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    Metro: Exodus

    as long as your using “pretty much” as the benchmark, there’s pretty much no difference between RTX on and RTX off in the majority of the game, so you might as well leave it off and gain a huge amount of performance.
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    Upgrade from an i7 6950X?

    Not worth it yet. Maybe take another look with next gen Ryzen 4xxx. I personally will probably wait til AM5 socket from my 6950x
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    FS: Unopened Refurb 1080TI Zotac AMP Edition

    I had a Zotac 1080TI card fail. Sent it back, and Zotac sent me a refurb. I haven't even opened the box or unsealed it. I'm not going to use it, as I already have an RTX 2080 card in use on my gaming machine. $425 shipped PS - I'm not going to sell to someone that doesn't have a good...
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    Ryzen 9 4900hs reviews are out. AMD finally caught up to Intel IPC

    In this climate? AMD stock isn’t assured to go up if they were 2x as fast as anything Intel offered. In 2008 when the markets crashed Tech comanies crashed hard. So far AMD hasn’t performed a repeat, but theres still plenty of time.
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    5700 XT Anniversary Edition -$369.99

    Befrugal has 4% off on Dell.
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    Not much of a heatsink on that SX350? Less power use or expected active cooling?
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    Metro: Exodus

    I think there were some deals early on. I don't console game right now so not sure. I do have the PC game pass. $5 a month standalone. I thought both console and PC pass together were $15 a month. Not sure why console is $10 compared to $5 for PC except on console they know you are locked in.
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    Metro: Exodus

    Just do Microsoft Game Pass for $5 for a month. It and a bunch of other titles are on that service. You can cancel after one month.
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    Crytek is hinting at a remastered version of Crysis

    Hunt Showdown is probably the best looking game on PC right now and it is Crytek. first few minutes of this video show why
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    You can watch 'Star Trek: Picard' for free right now thanks to Patrick Stewart

    Regular trail as best I can tell. I started signing up till it wanted my CC, and inserted the coupon code GIFT and it still wanted my CC to finish my registration. Yeah, no. I’m not interested in all these one off little island subscriptions. Not gonna do it.
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    You can watch 'Star Trek: Picard' for free right now thanks to Patrick Stewart

    Have to sign up for a subscription to get a free month and cancel from the looks of it. Sorry, not giving them my CC, so I can jump through the cancellation hoops.
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    Intel Rocket Lake-S Platform Detailed, Features PCIe 4.0 and Xe Graphics

    Why is that 2020/2021 board/chipsets have no real world improvement over my 2017 x99 HEDT board? Yawn... I see a couple new standards on there. PCI-E 4x. - largely unused by anything. I see Thunderbolt 4. (never used anything Thunderbolt - except on my work macbook pro). I see HDMI 2.0b on...
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    4K Firestick $25 shipped from Amazon for Prime Members (half off)

    if If so I wonder what the criteria was as I already bought two 4K firesticks in the past year from amazon and I still qualified for the promotion so I bought third. They really are a nice piece of kit for $25 Very fast, very responsive, easy voice interaction and searching. Good third party...
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    4K Firestick $25 shipped from Amazon for Prime Members (half off)
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    On paper GPU in Xbox Series X faster than RTX 2080 Super

    Show me some data for this. PC gaming didn't have a dark age between 2005 and 2009. I was a PC gamer during that time as were my friends. I also had a 360 and PS3. No PC gamer thought PC gaming was going to die during this era. That was all clickbait articles. There wasn't a lack of PC...
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    On paper GPU in Xbox Series X faster than RTX 2080 Super

    Well then we simply see things differently. As a middle aged man in America, I know lots of people who “foolishly” (to my subjective preference/need) overspend in a hobby they love. Myself included in that lot as others would view my audio hobby/spending. There are definitely PC gamers that...
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    On paper GPU in Xbox Series X faster than RTX 2080 Super

    Won’t matter. Never has. People will still buy their $800 3080 in the face of $600 full standalone consoles that are 80 or 90% as fast. In the world of possible hobbies - elite system computer gaming is incredibly cheap. Nvidia knows this. Has said as much. Thats why they have been somewhat...
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    On paper GPU in Xbox Series X faster than RTX 2080 Super

    No it isn’t the first time a console was able to take on the high end PC market. The original xbox had a graphics card that was more advanced than the consumer cards at the time of its announcement, as did the xbox360, IIRC, as a long time enthusiast. By the time both consoles came out that...
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    9700K vs 9900K in gaming 1440P only!

    IMO you'll want to match the next gen console's specs of 8 core 16 thread if buying for the long term. Game engines will be upgraded to take advantage of those 16 threads within the next year or two.
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    3600x 3700x , 3800x vs 9900K for gaming

    game development and existing game engine optimization will be based on console hardware heavily starting at the end of this year. Consoles are basically going to have a Ryzen 8 core, 16 thread, current gen 3.5Ghz (PS5) to 3.8Ghz processor (Xbox Series X) If you pick a 3700x you'll be set for...
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    How profitable is mining, really?

    you are 3 years too late. seriously. now it's pennies. This information is still generally accurate, and easy to see and understand for greenhorns. Select your card, select your electricity rate, and see your generally negative earnings unless you have newest gen hardware...
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    How to virtualize Church Service

    Probably broadcasting the sermon is most important. They want a static url we can provide for the services and something like facebook live is probably dynamic/point in time. That zoom service might be a good start at $15 a month
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    How to virtualize Church Service

    My pastors asked a small group of us parishioners to think about how we could have Church online in the Coronovirus wave. Skype, Facebook Live, etc. probably less than 100 people. Looking for suggestions to explore, as this is not my wheelhouse.
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    I had a pair in crossfire and they were fantastic cards. I bought them when they were discounted to $400ish new. Crossfire was fantastic on them. Ran out of VRAM though at a certain point with eyefinity at triple screen 1440p
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    Xbox X & PS5 graphics hardware will finally kiss goodbye to weird-looking hair

    Witcher 3 hair looked fine on xbox and ps4 consoles at launch 4ish years ago
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    On paper GPU in Xbox Series X faster than RTX 2080 Super

    If Microsoft loaded some variant of Windows 10 on these consoles and gave it a web browser, wireless keyboard and mouse, and a skype cam - it probably would replace the majority of PCs as we know them.
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    1080 TI or 5700 XT?

    1080ti AMD drivers have been lackluster lately
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    should I be happy with this ram oc or keep pushing either frequency or timings here? (3000mhz cl15 kit at 3600mhz cl16)

    What do you use the system for? If for gaming you’ll be hard pressed to ever tell the difference in real world use.
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    What X570 mobo for 3700X?

    The Gigabyte UD x570 for $120 shipped on newegg today gets my vote simply for cost Otherwise the Asus Tuf or Gigabyte Aorous Elite are the two midrange bang for buck at $180ish
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    3900X @ NEWEGG, Walmart, Amazon & B&H -- $420 Free Shipping STILL GOOD

    Same price at b&h with no tax.
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    Newegg - $120 x570 motherboard - free shipping subscribers only.

    Gigabyte UD x570 use promocode EMCDEDF29:
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    BigBrain Have you tried the WD drivers from post 86?
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    Uninstall everything you've done so far and follow the great instructions in post 86. That got me going.
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    Intel's Plan to beat AMD

    What? Apple makes up less than 10% of the market on laptops and desktops and effectively none of the market for enterprise or datacenters. (Which is where the big money is) Why are you saying way less than 10% of the overall CPU market would keep the giant afloat?
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    I'm not telling you how to use your computer. My post was very mild. I used to do push my overclocking hard too...going as far as putting my computer in the freezer 20 some years ago in college to see just how high I could go on my P4, since I didn't have access to liquid nitrogen or a...
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    Maybe work towards making your PC stable. That seems more like a frustration to me. If your PC is stable, then the 10 minute error scan is of no consequence. Not a jab -- just something to consider. We've talked about this earlier in the thread. If you are overclocking that last 1% of...
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    Ive owned the Behringer Truths and the lsr305 and lsr306 The Truths were my favorite for sound quality, but I didn’t find them easy to hook up to my PC for desktop stereo. Their gain structure made it hard to match to my onboard sound card. They were also MUCH bigger than the lsr305