digitize a yearbook to be able to interact with it like this? Sears Roebuck Catalog.
  11. NeghVar

    FPS as a holodeck program

    If you could choose 2 FPS games to convert to a holodeck program, what would they be? For me, Black Mesa & Bioshock Infinite
  12. NeghVar

    Suggest post-apocalyptic game

    I have played the Fallout & Metro series multiple times. What are some other post-apocalyptic open-world games similar to them? It does not have to be post-nuclear destruction. I'd like something that has a world like from the show "Life After People"
  13. NeghVar

    Hypothetical ? about VPNs

    I have a what if question about nesting VPNs. Suppose I am subscribed to PIA, Nord and Express anonymous VPN services. What would happen if they were all active? Would there be 3, 2, then 1 levels of encryption on the connection as it exits each VPN service? Or would it end up as a total...
  14. NeghVar

    onboard graphics

    Does a motherboard with an HDMI/Display port require a CPU with an integrated GPU? Or is the GPU somewhere on the motherboard? I am piecing together a system and I selected Asrock X570M Pro4 and a Ryzen 7 3700X. I do not need a graphics card. Onboard will do fine for what I need. The...
  15. NeghVar

    data usage per app for OSX

    Do MacBooks have a feature that shows how much network data each app uses? Like Windows 10 has "Data Usage" and view usage per app?
  16. NeghVar

    Windows firewall: allow communication within subnet only

    Is there a way to make a rule for windows firewall which will allow a program to communicate within a LAN but not outside the subnet? Basically forbidding internet communication but allowing LAN communication
  17. NeghVar

    GBWR: Largest Collection of Video Games

    I heard this on the radio this morning. I wonder how much this cost? How many were bought new or used? What percent of those games he has completed? Or if any of those games include some of the very rare ones such as the NES World Championships cartridge. This gamer has the world’s largest...
  18. NeghVar

    <ignore>. already covered

    <already covered>
  19. NeghVar

    Loading website on port 1433 without using “:1433”

    Boss wants me to set up a website so that by typing "" (no :1433) in the address bar of a web browser, the request will go through port 1433 on a Watchguard Firebox to an apache web server with domain-ssl.conf containing Listen 443 <VirtualHost *:443> ServerName...
  20. NeghVar

    replacing all entries of <oldowner> with <newowner> in multiple php files

    Ok, my employer bought out another company. As we are doing some changes to the website and intranet website. Every php file has the string copyright . We want to change this to Is there a command in Centos 7 cli which will replace the old...
  21. NeghVar

    Removing users from a CentOS domain controller (solved)

    Management has been handed down and numerous people have left including the person who configured the DC's. I need to know where to look on these domain controllers to remove the departing users. I installed Webmin on both. Neither is running Samba or LDAP Users and Groups. What else could...
  22. NeghVar

    Found my first MP3 player

    Cleaning out numerous boxes of various computer parts and gadgets and I find this. My first MP3 player from about 15 years ago. And it still works.
  23. NeghVar

    USB hubs in VMs

    If I plug in a USB hub to a USB port which is bridged to the VM, will all the ports on the hub be part of the VM too?
  24. NeghVar

    HDD capacity incorrect

    The eSATA docking bay on my PC case is detecting 1.6 TB on any HDD > 1.6 TB that is attached to it. Four different HDD (2,3,4,4) TB all show as 1.6 TB when attached to the bay all other sata ports and USB connected HDD show correct capacity. Also, all the HDD are GPT.
  25. NeghVar

    Computer Gaming World

    How many of you remember the magazine, Computer Gaming World? My first issue was December 1994. I continued on until 2006 when the name was changed to Games for Windows. Need a taste of nostalgia? Computer Gaming World archives
  26. NeghVar

    What would be a good game to movie transition?

    With the announcement of a live-action Mega Man movie, what are some games which you believe could succeed as a movie if done right? I believe Bioshock could do well. Not necessarily the game itself, but a prequel to the game. A movie about the downfall of Rapture from the utopia it was to...
  27. NeghVar

    PCIe meltdown

    About 5 - 6 years ago we received this surveillance system. It was one of ours. Never in my history of declaring myself a computer geek have I see this bad of a meltdown.
  28. NeghVar

    HDD burned

    We received a system back from one of our client. The report said there was smoke coming out of the system along with a burning plastic-like smell. This is what we found.
  29. NeghVar

    Dumbest peripheral device ever

    In your opinion, what is the worst, dumbest, most worthless PC peripheral device you, personally, have used? For me, the :CueCat.
  30. NeghVar

    Remote terminal

    What would be a good live USB which can run in memory as an RDP client? Boot to the flash drive. Software loads into memory. Then can access a remote Windows 7 PC on the same LAN and subnet.
  31. NeghVar

    Star Control: Origins

    So as not to deter from the topic in another thread which Star Control 2 (My favorite PC game of all time) was mentioned. There is Star Control: Origins. Still under development by Spacedock. No estimated release time. As I watched the trailer, I realized that this was turning out to be a...
  32. NeghVar

    Favorite adventure game

    Do you have a favorite adventure game from the DOS days? For me, it is King's Quest 6. Thanks to DOSbox, I am able to replay the game numerous times. I also think it has one of the greatest soundtracks of the DOS games. KQ6 OST
  33. NeghVar

    random load and unload device sound

    While playing various games, I hear the sound of unloading then reloading of a device. Nothing noticeable happens. Are there any logs which show what is unloading and reloading?
  34. NeghVar

    Replacing a Logitech MX518

    I am looking to replace my Logitech MX518. Any suggestions on a new one similar to it. None with a bunch of bells and whistles.
  35. NeghVar

    Your first flash drive

    Do you remember the capacity of your first flash drive? Mine was 128MB. I still have it too.
  36. NeghVar

    Fallout DLC cities

    If Bethesda began making large maps of large cities with a storyline and providing as DLC, would you buy any? Large as in the size of the maps of the main story in each game. Not the side stories. I live in Dallas, TX. So if they released a Dallas map, I would buy it if I feel the price is...
  37. NeghVar

    6TB HDD reporting as 1.46TB

    Western Digital WD60PURZ-64T0ZY1 Both Ubuntu (Gparted) and Windows 7 (various native and 3rd-party apps) are detecting my 6TB HDD as 1.46TB. The BIOS sees it as a 6TB. It is GPT. No surface scan problems. I did a secure wipe of the HDD. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  38. NeghVar

    No internet unless VPN software is active

    I just upgraded my service from 100Mb to 300Mb. I had to buy a new router because my old one had a 10/100 WAN port. It is installed now but I am getting some odd behavior. All the IP info and settings in the router are correct, but nothing can reach the internet. What makes this so strange...
  39. NeghVar

    running a py file in Chrome (solved)

    I have a py file. When I try to run it in a browser, I get the code instead of the execution of it. What am I doing wrong?
  40. NeghVar

    What alternatives are you mining

    Other then Etherium or Bitcoin, what cryptocurrencies are you mining?