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    Front Page Display

    Thought I'd drop a quick comment. The front page looks like [H]ardOCP, brought to you by Asus ROG. I'd say not quite half of the front page (for me) is Asus Banner ads on the right and left hand sides (say 45% of the screen) while the center is the front page news. If it pays the
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    Poor parallelization performance on Xeon (E5 v4) Workstation

    Question: At work we recently built a workstation (2x E5-2683v4, 128GB kingston ecc RAM quad-channel, Intel DBS2600CW2R motherboard). Hyperthreading is disabled for the particular application that we are running, as HT is known to cause poor performance for this app. OS is Win7 x64...
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    Asus A8V no POST with primary IDE connected *SOLUTION* - please read

    Reference this thread: In short, I had an Asus A8V motherboard which would not POST with a device connected to the primary IDE channel. This was following a brand-new build up. Everything functioned *flawlessly* when connected to the...
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    Asus A8V won't POST with device connected to primary IDE controller

    Title says it all. I've tried 2 different devices (HDD, CD-RW), 3 different cables, and still no luck. When I connect either device (HDD or CD-RW) to the secondary IDE controller, there is no problem. The system boots into Windows when the hard drive is connected, and the CD-RW is detected...