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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Picked up playing Borderlands 2 co-op with my brother again since he is working from home now. Played a bunch 4 years ago, just got around to picking it up again.
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    WTB: 4X 4gb sticks of DDR2 desktop ram

    4x4GB of DDR2 is likely prohibitively expensive, especially for Intel systems as they couldn't use the "high density" memory. 4x2GB is much easier to come by. I have 4x2GB at home right now if you're interested. I took a picture. I have 4 sticks of that memory. If you're interested, PM me.
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    Pixel Class Action Lawsuit - Anyone get money?

    So when the class action lawsuit came around over the OG Pixel and the microphone issues, etc. came around, I filled out the online form. They wanted "documentation" so I pulled up my replacement part purchases on Ebay and used those using the snipping tool to add them as a .jpg to the form. I...
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    PSU nuked GPU

    There really isn't enough information here to make that determination.
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    Simple Backup NAS machine

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    Asus B350-F vs B450-F

    Nice to hear about your experience. I had the B350-F board and thought it was great for what it was.
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    Warm? CORSAIR CV 650W 80+ Bronze PSU = $39.99 A/R

    Maybe, but the CV is at least bronze efficiency rated. I don't think the VS is.
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    Warm? CORSAIR CV 650W 80+ Bronze PSU = $39.99 A/R

    I have one of these powering my brother's computer (3600, B450, 1070) and it works fine. I think $39AR was about what I paid for it.
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    Nvidia drivers

    Honestly, I've found the bulk of people complaining about AMD drivers are people who have never used the cards and are parroting others (obviously there are people with real issues, fortunately, I haven't been one of them in 8 tries with Vega or Navi cards). I would think that there are better...
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    Question on installing 2 pairs of RAM w differing capacity

    Do a memory bandwidth test and see what gets you better performance. I think if you don't have matching capacities in each channel you will revert to single channel. I think that the answers given are slightly vague. The way you have your setup is the way that ryan_975 described it. viivo...
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    Why are there rebates on cases and PSUs so often?

    I wouldn't say it's PSU's and cases. It's Corsair running rebates who makes both cases and PSUs.
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    Android: can't install updates over mobile data?

    It's not congestion. It's a conscious choice by Moto to "protect" ignorant customers of using all their allotted mobile data for the month. I mean no offense, but the E6 isn't exactly geared toward high end users. More likely the people who are generally capped at 5GB/month or less. If your...
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    3600 and -.1v offset - to reduce heat. Are you still using it?

    Yeah that's what I meant. I thought I remember seeing a new power plan as part of the chipset driver update.
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    3600 and -.1v offset - to reduce heat. Are you still using it?

    Try the new chipset drivers (3/19/20)? Some have reported lower temps. Might be a tweaked AMD Power plan in there.
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    Asetek mounting question AM4

    I have a Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120. It appears to be based on the tried and true Asetek circle design with the tabs around the block. It was released way before AM4 came out. Can I just buy an AM4 adapter for another Asetek rebranded cooler like something from Corsair...
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    POLL: Collector's Items - Your Expertise Needed...

    It really depends on the production. Anything can be a "limited edition." You can still buy brand new 5700XT AE's from Dell.
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    Apple ARM Based MacBooks and iMacs to come in 2021

    You don't remember the market share they had last time they had a non x86 architecture?
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    Apple ARM Based MacBooks and iMacs to come in 2021

    It saves them money. It does nothing to assist their market share if anything it will hurt it.
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    POLL: Collector's Items - Your Expertise Needed...

    I'm not sure they will ever be worth much more than what you paid for them, so I'd probably build something with them now...
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    Apple ARM Based MacBooks and iMacs to come in 2021

    Seems like it would move them further into the niche category. One of their "market dominances" isn't the notebook or desktop computer space...
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    Dolphin Development Hardware

    That is pretty neat as far as dev hardware goes. Not $2500 worth of neat, but it was worth the click.
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    Is it possible to predict when my SSD is going to fail ?

    Is that relevant for SSDs?
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    WTB: beefy GPU

    Good. Maybe I can get a discount on an open box return! I had a 2080 and thought it was overpriced and went back to a 5700xt. Go figure. Bump for you. Edit: In fairness, I've never had any of the black screen/hard lock issues.
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    WTB: Mid/high end CPU+mobo+ram combo, something like ryzen 3600 or intel 9700k or similar

    That's a lot for that memory. I got a set of RipJawsV 3600 at Cas 19 that does Cas 16 with Ryzen 3000. I think it was $110 for 32GB.
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    FS: Ryzen 7 3700X, Radeon RX 5700 XT, MSI X570 MB

    I thought the big "SOLD" next to it is a pretty good indication it's no longer for sale. But then again, what do I know...
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    AMD upgrade or not with corona govt check of 1,200 Bucks?

    I would probably get a 3900x personally and then sell the 3700x for ~$250. Save the rest of the money for random expenses. I mean that's what it's supposed to be for.
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    Cooler for my 2013 i7?

    Do you have two fans for your current cooler? Slap another fan on there in push/pull and see if it helps. Probably your cheapest option.
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    AMD upgrade or not with corona govt check of 1,200 Bucks?

    I think if you're looking to upgrade from that setup, then you don't need the money :p.
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    Case Reset Button, no workie?

    Maybe they'll just send you the part you need. Corsair's website is pretty good about the individual parts for cases. It might be the whole switch assembly, but they usually have the parts.
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    Case Reset Button, no workie?

    Reset pins don't make a difference what way they are attached. All you do is complete a circuit by pushing the button. I would guess the switch in the case is bad.
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    Simple Processor / Memory Support Question

    Then there very well may be a motherboard issue.
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    Simple Processor / Memory Support Question

    No, 4 memory channels doesn't refer to 4 memory slots. Did you test all of the memory individually? Do all 8 sticks work when you run them say 2 at a time?
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    Looking at a 5700XT or Nvidia equivalent: is now the time to buy?

    Used - 5700XT or 2070/2060S New - 5700XT or 2060S I've seen the MSI 5700XT Evoke for $335 recently from NE. Most of the people in the forums have them around $325-340. I've seen a 2060S in the forums for ~$340 and new they are closer to $379. Used 2070 pricing is closer to the new 2060S...
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    This AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU and SSD bundle is on sale for $449.98

    $50 is 10%, which isn't bad if you're looking to buy both of them. The problem is like a lot of "combos" that you can't pick yourself. They pick something high end that you want (3900x) and then combo it with something you don't (low capacity drive). If this were say the 1TB version for $499...
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    This AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU and SSD bundle is on sale for $449.98

    It was a 1 day sale. Ended yesterday.
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    FS: Motorola Moto G8 Plus Unlocked Dual Sim Cell

    I'm guessing it's the international version as it doesn't work with CDMA carriers (like Republic Wireless) and it was bought in Europe.
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    FS: Asrok z390i phantom, bnib ncase m1 V6.1

    Z370 or Z390? Your title says one and the descriptions says another.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ampere GPU to sport 4,992 CUDA cores and 12 GB of 18 Gbps VRAM

    Could be an issue of fab space? Supposedly AMD is now the #1 customer of TSMC's 7nm node. When you're the #1 customer, you can command more wafers (much like more recently Apple).
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    Looking at a 5700XT or Nvidia equivalent: is now the time to buy?

    I'm sorry you feel insulted by my pointing out the shortcomings of your favored graphics card manufacturer. Unlike yourself, I've used a handful of Navi cards, a handful of Vega cards, more than a handful of Pascal, and a handful of Turing. If you are contemplating buying now (like the OP)...