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    The Rise of Retrocomputing

    I've been into retro computing for over 10 years now. I was at local thrift store and saw an old AT computer for $5. I thought, what the hell. Why not? So I brought it home and have been hooked ever since. The golden age of computing is awesome nostalgia trips from my childhood. And now...
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    A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible

    No paradoxes huh? I'm sure Bender will find a way.
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    LSI MegaRAID 9260-4i Card NOT Recognizing Any Drives!?

    Try a different cable. I had a cable set that wouldn't show any drives. It didn't matter what port I put the SFF-8087 to SATA cable in, it just would not work. I tried another cable, and viola. Works. So those cables do get bad, for whatever reason.
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    Origin is selling a retro-inspired beige box PC

    I have two of those cases. Both with 386DX-33/44MHz boards in them with a whopping 4mb of RAM and 8MB of RAM (overkill for a 386),
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    Restoring a 486 machine

    Yeah, i was looking for more info on the Headland. On that page it says its connected via local bus so that is a big plus for Windows 95. I think he tested it out and said it was faster than ET4000AX, which is one of the best ISA for DOS. Windows on the other hand.....with only 512K of...
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    Restoring a 486 machine

    Is this the system, or similar? LINK TO SYSTEM
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    Thanks! got one for 199.96. 3.2TB will replace a 500GB NVME gaming drive (thats 90% full) that I have installed via a PCIe card in one of my 16x slots. I seriously doubt I'll see a big difference in load times between the two, and at $200 for 3.2TB...yeah, no brainer.
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    Ultrawide monitor Nvidia and freesync

    I have a 38" Acer ultrawide. I love size, refresh rate, but hate...HATE HATE HATE freesync, because its broken on this monitor model. Anything above 60Hz makes the screen "brigthtness" flicker if freesync is enabled. NOTHING solves it other than disabling freesync. There are lots of threads...
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    DHS Seizes Aftermarket Apple Laptop Batteries from Independent Repair Expert

    And here come the Apple apologists... Apple would never do anything to harm or mislead consumers................pfffft LOL
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    Awesome. Was just looking to change VPN providers. I'll try this out.
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    Is Path Tracing the future, beyond Ray Tracing?

    And that's why I patreon this guy. Love his videos.
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    VERY RARE!!! Advanced Gravis Ultrasound GUS PnP

    I had a similar experience with Wing Commander 1 and Sound Blaster 8-bit. When I got it, and then installed a Freak'n SPEECH PACK....WOW. I play around with a lot of vintage computers from an 8086 on up to Pentium 3's, though my sweet spot is the 386 to 486/Pentium 1 era of DOS and early...
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    VERY RARE!!! Advanced Gravis Ultrasound GUS PnP

    Very Rare....Pfft. Not $1000 rare. Now....Try finding a ViperMax NEW IN BOX, NEVER USED. Now THAT is rare. :sneaky::whistle: This guy wants $2,500 for his NOT boxed, NO floppies, bare card. I wonder how much my MINT VIRGIN in box would go for...
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    Adored's RTX 2080 Ti Review Roundup and Analysis

    I support him (and HardOCP btw) via Patreon. Love most of his videos. He really does a great job at analysis, and seems quite thorough.
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    No. BTW Kyle, I signed up for Patreon. Keep it straight, like you've always done.
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    AWE64 GOLD II CT4560 / Creative SoundBlaster

    You're joking.....*face palm*. I love vintage hardware.
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    Traffic Engineers’ Epic Fail

    I rarely post to shit like this, but I have to respond having six children. Natural selection proves itself to be true? How fucking heartless do you have to be to state shit like that? Survival of the fittest? A kid is dead and this is the type of god damn garbage that is allowed on HARDFORUM????
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    I've read a few posts that clocks don't go much higher, even though temps have plummeted (Just like most processes today....). Have you found that to be true? Going water only makes sense if you want lower temps/quiet? BTW. Thanks for the info!
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    How many of you guys are using aftermarket water cooling? Any threads online about waterblocks? I'm not coming up with much with my google skillz....
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    Thanks. Yup, found myself some some 20 meter LC LC SM duplex armored for inexpensive $20. Before installing I'll test them, and at that price I'll run 3-4 of them as redundancy lines. As far as the bend-insensitive, are there any major issues using an LC-LC duplex COUPLER to go from the...
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    So quick question with SM. LC cables are listed as UPC or APC 20 meter SM LC/UPC-LC/UPC 20 meter SM LC/APC-LC/APC I guess APC is angled cut to lower feedback, so aren't most connections based off of UPC? Keystone jacks, cables, etc? I just want to make sure everything lines up and I get...
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    Oh wow! I guess I've been searching incorrectly/incompletely. I thought optics started at $75 used and new at least $125-200 new. Thanks for the heads up. Guess I'll be ordering single mode cable soon.
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    Thanks for the input. I'm new to fiber, so I'll need to ask why. Single mode transceivers seem to be about 4-10x the price for 10gb speeds, and I'm only going maximum 75 feet (if that). I can run single mode cable at the same time to future proof it if I want, but its $57/cable for armored...
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    If i have the 4K content on the HTPC's hard drive, skipping around has no issues. Doing the same thing on the network, 4K takes a bit to catch up on it. As far as OM3, the cable is only $35, the runs simple, and I'm running RG6 and CAT6 anyways. Also, RJ45 10GBe ports are expensive...
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    OM3 is for current 10GBe connections, possibly 25GBe in the future, that don't depend upon CAT5e/6/6a termination reliability. That and most 10GBe SPF+ transceivers are $10-30, so those two-to-four 10GBe ports on a rack switch can finally be used without having to use expensive 10GBe RJ45...
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    Agreed. There's so much you can push over ethernet and CAT5e/CAT6. Until recently, I didn't know you could do 30Hz 4K over CAT5e/6 cables with extenders. That changes a lot for me on media closets/etc. But bman212121, you're correct in saying that conduit is the only right answer. Thanks...
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    Thanks all. I think I'll stick with CAT6 and conduit, along with three runs of 20 metere OM3 multimode preterminated to the office, to home theater and living room TVs. Conduit will include the attic so hopefully be easy future drops to the rooms upstairs, and conduit runs to the office, home...
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    I'll run conduit, the smurf tube stuff, to key locations, but have them empty for future use. There's so much out there to read about fiber, and varying opinions. I have been looking at 15m and 20m OM3 multimode LC-LC pre-terminated for a few runs, mainly from the server closet to my...
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    Exactly what I was thinking with conduit to the outside. Nice big fat 2" pipe, just in case. I do plan to run everything to the basement in a network area with a server rack, so most everything is centrally-located. I'm just not sure of the OM3 bulk. Its just a steal at that price, but...
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    Why the extra RG6? Because I'm not paying someone to run the RG6 wire as I'll be doing it myself, and its dirt cheap, and I'd much rather just run a handful of cables all at once. I had my old house that both RG6 cables were dead going to my office, so no cable modem there. I had to use an...
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    New home wire install...CAT6, OM3, OM4, oh my...

    Building a new house, two story with a basement. Here's my initial thoughts. -RG6x2, CAT6x3 to each bedroom. -RG6x3, CAT6x4 to living room and home theatre -RG6x3, CAT6x6 to office (no need for a switch there) -CAT6x4 to attic, with POE switch located in attic for security camera system...
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    Star Control: Origins

    *happy* mother-f'n *campers* unite! Awesome news!
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    semi-hot? XR382CQK, AKA "UM.TX2AA.001" 38" refurbished ultrawide - $815.14 shipped

    I was googling XR382CQK part number, "UM.TX2AA.001-RB", and found the company COMPSOURCE.COM selling a refurbished (90-day warranty from Acer) one for only $815.14. That's about $115 cheaper than anywhere I've seen this refurbished monitor for sale, and about $250 cheaper than lowest retail...
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    Corsair Labor Day Sale - 15% off NEW gear w/ LABORDAY17

    Thanks! Got the K95 Cherry Brown! NICE! I haven't bought a new keyboard for.......10 years?
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    Visa Is Offering Restaurants $10,000 to Stop Accepting Cash

    You beat me to it katanaD. Checking my credit card statement every month for dubious charges. Sometimes I get a call, most times not. CC companies can go **** themselves. I'm looking at you CHASE.
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    More Affordable 10GBase-T Switches Imminent

    I've done about 100+ terminations with CAT5e/CAT6, but haven't done any testing with 10GB with CAT6a. Since each run is well under the 100 meter specs of 10G (i'm looking at max 150 feet, under half of the spec), I'm hoping my DIY termination works well. Thanks for the heads up!
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    More Affordable 10GBase-T Switches Imminent

    Going to wire my new house soon with CAT6a. Looks fun with 10G coming about.
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    ASUS teasing TRipper @ 5ghz????

    That's basically me. Caselabs case, lots of radiators, built to cool an x58 with SLI hot cards. Now, Ryzen 1700, 32GB of ram and an air-cooled 1080 until Vega gets here.
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    ASUS teasing TRipper @ 5ghz????

    Finally, a reason to have invested in a dual 4x120mm plus one 3x120mm radiator setup for watercooling. That CPU is MASSIVE. Pentium Pro, suck it. lol
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    Post your Ryzen memory speeds!

    Ah ha! You can tell i'm an x58'er (as I haven't upgraded forever). Thanks for taking it easy on an old-timer and being nice about it, young whipper-snapper! I'm really interested in the Ryzen platform, but really wanting 32GB for vmware. 24GB is okay on my x58 hexacore, but an octocore...