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    The air gap means nothing, Keylogging with CPU electromagnetism

    Pretty much screwed now.
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    New [H] storage pic

    Just got some PS6500's in, having some fun with the drives. All loaded up.
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    Looking at an E5-2650 on a Sabertooth

    Anybody here with experience bumping bclk strap on that? Results?
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    Gobs, and gobs, and gobs of teh ramz...

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    You guys may appreciate this one:
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    If I had an extra Laptop, I would SO trade for this... Wow. I would LOVE that in my garage. :eek:
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    Anybody got any decent COD4 tactical S&D servers?

    The few I go to are now overrun by retards and people calling BS rule violations when you kill them. Sucks.
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    Slow Xserve, need some ideas.

    Ok quick and simple: Dual Dual Core Xeon Xserver, 8GB FB DDR, 3 drive RAID 5. Purchased and improperly configd' before I arrived. Used mainly as a file server, never did this well at all, very slow. New LUN, New OS install, all set up, still slow as ass. Opening system prefs takes 30 seconds...
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    XFX GTX 280 discontinued at Newegg?

    Literally in front of my eyes. I was selecting two more for an order, and they went discontinued. Now they are completely gone from the system.... :mad: From wish list.
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    Discussion Topic Problems with Tyan S5393: power up problems

    Posted May 30, 2008 15:26 Reply With QuoteEdit or Delete Message Hey all. I need some input as Tyan is being NO help what-so-ever. I have two servers built, same parts and configs. but they will not power up reliably. Specs: Tyan S5393 2 Xeon 5410's iStarUSA TC-1200PD1 PSU 4 2GB...