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    VIA C4650 2GHz performance

    here are tests of new VIA processor its slower per clock than Bay Trail or Jaguar still I would totally buy mobo with it if it was available on nice small mobo with few RS-232 ports and had XP drivers. Unfortunately mobos with VIA processors are nowhere to be found :mad: I wonder, what is...
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    Mouse with default 500Hz polling rate or more

    my A4Tech something mouse is very very very old now, was after few severe button operations and frankly it irritates me because it is rather jittery, especially when mouse pad is older than few month. So I use it on my desk which is not very nice for desk... So I decided to change it to...
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    Want nice colors? DON'T use NVIDIA cards !!!11

    I was long time NV user but recently I bought AMD Radeon HD7950 and I am in shock how good color correction works here differences: 1. AMD have gamut correction feature and it's results are excellent. No need for calibration probe to correct gamut as it uses EDID information about native...