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    PSU Kicking Off Circuit Breaker - Replace PSU?

    Hello [H], I just moved to an apartment (built in the early 2000's) and having the strangest issue ever. Within 1-2 seconds of pushing the power button on my desktop, the circuit breaker kicks off and cuts power to the entire room. I then have to go to the circuit breaker and reset it. For...
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    Arctic Freezer 34 eSports + Asus X570-Plus?

    Does the Arctic Freezer 34 eSports fit properly with the Asus X570-Plus? I know at least that the cooler will fit fine in my Fractal Design R4 and my Crucial 3600 Cl16 kit ( which has smaller heatsink. Thanks!
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    Worth Upgrading the Fractal Design R4?

    Hello [H], I have started researching as I plan to upgrade my trusty old i7 2700k (from 2012) to most likely an AMD 3700x. It appears that newer CPU's really benefit from being cool to reduce throttling. The only heavy duty task will be gaming, 1440P @ 144Hz. Otherwise I browse the web and...
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    Best Brand These Days?

    Hello [H]! I have been contemplating about finally upgrading my i7 2700k rig, honestly it has been perfect for my needs up until now due to the fact of jumping into gaming again after a decade. After much research, I have settled on the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 for the CPU which was a pretty easy...
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    USB Wireless Adapter for Desktop?

    What is a good USB Wireless adapter for a desktop? I would prefer one with an external antenna. A dresser is in the way of the computer and the Router so would be great if there is one that has a cable so I can put it on the dresser with antenna on there to get best signal. Cousin has Wireless...
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    Which Card? Low Noise & Power Usage. Support 4k Display and Linux.

    Hello, I just impulse bought a BenQ BL3201PH. It is a true 4k screen at 3840 x 2160. In order to use the full 4k resolution I need to upgrade my aging GTX 260 to a video card that supports at least Display Port v1.2. I DO NOT game at all. I use my computer mainly for learning purposes so...
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    BenQ BL3201PH 4k Vs. Dell U3415W UltraSharp Curved?

    I have sensitive eyes and plan to be using the computer much more after work for studying purposes. I will mainly be labbing with VMware and doing web app pen testing. Lots of browsing, going through documents/PDF's etc. I usually like to have two windows open at the same time. I do not intend...
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    Stock i7 3930K RAM Speed?

    What is the stock RAM speed for an i7 3930k? We have 1600 but it is running at 1333. I don't want to overclock it at all but even with a google search could not determine the stock optimal speed it is supposed to use? Thanks!
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    Memory Benchmark That Compares Results With Others?

    Hello, I recently purchased some DDR3 for my new laptop on eBay. It has passed MemTest86 and currently running the Google Stress App test via Linux Mint. When I was running MemTest86, I happen to select for RAM Benchmark test for fun but noticed that the speed started out extremely high for...
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    Best Memory Diagnostics Software?

    What is the best memory diagnostics software these days? I have been using Memtest86+ but it has not been updated since 2013! Is regular Memtest86 now the way to go? Thanks!
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    Best Free Private Forum Service?

    Hello! I would like to create my own private forum that is preferably free. It will have maximum of 20-25 members. Features: It needs to be private where people can only sign up through an invitation. I just need something basic where I can sticky threads and make announcements. Appreciate...
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    Stress Testing a SSD?

    Hello, I have to deploy a SSD for a my uncle tomorrow afternoon. Is there anyway I can quickly stress test a SSD before deploying? Amazon reviews show how some of the Samsung 850 Pro's are DOA, or died within few days to 1-2 weeks, of the ones that failed. Is there any tool I could use to...
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    Best Free Bootable Drive Cloning/Migration Software (HDD/SSD to SSD)?

    Hello [H]! I have been out of the loop this past 8 months, so need your expertise please. I am helping several friends/family members that are upgrading to SSD's. Some are going from a LARGER HDD to a SMALLER SSD. While others are going from a smaller SSD to a larger SSD. What is the Best (IE...
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    Have Basic Questions About SED

    Hello, I have been out of the loop. I have some questions about the SED (Self-encrypting Drive) feature on these newer SSD's, for a home user. 1. If I am upgrading, say cloning a older SSD to newer SSD with SED, can I start using SED right away or would I have to do a fresh install of the OS...
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    Budget Mid-Sized ATX Case: Silent + Filters a must!

    Hello, I want to replace my uncles Antec 300 with a more modern case. This is for his office so it needs to look professional for clients, so no windows or bright colored fans. I want something that is silent, has plenty of filters (his computer gets CRAZY dusty now in the 300) and medium...
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    Most Reliable SSD for under $125?

    I need to replace a my uncle's Samsung 830 128GB. It has been rock SOLID/RELIABLE, but just need a little more storage space.What would you recommend in the 200-256GB range that is pretty reliable? He is an accountant so would be real PITA if his drive crashed. Data is backed up automatically to...
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    Which Distro To Replace Windows?

    Hello, My goal is to be much more comfortable with Linux. I figured the fastest way to learn is to simply get rid of Windows and install it on my main computer. I have some experience with Linux/Unix. OmniOS for fileserver duties. Putty numerous times for VMware, CentOS and Debian CLI. What...
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    Replacing 2x 24" LCD's with 1x 30-34"?

    Hello, I plan to replace my aging, POWER hungry 2x 24" monitors with a single 30-34". All I do is business type work such as browsing, email, VMware etc. NO gaming or movies whatsoever. I 100% telework now so I want to invest in something good for eye strain/health overall. It is my...
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    Help - Undo Windows 10 Upgrades?

    Hello, I am out of the loop and need your help. I have a old client I used to support that just upgraded all of his Windows 7 machines to Windows 10 for his company. I told him long ago to stay with Windows 7 since some of his proprietary software he uses only works on W7. I could never get...
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    Top Lightweight Linux Distro?

    Hello [H], So my cousin is begging me if I would be so kind to host a basic Linux VM for him to use when he is at work. I don't mind since my computers are on 24/7. What is an awesome lightweight Linux distro? All he wants installed is Firefox and TeamViewer (surprisingly not blocked for him)...
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    Best Overall Reliable SSD's?

    Hello, I have been out of the loop this past few years. I don't game anymore, nor care about benchmarks since I feel most modern SSD's feel fast enough to notice much if any difference in the real world. I am really starting to get more into VMware, and want to pick up a few 500GB-512GB drives...
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    Bootable CD - Copy Files?

    Hello, I have been out of the loop, and need to fix a friends laptop tomorrow. They got a virus and now Windows will not boot up. In case safe mode does not boot up, can anyone recommend a bootable disc I can use with a GUI? I would like to copy local files to an external USB hard drive...
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    pfSense + SSD?

    Hello, My Intel i350-T2 (dual port) gigabit adapter finally just came in for my Xeon TS140. I will be migrating from a Netgear WNDR3700 to the latest pfSense. I plan to run pfSense as a VM under ESXi. I have several 256GB Samsung 830 SSD's laying around so want to use one of those. Should...
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    pfSense Vs. Ubiquiti ERlite?

    Hello, It is time to replace my old Netgear WNDR3700 v1. It is slowly starting to crap out. I have to restart it every 3-4 weeks, even with the latest trunk OpenWRT firmware. I want to replace it with something more powerful. Debating between pfSense and the Ubiquiti ERlite. Will also be...
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    Basic Video Card - Dual DVI Ports + Low Power Consumption?

    Hello, It is time to retire the XFX GTX 260 in my main rig. I have not played a game in 4-5+ years now. All it is doing is generating heat and wasting electricity. What is a good low power consumption card these days? I need dual DVI ports as I run dual monitors. Maximum budget is $50...
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    Upgrading Laptop WLAN PCIe Half Mini Card?

    Hello, I purchased 2 Asus VivoBook laptop's this year. One of them has a Atheros WLAN card while the other is a Quallcom. Both are only 2.4GHz. I am debating if I should upgrade to a dual band 5GHz card for better speed/less interference. I opened up both laptops and the WLAN cards are...
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    Asus Laptop RMA - Worth Bothering?

    Hello, I purchased a Asus S500CA laptop from TigerDirect on BF for my GF. Everything was working great until yesterday. All of a sudden, no matter what I do the laptop boots to the BIOS. I have reset to defaults, even made sure if any of the keys on the keyboard are stuck/sticking. Nope...
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    Modern Laptop - 2.5" HDD + SSD Cache, Replace with True SSD?

    Need your input [H]! Been out of the loop for a while. I noticed many modern laptops now have two drives, one is a normal 2.5" mechanical HDD with the OS/data and then there is a secondary 24-32GB Mini PCI-e SSD for cache? I plan to replace the main 2.5" HDD with a 250GB Samsung 840 Evo. What...
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    DisplayFusion $9.59 (50% Off)

    This is, IMHO, the BEST Windows multiple monitor software. All Licensees are 50% off until December 3, 2013. LINK Steam Version - $9.59 Standard - $12.50 Personal Home (Unlimited keys for personal use) - $17.50 Props to WFeather for pointing out the deal. :c)
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    Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 Vs. Define R4?

    Hello, It is time to replace my trusty old 5 year old Antec P182. I hate the overall design of the HDD trays are at the bottom, it is an absolute PITA cable management and installation wise. Also, the front USB ports have been finicky this past year. Newegg has the R2 for $50 shipped while the...
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    WNDR3700 - Best Alternative Firmware?

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone is using the Netgear WNDR3700 with an alternative firmware? The official Netgear FW has not been updated in years and I still have an annoying quirk with wi-fi disconnections on mobile Apple devices. I read on another forum that updating to OpenWRT resolved the...
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    Best Free Remote Desktop Software?

    Hello, I have been using UltraVNC for years on my Windows 7 x64 machine. I havn't really had much issues. I especially love the fact that I can switch view to the other screen since I have dual monitors. However, I recently built a new system and was wondering if there is a better free...
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    Testing Memory - Socket 2011?

    Hello, I finally got around to doing a new build, after buying the parts beginning of this year. 3930k, Gigabyte X79-UD3, 32GB of G.Skillz DDR3. I would like to do a memory diagnostics, anyone know of a good tool? I tried Memtest86+ v4.20, and also v5 RC1. Both showed errors in the first...
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    Best Budget X79 Motherboard for 3930K - w/ VT-d Support?

    Hello, I need to purchase a X79 motherboard ASAP! It must be compatible with the 3930K and have VT-d support via the BIOS. I generally prefer Asus if possible, do most of them support VT-d? I will not be overclocking at ALL. Will be using 4x DIMM, need at least 2x SATA 6 ports and it MUST have...
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    VMware Noobie Help - Which CPU?

    I am building a new personal box strictly for VMware. For 2013, my goal is to work on numerous Microsoft & other networking/security related certifications. I also want to be familiar with Linux and VMware itself. I love the idea of having a dedicated VMware box, as I have too many distractions...
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    Sub-$200 Budget Monitor - KVM + VMware

    I want to replace a old 15" HP LCD which is hooked up to a VGA KVM. KVM is for several servers, including a new VMware box I plan to build as I will be working on various certifications for 2013. Will not use the monitor for any games, movies etc. I do not have the best of eyes, so the 25" HP...
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    iPad 4th Generation Case?

    Looking for a nice case for the iPad 4th gen. I have been searching all week but there seems to be no "perfect" case. All have their pluses and minuses. I will be primarily keeping it at home, so do not need a heavy duty case. I plan to sell it off when the iPad 5 comes out next year so want to...
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    Best Laptop: For College + Sims 3?

    I am out of the loop with laptops. I would like to get my sister a nice laptop for Christmas, since she has never gotten anything nice from my family. Uses: College related tasks such as web browsing, MS office and movies. She is also a huge Sims 3 fanatic! Would Intel Graphics HD 4000 be...
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    Best Sub $200 23-24" LCD (Non Gaming)?

    My uncle's birthday is coming up and I want to get him a 23-24" screen. He works from home and is always on the computer. He primarily uses outlook, word and firefox. He does not game at all. I wish I could get him a nice IPS panel but I simply don't want to spend over $200. Since he does like...
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    Basic MP3 Player for Audio Books/Music?

    I just got a new job, but it requires 1.5-2 hours/day in commute. I want to take advantage of that time. What is a good small-sized MP3 player primarily for audio books and occasional music? I don't care for videos, games and all that crap, just a simple audio player. Requirements: - Must...