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  1. scojer

    LG Exiting The Mobile Phone Market

    SKorea’s LG to exit loss-making mobile phone business Man, this stinks. I have only had LG phones, used Samsung and they're too clunky/bloated, and iPhones are not my thing. Aside from their slow software updates, I've been happy with their phones. What do you think? Is this a good opportunity...
  2. scojer

    Nvidia RTX 4090

    What do you think? I think I'm going to need a bigger case... Happy April Fool's Day!
  3. scojer

    Cooler Master Addressable RGB Fan Controller

    My mobo has the older 4 pin RGB connectors, and I just bought some coolermaster fans. They're 3 pin connectors, and they came with a default controller that does red, green, blue, or rainbow. I found this...
  4. scojer

    First 5G powered internet of things tattoo A long time ago, we seen a "3d printed" tattoo: Now, we're able to remotely tattoo using the power of 5G.
  5. scojer

    Vote for Playstation GOTY

    Go vote!
  6. scojer

    Google Photos will end its free unlimited storage on June 1st, 2021 This is a big change for anyone that uses Google photos as an easy backup solution. Yikes!
  7. scojer

    New iOS 14 feature warns you if someone is spying on you through your iPhone

    The latest update tells you when apps are listening to you, or, watching you. I don't have an iPhone, but on my android, I have very few apps, and, the ones I do have I have already set their permission levels to make myself feel better...
  8. scojer

    PS5 game box art revealed They're keeping the blue plastic, and looks like white instead of blue for the banner, which goes with the console color. I like it, I wonder what MS's will be?
  9. scojer

    [GOG} Cyberpunk 2077 Goodies Collection
  10. scojer

    Drive your coworkers crazy with this Untitled Goose game inspired app.

    Someone made a desktop app inspired by the Untitled Goose Game. You can download it here: Article if you want to read about it here:
  11. scojer

    A character from God of War brought to life.

    this is neat Mimir, a talking head from God of War was brought to life as an animatronic head. bar-el studio has been working on this since July, solely as a tribute to God of War. That's some dedication. edit: added video.
  12. scojer

    T-Mobile announces a new Un-Carrier move

    Live Stream happening NOW: New T-Mobile is here! CEO John Legere and COO Mike Sievert are live to announce the first THREE Un-carrier 1.0 moves planned for the New T-Mobile, making the Un-carrier bigger and bolder after we bring T-Mobile and Sprint together. Stay tuned for live Q&A! T-Mobile...
  13. scojer

    An Update on Next-Gen: PlayStation 5 Launches Holiday 2020

    The PS5 Launches the Holiday Season of 2020 and they've redesigned the controller. Wired has some more details on it.
  14. scojer

    T-Mobile and Microsoft Team up on Project xCloud As much as we don't want game streaming to take off, they're pushing for it more and more. When technology is at a place with very minimal lag, and affordable service, I'll jump on board. Until then, watching this...
  15. scojer

    Siri listens to everything you do.

    Thanks to YeuEmMaiMai I like how they'll no longer use contractors, and keep it in house, to limit future whistle-blowers. There really is no such thing as privacy anymore.
  16. scojer

    Apple Is Locking iPhone Batteries to Discourage Repair

    It’s not a bug; it’s a feature Apple wants. Unless an Apple Genius or an Apple Authorized Service Provider authenticates a battery to the phone, that phone will never show its battery health and always report a vague, ominous problem. If you replace the battery in the newest iPhones, a message...
  17. scojer

    Google Pixel Heads to T-Mobile

    For years, Verizon gave Pixel fans no choices, but those days are over. Pixel lovers can now upgrade to a faster network with happier customers at T-Mobile. oogle’s entire Pixel 3 lineup lands at T-Mobile – the Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL – and you can get the Google Pixel 3a...
  18. scojer

    AMD Ryzen 7 2700x Gold Edition

    AMD is celebrating it's 50th year, to celebrate, they're releasing a Gold Edition AMD Ryzen 7 2700X.. It's signed by Lisa Su, you get two free games, a fancy case badge, and, a T-Shirt.
  19. scojer

    Apple won't let you into your car

    Apple last week updated an Apple Pencil support document with a note warning users that charging a second-generation version of the stylus on a compatible iPad Pro might interfere with signals from nearby key fobs, preventing users from opening their car door.
  20. scojer

    Assassin's Creed Unity Review Bombed on Steam

    Assassin's Creed Unity is the next Review Bombing Victim on Steam - But, in a Good Way.
  21. scojer

    T-Mobile Money

    News Link T-Mobile Money site. My current bank's interest is low, I've been looking around for a new bank, and the 4% interest is tantalizing.
  22. scojer

    The Screenshot Thread

    With a lot of games including a photo mode, start uploading your favorite ones you've took. To upload them here, take screenshots on your console - Share them to your favorite social media platform (I use Twitter) then copy from there and paste here. I'll start off with a few from God of War...
  23. scojer

    Off-brand coolers

    Anyone have any experience with coolers that from from those sites like deal extreme, wish, alibaba, etc? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, Kyle, let's review some!
  24. scojer

    Did I get a bad MoBo?

    I just got the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 and everything worked just fine. Booted it up, installed Windows, downloaded new BIOS updated it, rebooted just fine. The Motherboard software updated with windows updates, reset computer. It won't post I tried to boot from the backup bios that didn't...
  25. scojer

    Dead By Daylight (PS4)

    Anyone playing? My wife got it for me for Christmas and it's a blast. I'm not huge on multiplayer but being a victim or killer is intense and satisfying. What's really fun though is putting someone on a hook, and as the others try to lure you away I attack and they get caught themselves, all...
  26. scojer

    Switch or 3DS?

    Which one should I get? It's mainly for my wife, who is a very casual gamer. She had a Nintendo DS back in the day, and we sold it because she stopped playing it. She's been more into gaming recently and we have a Wii. So, not sure if I should get a switch, or a 3ds, she really likes the...
  27. scojer

    Cheaper phone with ads

    Would you buy a cheaper version of a phone with ads on the lockscreen? I might, if, after they made the difference up from me in ad revenue, the ads go away. However, if they're permanently there, then, no thank you. The Nokia 6 showed up in China in January, but now it's available in the US...
  28. scojer

    PS Store’s Mid-Year Sale Two weeks of deep discounts on a huge lineup of titles - including favorites like Rayman Legends, Shadow of Mordor and more. PS Plus members save up to 75%. @ $4 I got GoW III Remastered Still debating on a...
  29. scojer

    The Life, Death, and Legacy of iPhone Jailbreaking

    This is a good read. It's interesting to know that the original iPhone did not have a single game on it. I've never had an iphone, but I feel like this scene paved the way not only for jailbreaking iPhones, but for Android as well.
  30. scojer

    Xigmatek Scylla

    Does anyone have any experience with these coolers? I have their Dark Knight air cooler and it has worked well. I've tried to find reviews for these but can't.
  31. scojer

    Drawn to Death

    Anyone playing this? It is free with ps+ right now and it's a blast! The maps are fun, the weapons are... interesting, and the art style isn't as bad as you'd think.
  32. scojer

    Any good Screensavers?

    I use Geoforms from Nvidia. It just looks cool and I haven't came across anything else that I like... though it is getting kind of boring. Have any recommendations?
  33. scojer

    How many fans do you have?

    How many fans do you run in your rig? I have 6 case fans (not including CPU cooler, PSU, and GPU), though I'm probably going to take a few out. (I had a fermi for a while, shit got hot!) Do you have more? Less?
  34. scojer

    is Ryzen faster in Windows 7?

    This guy thinks so. Any of you try Ryzen on Windows 7?
  35. scojer

    VR headset removal

    Google is working on a way to remove the headset so viewers see your face. Looks creepy to me.
  36. scojer

    Ghost hunting video

    I'm part of a paranormal group and we recently decided to start making youtube videos. We just posted our first video and all comments or criticism are welcome! Not from a "ghosts are fake" standpoint, but how can we make the video better and more watchable? Case #1 So far, the intro is too...
  37. scojer

    Outlast 2 demo on PS4

    I had the demo on the PC but I noticed in the PSN store that you can also get a demo of Outlast 2 for the PS4. I'm pretty sure it's the same one, haven't tried it yet.
  38. scojer

    Make a headset "cardboard"?

    I picked this badboy up from Wal-Mart for $15. It works great for just watching stuff. It has no inputs though, it is missing the magnet that cardboard uses. So, is there a way to mod it and make it a cardboard-ish headset?
  39. scojer

    When are the "roundup" reviews going to come out?

    Usually after all the different custom cards are out, there is always a "roundup review" of all the different variations, showing which custom cards come out on top by a frame or two, in one convenient chart. For example, this one which came out a month after the cards. I feel like it is taking...
  40. scojer

    Xigmatek XI Bay 3 (card/2.5" HDD reader) $7.86

    If you're looking for a cheap card reader you can't beat $7.86 Similar products are way more. They lowered the price to $6.71 now. Details