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    PSU nuked GPU

    Are they both modular? If so maybe he made the mistake of not swapping all the cables out. Easy to blow something up doing that.
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    Nvidia Drivers 445.75

    Should have nothing to do with your bios/ability to post. I'd keep an eye out for potential psu or mobo failure.
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    High temperatures on Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti waterforce

    The G12 isn't hard OP, but if you have no idea what you're doing take it to whoever you bought it from and ask them to RMA it.
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    High temperatures on Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti waterforce

    RMA it if possible. If not I agree with the others, failed (or failing) pump most likely.
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    Tech Jesus goes on a tear about size.

    I prefer reading a review article. YT is the perfect medium for rants.
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    This Was A MASSIVE Mistake - I Broke A $1000 Motherboard

    As someone who does this a fair bit the damage wasn't bad at all. But I agree with Frgmstr that x399 is a pita due to the amount of pins. Honestly I don't like working on X99 or x299 either. Recommend a nice set of tweezers if you're going to attempt it.
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    Question for the veterans of PC gaming: why was the Radeon 9700 Pro such a big deal?

    For me it was the first AMD card I ever bought. I owned their CPUs before but never a GPU. I bought the 5800 and was just not satisfied with the performance and especially the noise/temps. It taught me an important lesson about brand loyalty.
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    older motherboards drivers

    The motherboard sites often stop updating after a very short time. I have often used W10 drivers page for W7 because it was more recent.
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    Life can really suck sometimes, believe me I know it. Good luck out there and thanks for speaking up!
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    NVIDIA Announces DLSS 2.0 and New GeForce 445.75 Game Ready Drivers

    Pretty true for me. I did however get a 2080 ti at a great price so the extra performance is welcome. I still haven't even bothered with RTX or DLSS. But I typically wait a while to buy new games often for the bugs and other stuff to get patched. I do like this DLSS 2.0 though, looks very...
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    Best cooling solution for i9-9900K

    You need to double check the cooler seating and bios settings. Dan is right idle is way too high, it should idle in the 30s.
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    Can you explain what's wrong with my PC?

    If you have static electricity issues I highly suggest using gloves or the ground strap when touching internal components. Check the CPU socket for bent pins. Otherwise the board may be damaged.
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    So do you wait for 3060 / 3070, given they ~seem~ relatively close, or get a 2060 / 2070 Super today?

    If you play lots of stuff that you could really use it for I'd probably upgrade now. Mainly because we have no idea what the next several months will bring and if you're going to be at home doing more gaming it's going to be worth it.
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    Wraith cooler - use the supplied thermal paste or replace with my own?

    Why bother asking if you've already seemed to decide on what you're going to do? And I don't know that Ryzen cpus "run hot" or what that even means.
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    which RTX 2080 Ti ?

    Do you have a really hot case? I got the same results as you with temps but did not have to do 90% fans. I just had a more aggressive than stock fan curve. Great card though.
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    RTX 2080 ti, cooler suddenly loud

    Read Armenius' post again, he explained it well.
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    EVGA RTX 2080 XC Fan Connector

    I've had mixed results with those adapters. I'd rather just use the mobo fan headers and make a custom curve using the PCI-e temp sensor. If your mobo lacks a sensor (or even better would be a custom one you can connect to the GPU) then I'd get the adapter.
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    3600x 3700x , 3800x vs 9900K for gaming

    It's very powerful, has 8 cores, can't lose!
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    anyone else here able to reach a human on the phone at ASUS Customer Service?

    Not sure, I had to use the chat. Check browser for blocking pop-ups. Their customer support is awful, good luck my friend.
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    Ray Tracing Without RT Hardware

    No need to get butthurt over someone not head over heels for a new graphics tech. I did not ask for that response at all.
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    DOOM Eternal - Official

    Looks really good to me, big fan of 2016. Only thing I'm worried about is they say it's 2x as long as the first and I hope that doesn't mean a bunch of filler. 2016's length was great imo.
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    Ray Tracing Without RT Hardware

    Some of us prefer performance over shadow quality, no need to be a prick.
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    Ray Tracing Without RT Hardware

    Watched the first few mins, no way would I use that due to the performance drop. That's just my opinion though, never been big on RTX in general.
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    memory slots failing - Is the memory controller on the motherboard or in the CPU (Intel 3930K CPU, X79 chipset)

    Probably do need to replace it. Unless you can use C and D slots without issue. Lots of times only one bank of memory fails.
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    Buy 2080Ti now, or wait for holidays?

    lol, typically a crusty old conservative crowd.
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    Buy 2080Ti now, or wait for holidays?

    This is a hardware enthusiast forum, the sample is going to be biased hugely in one direction.
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    AT&T lowers price for 1 Gbps fiber to $39.99/$49.99 a month for the first year then $59.99/$69.99 after

    You need to put caps on everyone so someone can download the Apex update while someone is currently playing. I agree you could use more speed to make it better but you would still have to cap everyone to stop someone from lagging everyone else.
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    Upgrade CPU or GPU? (2500k@4.0/GTX 780)

    Agreed. That or a used 1070 is a phenomenal value for 1080p.
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    Will we ever need more than 1 top end card from now on? Will SLI ever be seamless hardware wise?

    Yeah but if it's close I'd be okay. But chances are I'll just hold on to my 1440p monitor longer. Best thing I bought several years ago.
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    Will we ever need more than 1 top end card from now on? Will SLI ever be seamless hardware wise?

    Well it's a good thing I don't give a rat's ass about RTX then I guess! :)
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    Will we ever need more than 1 top end card from now on? Will SLI ever be seamless hardware wise?

    I have actually held off on the 4k/120hz new monitor purchase because the 2080 ti is almost there for 1440p/144hz imo. That's with no RTX consideration. Hopefully the 3080 ti can do 4k/120hz w/ rtx enabled.
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    Anyone here fix cpu's with bent pins?

    I do this a lot on intel boards, PM'd.
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    Best Eight-Core CPU Battle: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X vs Intel Core i7-9700K

    Sorry but when you have some crap in your sig explaining why you prefer AMD (never released a bad product, am I right?) it's pretty obvious.
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    Best Eight-Core CPU Battle: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X vs Intel Core i7-9700K

    Well the only person defending this "review" is an admitted AMD fanboy so I'd say you're right on the money.
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    FS: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC ULTRA

    Just a heads up I can't see the photo.
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    Gigabyte Offices Raided

    Yeah it's basically anecdotal evidence: the thread. Kicked off by the guy who stuck with a bulldozer cpu.
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    How long to make payment?

    I typically give 24hrs if there's multiple buyers in line. I've definitely given more time if there isn't though.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Anyone need a small FF PSU? I have a Thermaltake smart 500W that I don't need. I already gave away the case it was going to be used with. PM me if interested. This is the model: PENDING...