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    Ones plus free shipping code - Free to use

    To anyone that may be buying something from OnePlus, free shipping code from one of their Christmas contests.
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    PSA: AT&T Loyalty Discount - $450 off and $10/line discount YMMV This "loyalty discount" was new to me but apparently has been around for at least a few years as some SD members say they used it to get the X. It is surprisingly a great deal for current AT&T members...
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    FREE - 15% off all TP-Link Networking Products Newegg

    I'm not going to use it so if you need something that applies feel free to use the code. Just post here or PM if you use it so I can close this.
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    Google Pixel 3 or 3XL $300 off code

    Got the email from Google for $300 off the Pixel 3 or XL that I will not use, so if you want one my promo code is below. Please post if you use it. Supposed to be good through July 31. Summer is calling. Just for you — an exclusive chance to save $300 on Pixel 3 and 3 XL. Enter your promo...
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    Oneplus 6 $100 off 11/20

    If you don't care about the minor changes with the 6T and still need a headphone jack... OnePlus 6 is $100 off tomorrow starting at 3 AM EST
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    Google Pixel 2 XL $200 off Promo

    If you are not impressed with the Pixel 3 XL and want to save $200 on a Pixel 2 XL here's a promo code that I will not use. Just came in via email tonight so have at it and just post here if use it. Should not be tied to an account as it appears that you can just enter the code at checkout...
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    Honor 7x for $199

    Quite a bit of phone for $199.
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    Razer Phone

    Sounds like a phone Zorachus may want to look into as it sounds like it will have a 4,000 mAH battery. 5.72-inch IGZO display with 120 Hz refresh rate and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) Dolby ATMOS sound, dual front-facing...
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    PSA... AT&T now charging for a SIM swap

    Juet brought my son in to the local AT&T store to swap SIMs from his OnePlus One to my OnePlus 5 that I was going to return but he wanted it. AT&T now charges $5 for a SIM swap. Not the end of the world but more free money for them. Guess it is one of the downsides of T-MOBILE as they charge so...
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    BOGO.. Samsung S8 direct from Samsung

    If only this applied to AT&T... No monthly credits. Refund of up to $750 direct from Samsung. Only issue is one of the phones must be activated on T-mobile via the Samsung website. Seems to be a smokin deal compared to the normal BOGO deals as those are usually monthly bill credits and don't...
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    Game of Thrones season 5 is free on Google Play, but only in SD

    SD but for watching on a mobile device should be just fine and can't argue with free.
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    Oneplus 3T

    This should be a lot of fun for the OnePlus faithful if the rumor of a OnePlus 3T becomes a reality. Can't wait to see the spin by Carl on this one.
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    LeEco Le Pro 3 goes official: Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM, 4070 mAh battery for $299 (Update)

    Sounds like outside US release currently with plans for the US possible down the road. Should scare some of the other Chinese phone companies or at least keep their prices from creeping up (OnePlus). the Le Pro 3 will start at 1799 Yuan ($270) in China for the 4 GB RAM / 32 GB storage model...
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    Connecting a desktop PC to a wireless printer

    Ran into a problem last night setting up a HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 at home: My home network consists of: Windows 7 Charter Internet through a Motorola modem (don't recall the model but can get that later if germane to the issue). ASUS T-Mobile Personal Cellspot (which is a rebranded RT-AC68u)...
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    NewEgg Nexus 6P $419 + $50 GC

    Nice deal if you are looking at the Nexus 6P. Getting a little old in the tooth but in daily use you will not find a phone that feels faster. Nexus 6P 32 GB Graphite LTE Unlocked Smartphone (North America Warranty) 64gb is $469 of that is more your speed
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    Something new... Slickwraps Hemp Wrap

    So I'm a huge fan of no case and just tempered glass, but the iPhone 6s Plus is so slick with nothing on it I resorted to try some thin cases like the Spigen AirSkin and some others but recently picked up one of the Hemp wraps from SlickWraps (3M skin with some kind of hemp like materials...
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    Nextbit? Google, HTC vet prep 'friggin' awesome' smartphone for 9/1 launch Google, HTC vets 'friggin' awesome' smartphone for 9/1 launch Sounds interesting but no leaks or not much info floating around other than a lot of bold claims
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    Bodyguardz Crown - iPhone 6/6+ and Note 4

    Just got my Bodyguardz Crown for my iPhone 6+. Takes care of the issue of the rounded edge on the iPhone 6/6+ or Note 4 by adding an aluminum bezel that goes on over the tempered glass screen protector. Installation is pretty much idiot proof as the package includes a form fitting plastic...
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    TAG Heuer, Intel, Google announce smartwatch that feels like a “normal watch” From the article: According to the leaks and quotes, TAG Heuer will release a "digital replica" of the Carrera, a fairly bulky sports watch. It will reportedly look and feel...
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    LG G4 for those interested in something other than the S6 or M9 As far as specs are concerned, the report suggests that LG’s new G4 will feature a 2K display that measures between 5.3 and 5.7 inches diagonally, an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM and a rear camera resolution of either 16...
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    Starting February 11, 2015, All Four Major US Carriers Will Let You SIM Unlock As of February 11th, the CTIA (basically, the wireless industry's special interest group) is laying out a set of phone unlocking (that is...
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    Motorola Discount Code.. Free if you want it

    CODE has been sent. Thanks, Bill
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    AT&T data rollover.. Thanks T-Mobile

    Another reason to thank T-Mobile. AT&T rollover only rolls over to the next month rather than a year like T-Mobile but at least you get some extra data the next month. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: All levels of AT&T Mobile Share Value plan customers automatically receive the Rollover Data feature –...
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    How to transfer pictures from PC to iPhone?

    My daughter has an iPhone 5s running iOS8 and I am using a PC running Windows 7. She got her phone replaced due to a screen bulging but she wanted to take the pictures off before that, so I just plugged it in, drag and drop the pictures from the old iPhone to the PC. Easy enough. When I...
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    Anyone need a Moto X Cyber Monday Code?

    Anyone need a Moto X Cyber Monday Code? Good until 12/15 I signed up for the Moto X code which gives you $140 off and 30% off accessories with your phone purchase but am loving my Nexus 6 so I will not be using it. Send me a PM and I'll forward the code. From the email: Save $140 on a...
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    Sprint cut your bill in Half - AT&T and Verizon customers only

    How in the hell can they afford this or are plans really that far out of whack? If nothing else I'm going to stop by Sprint to see what they can do for my 8 phone, 30GB Family Share Plan on AT&T and give AT&T a call to see if they can sweeten my plan to keep me. I've got no phones on...
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    PSA:Google giving out Inbox invites to all comers starting at 6PM ET

    Get your email ready. Between 6PM and 7PM ET today (3PM and 4PM PT), Google will provide invites to any and all users that request one. Just like before, you'll have to email to get in...
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    AT&T Doubling Data Size for MSVP 15GB and up

    Guess AT&T is feeling the heat. I'm considering going up to the 15gb (30gb) plan myself as we have 7 phones on our current 10gb plan and the data overage charge is $15/1gb. Here’s a nice surprise for...
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    Why no love for LG G3?

    Why is there no love for the LG G3? Size wise it packs a 5.5" screen in a body significantly smaller than the Note 3/4, OnePlus One and iPhone 6 Plus. I owned the G2 before and it was a nice phone but LG skin was not my favorite. Using a OnePlus One now and it has been a great phone but miss...
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    Sharp Aquos Crystal - Nearly Bezel-less Beauty It's been a long, long time since Sharp shipped a phone in the United States (remember this...
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    Charter Cable going Digital... Do I need to change my PC setup

    I was informed that Charter will be going all digital in our area. My TV's are fine as we already have a Charter DVR on one and a set top box on the other but my computer that is used to record TV is connected directly from the wall to a HD Homerun and a HVR-2250. The HD Homerun records...
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    OnePlus One specs starting to be announced CPU - Snapdragon 800 Sounds like they will be announcing the individual parts over the next few weeks. This may be an interesting phone as it will be released with CM and supposedly high end specs for...
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    Project Tango

    If you are a developer, this would be an awesome Google project to get in on. Amazing what a smartphone is capable of when you get a bunch of genuis's behind it. What it may provide in the near future is probably little, but future possibilities are endless...
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    What smartphone do you use and why?

    Just curious as I have been through quite a few in the past year or so. Swappa has been a godsend to feed my habit. I have been the type that keeps changing phones looking for the perfect phone. I have found what is the best for my use currently and will explain my totally non-scientific...
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    Hot or not.. Samsung Galaxy Gear $149.99 BestBuy Today only, Samsung Galaxy Gear in green, gold, orange or beige is being sold for $149.99 which is the price they probably should have debuted at in the first place. Not for me as I...
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    AT&T Discounts... YMMV... Got a $100 credit

    AT&T just released a new promotion today in their battle with T-Mobile by offering a $100 credit to customers (new or existing) who add a line of service. I didn't add a line, but thought I would give AT&T a call to see what's up. I just got off the phone with a very nice CSR who gave me a...
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    What to do.. Nexus 5 vs S4 vs Note 3

    Had been using a Nexus 5 since release but always had the itch to try out a Note 3 as I had a Note 2 a few phones back. My wife got an S4 Black Friday and promptly dropped it within two weeks. She used it with a broken screen after that until I surprised her with a Nexus 5 for Christmas...
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    Interesting read on Smartphone cameras vs DSLR The Verdict: Gun to head … time to come up with a number. How many years are smartphones behind the best $2,000 DSLRs? Comparing detail resolved, I'll say the iPhone 5S currently sits 8-9 years behind the DLSRs...
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    Looking for a movie for the kids... Elf for Free on GooglePlay

    If you are looking for a movie to watch with the kids over the holiday season, GooglePlay has Elf (SD version only) for free download currently.
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    Samsung 840 Evo - FIrmware Update Failed

    Building a new system and attempting to update the firmware on a Samsung 840 Evo SSD and I get "Failed to update firmware on the selected drive" when I try to use the Magician software. Tried using the ISO and get a disk read error that way. Any tricks to get the firmware updated? Is it...