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  1. Emission

    Anyone running a Ryzen 3 2200G? Does it run hot?

    Picked up one of these the other day to use in my HTPC, and the performance is pretty good despite some bugs I'm trying to work out, but I noticed it runs awfully hot. I had an extra Wraith Spire laying around, which is beefier than the Wraith Stealth that the 2200G comes with, so I figured it...
  2. Emission

    Microcenter Samsung UJ590 4K 32" Freesync Monitor $329

    Great deal on a really nice monitor. Bought 2 so far, no issues.
  3. Emission

    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 4K Gaming Laptop

  4. Emission

    ASUS Strix RX 470 4GB

    ASUS Strix RX 470 4GB
  5. Emission

    Ryzen 7 1700, 1700X, 1800X - $50 to $100 off w/ compatible Motherboard @ Micro Center

    Ryzen 7 1700 @ MC Ryzen 7 1700X @ MC Ryzen 7 1800X @ MC Makes me wish I needed one :eek:. Edit: added 1700x, 1800x links.
  6. Emission

    Noctua NF-F12 PWM not living up to expectations

    TL;DR: Replaced my pull-only top-mounted fans on an XSPC EX240, from Corsair H60 fans to Noctua NF-F12 PWM's. Small noise difference with both at full speed, but a noticeable decrease in air flow. The specs suggest otherwise, and for $30 a fan, this kinda sucks. What's up with this? (I included...
  7. Emission

    MacBook Air 11 Early 2014, 1.4 GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, with Accessories

    Unit is in excellent condition, upgraded to Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and wiped clean ready to set-up like new. Comes with an Incase Black carrying bag and the Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. Everything comes in the original packaging which is also in excellent condition...
  8. Emission

    Recommendations for a mouse that stands up to absurd amounts of right-clicking

    Basically, I'm looking for a mouse that will stand up to the abuse of a typical League of Legends player, preferably for more than 6 months. I have a CM Storm Sentinel Advance II whose right-click button is now totally flat after playing LoL casually for 6 months. It's impossible to use it...
  9. Emission

    My PowerMac G5 -> PC Case mod: Apollo

    I get a bit impatient with doing mods and just get right to work, so I don't usually stop to take pictures of any of the processes. I wasn't going to post this mod originally but I got a request to do so from another member, in my for sale thread for the old G5 parts. I'll document as much as I...
  10. Emission

    LGA 1155 or LGA 2011?

    Gonna be looking to upgrade soon and I just want some opinions. Gonna do this quick run-down list style. - I do a lot of multitasking, and I tend to do this multitasking while gaming too. I basically want something that won't slow down on me while I'm running a bunch of things, ever. - I'd...
  11. Emission

    A10-5800K overclocks?

    Just posting this for a quick heads up on what kind of overclocks you A10-5800K guys have out there.
  12. Emission

    Anybody know anything about the Galaxy Journal (aka Note for Verizon)?

    I did some brief research and saw that there was a petition put together for it but don't have much more to go on. The Galaxy Note is a beautiful hybrid device and having it on the Verizon network with 4G LTE would make my day big time. Does anybody know any more about this device or work at...
  13. Emission

    I was just robbed minutes ago, is there anything I can do about my phone?

    I didn't think it would ever happen to me, but I was mugged about an hour ago. Honestly, if this post isn't in the right place then please move it. At this point I don't know if I'll ever see my phone again, if anyone has any info on how I can find it despite that I don't have any "phone...
  14. Emission

    Overclocking i3-530 on MSI P55M-GD41, need some advice

    I just built the system [H]ades in the signature and need some tips on overclocking with this board, it's a bit weird. I had to go through some hoops to get the system to even accept non-default clock settings but I finally got it to cooperate somewhat. So far the only thing I've been doing is...
  15. Emission

    E3-1230 compatible with desktop 1155 sockets? (H67 chipset). Upgrading from i3.

    I was reading around the forums that it's a pretty good value for the price and that it has excellent performance. I'm currently only running an i3-2100T right now and wouldn't mind having the upgrade to kinda complete my system since my CPU is the only thing thats really behind. I game a...
  16. Emission

    What type of threads do bulgin 22mm switches use?

    I did a quick search around the forums and a lot of google searching and I cannot for the life of me find this simple piece of info. I'm working on a custom case design and I'd like to incorporate bulgin switches. If I can, I'd like to have the mounting holes themselves tapped with the...
  17. Emission

    Project ARIAS: The ever evolving suitcase mod.

    In the fear that I may lose some of your interest with a long drawn-out introduction, I'm revising my explanations to make everything short, sweet, and to the point. I'm building this because I need something more portable. I can't be bothered with a gaming laptop because it's too expensive...
  18. Emission

    Building a suitcase computer, ideal case suggestions?

    I've been toying with the idea for a while, and unfortunately haven't found too many helpful threads on the subject here at [H], but I'm looking for an ideal suitcase/briefcase that will fit all of the necessary computer components in it (sig rig), and preferably a monitor too (LG W2243T)...
  19. Emission

    ATI Driver Issue? HD 5000 Series

    Well, I'm getting pretty close to tossing ATi out the window in favor of Nvidia purely on the basis that Nvidia drivers can't be anywhere near this bad. My HD 5830 is a sweet card, really is. I can run it at 985 Core / 1315 Mem all day, game for hours, and I don't have problems, but when it...
  20. Emission

    Thinking about DSL, need some details.

    Hopefully this is in the right section, wasn't sure where else to place this inquiry. Anyway, I'm thinking about getting DSL service for my dorm room here at college. The internet inside the dorms is shittastic at best, and it's quite frustrating when you're trying to game or do anything...
  21. Emission

    VGA to HDMI adapter/cable? Do they work?

    Let me first say that I did not know where to place this inquiry, and figured that the Displays forum would make sense since this pertains to a television cable. I have a 42" HDTV, with only HDMI and component Y/Pb/Pr for connecting high definition devices. I'd like to connect devices...
  22. Emission

    Is the DD-CPX submersible?

    I basically just want to know if the small block style DD-CPX Pro pumps are able to run submerged in water. I have an idea for a setup and it would be a lot easier to execute if the pump could just sit in the water. The wires disappear into the case of the pump and it isn't clear whether the...
  23. Emission

    Processor compatibility question for a Dell Inspiron 8200

    This is probably a long shot, but I figured I would ask anyway. I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop that uses an Intel 845MP chipset and makes use of Mobile Pentium 4 processors of socket 479 (technically 478, as 1 pin is missing from these CPUs). The chipset is a very similar match for the...
  24. Emission

    Differences between 3/8" ID and 1/2" ID tubing?

    I've been using 3/8" ID tubing in my system without issue for a while now, and I've been curious all along if moving up to 1/2" ID tubing would provide a noticeable improvement in performance. My setup is listed below: - DD-CPX 12v Pump - Swiftech MCRES-MICRO Reservoir - Thermochill PA...
  25. Emission

    HD 4850 volt mods? Preferrably software/BIOS based?

    I googled the topic of volt-modding the 4850 and came up with a bunch of threads back from 2008, and I was wondering if anyone had any more recent information on the topic. I have a 4850 that's being spoiled with watercooling and cold weather, it's at stock volts and clocked at 725 Core 1100...
  26. Emission

    PPD on GPU-based folding, ATI vs Nvidia?

    This is an inquiry I'm throwing out there to all GPU folders. I once used Nvidia cards for folding, but have since sold/got rid of them for various reasons (ex: my last one died), and have switched over to ATI for budget reasons. With my E-VGA 9600 GSO, I was netting around 4800 PPD, GPU alone...
  27. Emission

    Project Box-Of-Heatsinks: AKA Chernobyl. 56K *OK*

    Well, to make the long story short and sweet, I decided to upgrade my AMD based 6000+ system to an Intel 45nm system with some spare cash that I received from some hardware sales, and I decided to go all-out while I was at it. My objective for this build was to squeeze out as much performance as...
  28. Emission

    VGA Heatsink Compatibility Question (E-VGA 8800GTS 512)

    I have the VGA Card stated in the title, and I've been anxious to get a better (quieter) cooling solution for it. I want to know how well a 9800GTX/+ cooler mates to a regular G92 card like the 8800GTS. 90% of the mounting holes appear to line up from the looks of it, I want to know if all of...
  29. Emission

    Questions on transformer hum.

    Okay, so I built this kit not too long ago, and it sounds wonderful: But the issue is, its powered by a dual 12v AC output from this transformer: While...
  30. Emission

    Need a Motherboard: High FSB Overclocking for a Celeron 4xx System (Nova Rebuild)

    In regards to my project: I'm wondering about motherboard choices for this system. I'm not looking to spend excess amounts, and I was eyeing the ASUS P5K SE as I've heard good things about the P5K series of boards.
  31. Emission

    Re-building Nova; TEC Cooling + E4500 = :D

    Hey guys! I'm back again, and this time I'm getting an itch for some cold clocking action :D. 11/1 Update: I'm doing the magic with an E4500 as opposed to a Celeron 440, reasons are stated in the update post. I have a case and a power supply for this system already, so I'm left with choosing...
  32. Emission

    mini-Project: Ghetto Boximus Maximus v1.0

    I brought this over from my thread at BlazingPC, so it's only slightly edited, but I didn't want to rewrite the whole thing :P. The real deal is when v2.0 makes it's arrival, I believe that'll be the best way of showcasing the idea. My all time focus on this concept is the modularity behind it...
  33. Emission

    Worklog: Nocturnal Woody

    Hello all! Emission is at it again, this time he's serious :eek: . I'd like to welcome everyone to a new worklog, Worklog: Nocturnal Woody. This is my first crack at making a case of any kind, but I've got my fair share of wood-working experience, and I think that as long as I've put forth all...
  34. Emission

    Project: The Quiet Arctic *56k Friendly*

    So my new pump finally came in, and I've got an interesting project in mind. With the components in my possession, I should be able to come up with something nifty that both works and looks at least half decent! Alright, this time around I've gathered some miscellaneous WC parts that I can use...
  35. Emission

    Bizarre idea. Broken 512MB Card question (in regards to a flash).

    Alright, so basically, the story goes as follows: I was tweaking my board (a POT on the board) with a screwdriver, and unfortunately, I lost grip of it, and the tip fell on the edge of one of the card DIMM's on my X1600Pro. The edge cracked, and it can be physically seen, and the image I get...
  36. Emission

    Project: Nuclear Prescott

    Well, im out to paint my Toshiba A70-S249 Laptop, proud holder of a Mobile Pentium 4 Prescott 532 :D . The paint scheme is: Top (Cover): Olive Drab Green (Typical military-ish green), With a Nuclear Graphic, colored in reflective orange. Inside (Keyboard-Cover-Part): Black (To match the...
  37. Emission

    Using another pc as a virtual monitor

    I'm curious to know if anyone here knows any good programs for this purpose. I used to have some but I lost them and I need some reccomendations to some good ones. Now just to clarify what im talking about, I mean using the monitor of another computer, as an extended monitor of an existing...
  38. Emission

    Abbreviations FAQ?

    I know it might sound silly, but some users dont know all the fun abbreviations, ;) . I was suggesting there be a small section in the FAQ or some kind of section that covers it. Thanks.
  39. Emission

    The "Ultimate" System. ;)

    What Were you expecting SLi 7800 GTXs with 8GB of RAM? Cmon :p Pentium III 933 gigaram 512mb SDRAM PC133 Rosewill GeForce 6600 256MB DDR 128-bit AGP 4x/8x PSU (Either my Rosewill RP500 or my Enermax Noisetaker 420W, not sure yet). Enermax Case (Forgot the model, will update on that...