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  1. Jpat

    Gigabyte MoBo And AMD FX

    Hey there, I recently got a massive donation of used computer parts from a shut down computer shop. 95% of it is Pentium 4, its like 25 different GPUs, 10 Mobos, 500 sticks of ram. Just a mass of stuff that will pick the best of for my collection and send the rest away Anyway the most modern...
  2. Jpat

    Cheap PC upgrade

    So its corona time. Iam bored as hell and i dont have a modern pc, i have a pc i played on in 2008 its just a plain old black box with an old Asus motherboard with an intell core duo and windows xp. it played Return to castle wolfenstien on the highest setting and i was happy! I have almost...
  3. Jpat

    Windows 95. Seriously

    Hey there, Iam new to the forum, Ive been searching for old tech knowledge and i cant seam to find a good active forum so iam hoping someone can help me here in the last few years ive been collecting old tech, Ti comouters, NES, Segas, and especial pentium 2s. i picked up a sweet HP computer...