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    um....when did we pass google??? did i just miss the announcement?
  2. R i missing something?

    are we missing a mod???? Did marty get his way? im scared :( who am i going to chop now??? p[h] hasnt posted :(
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    Editing Flash

    I think this would be the right forum (or general software). if not plz move accordingly. I am currently starting a website that requires a flash music player. I have found the music playing (which is opensource and available .fla) i want to use, but i want to do a few tweaks to it. And i...
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    is it bad.....

    when u almost have to remember how to turn off a computer????? anyone else have this problem? I can turn on a computer just find, but i find myself having trouble remembering how to turn them off ;)
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    Mobile Video Capture

    I am looking to be able to plug my camera into a laptop for in the field mpg or mpg2 capturing. And i need it to be a professional product line too. Any Ideas?
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    where's moosie's pet snake?

    Someone is going to be missing out on the first half of the [H]Bowl :eek:
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    help with server racks

    Ok, Here is the deal. My friend gave me 2 server racks that he picked up from an office sale. The problem is i have no idea what to do with them since i have never been in a corp. setting before. So i need to know what kinds of cases can go on them (quality is a plus), what i need to put into...
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    A year of transpo

    Its official...i have been with the team for a year now (actually 11/29 but close enough ;)) please share your favorite "Transpo Moment of 2006" :D
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    Merry Xmas [H]orde

    I wish all on the team a merry xmas and may all of your gifts be used for folding :D
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    Why do monday's suck?

    got home today from today to find out that 15 mins after i left home, some one crack my VNC and had install an FTP server on my system :mad: not sure what they all did yet, but seriously, WTF???? You know how many times i have had to restart...i cant be restarting my computer and letting F@H...
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    14 days Ice_9

    14 more days until i pass ICE_9 :D What are you going to do about that intel boy ;)
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    Third Person Shooter?

    Ok, a couple months back i picked up "James Bond - From Russia with Love" thinking that is was a first person shooter, but instead it was a third person shooter. No biggie, i payed 20 bucks for going to play. Well come to find out, my wife really LIKES third-person shooters as opposed...
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    Guess What

    Top 200 ;) Now what? :p
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    The Transpo MVN Invitational

    In Honor of our Hard|DC'er for July: Welcome to the Transpo MVN Invitational. This is for all of you new guys out there. This is the Transpo Invite. I want to get all of you new guys excited about folding and borging everything in sight. I am going to set the limit to under 1k PPD @...
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    Tard Fight!!!!!

    #1 Tard = Detard and the soon to be winner = Transpo Starting points: #1 Tard = 42,378 The Winner = 255,514 we are going for the first 20k ( i havent been in a points race for a while :)) So ending totals will be #1 Tard = 62,378 The Winner = 275,514 Lets get his thing a...
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    Training Camps for Noobs?

    Since it was brought up before, What do you guys think of a training camp type deal to help out noobs. Im thinking of letting anyone who wants to be a coach/mentor to any noobs that come in. It would focus help for little things and starting up. Plus it would give people a chance to get...
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    ASUS is my friend be honest....i dont get the option to buy new computer parts often (SWMBO) trying overclocking has scared the crap out of me cuz i didnt want to mess anything up (plus im lazy)....but with my new ASUS K8N-E mb i can just set like 1% overclock on my AMD 3400+ and not have to worry...
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    dekard is still my new pet

    well since everyone else come in and got my previous thread locked....i have to start a new one. Dekard...if you want to play with a big dog...then bring it...i will even let you set the parameters.
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    New "rofty-wannabe" in town

    and his name is Dekard. just an FYI
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    Folding@home in a Clerks 2?

    Ok....according to this myspace profile for the movie clerks 2: So i changed my name to "folding@home" and added them. DVD exposure for the cure :) doesnt marty have an open offer to anybody who can get...
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    HELP!!! Need a new MB cheap biostar MB just died on me and i need a new one. I have a A64 3700+ (socket 754) and DDR Ram, and it needs AGP. Can anyone give me some suggestions on which to buy? I dont follow MBs so im lost on whats good or not. Thanks EDIT: Nevermind...i found a thread with an answer.
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    Throw Down Time ND40oz

    Ok...well since i want you to do go and stay motivate....I am going to call you out noob :) The rules of this race are as follows: 1. First one to there goal wins. Goals are as follows: Roftranspo 300,000; ND40oz 100,000 2. No Time limit. 3. Trash talking is Highly recommended and i will...
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    MVN Contest - The Moosie Invite (It's On!)

    In Honor of Moose getting the [H]ardDC'er of June, I bring you the : This one is for all of you new guys out there. This is the Moosie Invite. I want to get all of you new guys excited about folding and borging everything in sight. I am going to set the limit to under 10k in...
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    Monitor Program

    I have a Ati AIW 9600 and was wondering if there is a monitoring prog for it ie for temps and stuff? any suggestions?
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    Found Something interesting.

    my laptop (a dell Inspiron 6000) has been running full blast at ~60C. For shits and giggles, i stopped folding (just to test this) and the temp dropped to ~30C....Thats a 30C difference....WFT?? VIVA LA HORDE
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    Cleanup Service Entry

    Hey...on one of my machines...i have an entry in services.msc that was a mess up from when i first started to run the console (it was the trial computer :)) Well now i have the F@H folder in a completely different stop and i have that original service entry there a way to delete...
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    17xx = evil step brother of 99x

    OMG...has anyone been flooded by these bastard protiens....56 points for 15 hour WU...compared to the 99x series that are 130 for the same time per WU :mad: everything i have has these bastards running on it and em3 is reporting a 400+ PPD drop :(
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    wOOt 1k WU's

    I just passed the 1000 WU's mark and am currently rank 317 on the team....those "legends" in that other thread better watch out for me too :) VIVA LA HORDE
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    Protein 99x

    Is everyone else still getting a crapload of these...i like how fast they crunch...but the points are still low on them though. But to show how many i have gotten: P991- 73 P992- 48 P993- 19 P994- 37 No other proteins are close to those numbers.
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    Lurkers Cometh!

    We have a vote thread here voting on who is is the [H]ardest DC of june. Please leave your vote when you lurk by. After all there is 321 views with only 33 votes???? Come on dont have to reply with a post, but i know you have an opinion since you are lurking and reading...
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    This is for all of you who just skim pass the sticky threads. Go here: and Vote to keep [H]ardDC out of the hands of a power hungy moose. VOTE TRANSPO FOR [H]ARDDC'er FOR JUNE!!!!!
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    New Farm Idea?

    Snagged this from the front page: I Wonder if unhappy_mage tweaked Foldix to run these things, how well they would do. there not that cheap up front, but if you think about the power consumption on them, i wonder if they would be good folders...
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    p99x proteins :)

    Who else is liking this little crunchers. i have about 8 of them right now but all of my machines are crunching them in under 20 hour making my ppd soar :) FOR THE HORDE
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    5 months in and just broke 100k :) and current leader of the Ir0nNuts is good :)
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    linux/mac help

    Hey...i just got a mac with osx 10.3 and i want to set the folding client to run like a service in windows...any ideas?
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    Evil Moose?

    This is what my cousin made at easter: She said it was an evil moose... :D FOR THE HORDE
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    Custom Skins?

    Hello, I am about to start a mod for my friend and i wanted to know where/how would i go about making a skin for the side of the case? I have the design on my computer, i just need to know how to get it transfered....any help would be great...thank
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    UD Rank 0???

    Has anyone else seen this? Paging Dr. King....Paging Dr. are need in OR....Paging Dr. King :) FOR THE HORDE
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    Good times are a foot on my home computer and here is why: Custom made system with AMD64 3700+: 20 hrs to fold p1481 Crappy dell at work: 50 hrs to fold p1481 Daddy like :D FOR THE HORDE
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    Fold with a palm?

    i wonder if it would be possible to use my treo to fold? Any ideas on how to make this work. I was thinking maybe if i used mini-linux on it and then installed the linux console. any idea if this would work? FOR THE HORDE