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    Philips Momentum 328M1R 31.5" 4k 120Hz

    FINALLY a ~32" 4k 120Hz display. Not sure what the panel type is though. There will also be a 55" as well if you want an alternative to the Alienware OLED.
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    Philips BDM4350UC 43 inch 4K IPS PWM-free monitor

    Philips BDM4350UC 43 inch '4K' UHD IPS monitor - PC Monitors Biggest difference here is that this new monitor is now IPS instead of VA. I've been waiting for this kind of monitor for over a year that is 40+ inch 4k, PWM-free, non Korean ebay brand, 4:4:4 chroma, and has input lag much better...
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    Best 24 inch 4k monitor?

    Giving purchasing advice to a friend. Display will only be for general usage with high PPI sharpness so the biggest factor will be how light the AG coating is, since a grainy matte coating will reduce the high PPI benefit. Input lag and response times doesn't matter since it's not for gaming...
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    TV problem

    So I've been using my Panasonic plasma I bought back in 2010, it's gone through quite a bit of usage the past 5 years but today this started happening to it. If the brightness on the TV is set to 80 or higher then I get a rather loud buzzing noise as well as all this red+green static crap...
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    New G Sync monitors incoming Now those of you guys who hate Acer's QC can have an IPS version of the Swift ;)