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    shared folder/file permissions issue

    We have a shared folder setup with a bunch of subfolders and html files (internal website) User has full permissions to the folder and subfolders, can create new documents in the folder, but can't save changes in the html files when edited with wordpad. It gives an error 'Access to (file) was...
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    Acrobat Reader DC crashes when trying to print

    HP 8470p w/ Windows 7 pro - whenever the user (or myself) tries to print a PDF the program just closes. I've tried removing DC, installing Acrobat XI, reinstalling DC, same issue. I get some errors in event viewer - Log Name: Application Source: Application Error Date...
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    Exchange contacts and GAL updates

    Hey guys - trying to figure this one out. We use Exchange on premise. The owner of the company has his contacts shared out so his assistant can make changes to them. Each employee exists as both a contact in his Outlook, and an entry in the GAL. She periodically makes changes like extension...
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    backup exec 2012 error

    At my new job, we are using Backup Exec 2012, backing up to a Snap Server and then a duplicate job to a Dell tape loader. I've noticed a particular issue on our Exchange backups (this job goes to the Snap Server). Job ended: Thursday, January 08, 2015 at 6:23:11 AM Completed status: Failed...
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    Please don't laugh at me...

    One of our guys still runs XP and needs Visual Studio 2013 which requires at least Windows 7. Is there any way I can run Windows 7 from within XP? It does not look like Virtual PC would work. We may just make him a Windows 7 VM on our ESXi servers that he can RDP into, but I wanted to see if...
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    Sharepoint help needed

    Feel free to move this to the appropriate section... Trying to get the search function to work on Sharepoint 2007 here. I verified that the indexing service is running, everything looks correct under Central Administration. When searching, I get the following error: The search request was...
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    DHCP through point to point

    Ok guys-question time We have a a point to point connecting our office to a branch office, which has its own DC and DHCP server. Both locations are on the same subnet. Is there a way to make DHCP not go through the point to point? They are receiving addresses from our DHCP server. Thanks, Jeff
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    Acrobat Reader problems

    Having an issue when PDFs are emailed here. Person A has Acrobat X 10.1.0, forwards an email to Person B who has Acrobat X 10.1.4 Person B opens the PDF and gets an error 'insufficient data for an image' I am currently running Acrobat XI and get the same issue. When Person A saves the PDF to...
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    problems with Dell Precison M6300

    Having a very weird problem with one of the laptops at work...all of a sudden, the USB ports are not working properly. The devices power on but do not work. I've tried flash drives, USB hard drives, and mice; it is trying to find drivers which do not exist for these things. When I go into...
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    very weird outlook problem`

    We are using imail server, pop3 accounts, outlook 2007. One one specific user's PC, when he moves a message from his inbox to a folder that he has used for a long time, the message does not appear. It simply vanishes into thin air. I verified the current view settings and there are no filters...
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    Access 2007 problems

    I don't normally post in this section, but I'm hoping for some help. Several users here are having an issue in Access 2007. Apparently it is a known bug, where printer settings do not stay saved. I found a hotfix (KB950488) from MS, but it does not want to install. I've got SP1 and SP2...
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    DHCP server questions

    Trying to figure some stuff out at work- Right now, we are using 128.1.1.x. 128.1.2.x, 128.1.4.x, and 128.1.5.x for static IP addresses and 128.1.3.x for DHCP. With our upcoming Cisco phone system, we are concerned about having enough IP addresses. I was trying to add 128.1.6.x to the DHCP...
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    batch script with gpudate

    having a weird problem here- one of our shop floor computers has a need to access certain internal webpages which are allowed by the proxy in our group policy. every week or two, it mysteriously stops working, and when I go a gpudate /force and reboot, it works again. can someone point me in the...
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    itunes wont run

    I am installing itunes on a user's computer (XP 32 bit) When the download and install completes and itunes tries to open, I get the following: DDE Server Window: iTunes.exe - Application Error The instruction at "0x06621040" referenced memory ad "0x06621040" The memory could not be...
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    print spooler not running

    Having a weird problem on a laptop (XP pro) here after cleaning up virus/malware... For some reason the print spooler will not stay running. There are no printers installed and I am trying to install win2pdf (converts documents to pdf) and I am able to momentarily start the service so the...
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    strange problem browsing

    Got a helpdesk ticket yesterday that has me baffled! The user was complaining of internet issues. He can browse certain sites but not google or yahoo. I've run multiple scans of AVG and MalwareBytes and have come up clean. Checked IP and DNS settings and all seems fine. I've got to be missing...
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    group policy/proxy question

    At work (manufacturing company), we have the internet restricted on the shop floor PCs. This is done through a proxy in group policy. There are a few sites such as the corporate intranet that they are able to access. I'm currently trying to allow access to which is our CRM. I've...
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    System Administrator Day!

    Tomorrow is System Administrator day! I get to celebrate the first week of my new job, I am the new network administrator for a 150 employee manufacturing company here in Cleveland. Maybe my boss and I will get a cake tomorrow (LOL)
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    dell inspiron 545s video card

    I've got a dell inspiron 545s that I am fixing, and the onboard video card stopped working...aka there is no display. I got a PCI video card, put it in, and connected the monitor, still nothing. How can I update the BIOS if I can't see the screen...any hope for me?
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    backup advice

    I have one of 'those' customers..stuck in the dark ages. Small law office, 5 PCs, all XP home or pro. Peer to peer network with one of the PC's acting as a server with a shared drive. Their current 'backup' is to copy the shared 'F' drive to the C drive of one of the workstations. They have a...
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    can someone help me?

    I took this pic with my camera phone. Can't figure out how to get all the extra light out of it. Can someone help? Thanks- Jeff
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    hp pavillion wireless has disappeared

    A friend of mine has an HP Pavillion TX1000 notebook and the wireless adapter has vanished. I tried a number of things-reinstalling drivers, flashing the bios, reseating the card-all to no avail. Of course, it is out of warranty and HP wants to charge an obscene amount of money just for phone...
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    Dell Latitude D530 memory upgrade

    Hey Guys- I have a Dell Latitude D530 and I want to upgrade the RAM. Right now I have 1GB (2 sticks of 512) According to my manual, it can take up to 4GB of RAM. However, I want to clear up whether Windows XP Pro will support that much. I would probably be fine with just 2GB... Thanks in advance-
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    need some backup advice

    One of my customers is a small law office. About a half dozen computers, peer to peer network. They save everything to an 'F' drive which is just a shared drive on one of the computers. Their backup system now consists of plugging in external hard drives and copying folders from the 'F' drive to...
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    cisco 2611 reset

    Hey guys- I've got a Cisco 2611 router that I'm trying to reset the passwords on. I bought the router used. When I power the router on and hit control-break, it does nothing. I've tried HyperTerminal as well as PuTTY with the same results. On my laptop, the pause and break key are the same, I...
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    got a new HD, having problems

    I picked up a 500GB SATA hard drive today...WD5000KSRTL. I put the drive in the computer, it's the only drive on the system. Ran the install cd from WD and setup partitions. I then put my Windows Server 2003 cd in and attempted to install. It gets to the setup screen but then says there is no...
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    Pictures of a couple recent jobs

    1) Replaced an old Panasonic phone system with a newer one, cleaned up all the wiring Album: 2) Cleaned up a mess of wiring in a basement, mounted a patch panel and tested all jacks in the basement. They have 12 jacks in the basement...
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    laptop internet problem

    I've been trying to help a friend with their Dell Inspiron 1505 laptop. It will connect fine for a while but after about an hour the connection goes out (using ethernet, not wireless) We have tried different cables, using her computer in another network jack in her apartment, but still the same...
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    photochop needed

    I am horrible at photoshop...can someone change this to say 'Matt Rubin for honorary employee of the month' The stuff at the bottom can stay.
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    Shared printer problem

    Ok guys, I went to help a customer today. Small office with 5 workstations running XP pro, and a server running 2003. They have 2 shared printers. One, an HP, was not working properly. It was a USB printer connected to one of the workstations. It was setup as a shared printer on each of the...
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    very weird HD problem

    I got an old NT Voicemail PC from my dad's work. Amd 300 Mhz processor, not sure the kind of motherboard. It had 2 4 gig drives in it with a dupli disk. I swapped those for a 30gb Western Digital WD300. It booted into OS/2 which the older voicemails use. I wanted to reformat and install XP but...
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    led question

    Is it possible to make a string of LEDs and somehow connect it, through a power supply, to 120 volts ac? A kid I know is making lamps out of bottles and wants to possibly use LEDs inside. I know you can make a chain of LEDs but not sure how the power would factor in...
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    quick hard drive question

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    reformatting hd

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    memory question

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    usb flash drive issue

    Ok. I have a 15 dollar micro center 1GB flash drive. maybe that's the first problem. but anyway I was home for the weekend and needed to put some stuff on the drive to take back to school. well it worked fine all issues. however when i went to plug it in here at school, i got an...
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    photochop request

    ok so i suck at photoshop...anyway i want to photochop a stage light falling on a person. here is the victim and here is the stage light thanks guys
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    powering a car audio amp

    Hey- New to this part of [H]... Anyway, my buddy has a car audio amp/subs that he wants to connect to his A/V receiver. The amp uses 12V DC. The two fuses on the amplifier are 2A and 40A. So I assume it needs 40A DC maximum. Is there any computer power supply that could put out this much...
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    email issues

    Hoping someone may have some insight on this. I currently use Outlook 2003 to manage my Adelphia email and my college email. For some reason, I can not send messages from my Adelphia email account through Outlook. I get an error message saying this, for example Your message did not reach some...
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    Gateway driver issues

    I am trying to fix a Gateway ESX 500S PC for a customer of mine. I reformatted and reinstalled Windows, which went fine. However, drivers for audio, video, and network are missing. So I downloaded them from Gateway, put them on my flash drive, and transferred them. However, they did not work. I...