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    Seriously Microsoft?

    Unfortunately "MOAR Whitespace" took off faster and seems to have taken hold even stronger than "MOAR COREZ". I usually just blame me becoming an old man, but I can't think of any GUI changes in the last ~10 years I felt was an actual improvement in terms of usability. Soon everyone is going...
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    Upgrading average - low gaming PC

    A decent GPU is relative. While the 480-580 is a major upgrade in your case, it's still just a low \ mid grade gpu. When you see people talking about a 2700s bottlenecking gpu they are likely talking about GTX 1070 or above level of performance or specific games like battlefield that really...
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    Help with Ram

    Looks correct to me. I think you should be fine just adding this stick. You probably don't need the extra 16gb but at least you would be running in dual channel. I don't know that it would be worth moving to anything faster on a prebuilt. You likely won't be able to set the RAM to any speed...
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    What CPU can I upgrade to?

    There are several detailed overclocking guides for the 3930k \ X79 if you give it a quick google. Some of them go extremely in depth so don't be intimidated if shooting for a mild OC. Even before your upgrade your cooling you may want to play with your vcore settings. Some boards auto detect...
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    Simple Backup NAS machine

    I get wanting a fun project to learn on. If I were in your situation I would just use old parts that are around or you can pickup cheap locally. Off lease 3-4th gen i5 sff PCs should be dirt cheap in most areas. If you love it you can keep the expensive drives and migrate them to a better pc as...
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    On paper GPU in Xbox Series X faster than RTX 2080 Super

    Isn't it pretty common for consoles to have specs better than high end gaming PCs at launch? IIRC the Xbox 360 was also faster than most high end GPUs or PCs entirely when it shipped. The xbox one and PS4 were the first consoles I recall the specs being underwelling because they were only on...
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    top 3 (or more) 4gb gpu's you suggest (less than 100 dollars)

    GTX 970 is probably your only other option, although arguably not 4gb.
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    Intel is still fighting a 10-year-old €1.06 billion antitrust fine for CPU rebates

    Touche Salesman. I guess I should read the article next time lol.
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    Intel is still fighting a 10-year-old €1.06 billion antitrust fine for CPU rebates

    From an economic standpoint is brilliant. Inflation has already knocked off 20% of the value of this settlement, additionally Intel has been able to use this money or simply invest it to make more money while it stalls. Even if it invested the money and made a modest 5% interest, compounded...
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    What CPU can I upgrade to?

    Honestly the CPUs were insanely more expensive when you built your PC. For the MSRP price of a 4960x (~$1000) or MSRP price of a E5-2687W v2 (~$2100) you still would have been better off with the 3930k then and spending that extra money now to build a new 3700 or 3900x based rig. Do you have...
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    What CPU can I upgrade to?

    You can view the CPU support list here: On the normal CPU side of things, a 4960x would get you 300mhz and the slightly newer \ faster Haswell architecture but is still very expensive for an antiquated CPU. Some of the Xeon options...
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    CPU for a home server?

    3200 or 2200 should be plenty. My media server handles Minecraft, Mumble, File Shares, and Plex on an old 3xxx series i5 and rarely has enough load to even come out of power saving mode. Unless you need the extra processing power I wouldn't go with anything that doesn't have onboard video.
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    Windows 10 Hard Links

    I've used mklink /j to setup a junction as mentioned above for a wamp server running on server 2016 and it works fine. While it works fine the OS certainly knows that it's a link judging by the shortcut icon that appears on the folder.
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    Ten minutes of Half-Life: Alyx: The biggest VR goosebumps we’ve ever had

    Game play was cool, The Crash Bandicoot video that loaded bellow was way more interesting tho lol.
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    Newegg prices wrong?

    Wrong product page. Does not show any of the normal marketing fluff. No idea what that one is for but this is the real one;
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    Gaming laptop help (rethinking purchase)

    It really all depends on your priorities. The Omen is a decent value with the caveats already mentioned. Personally with a $1700 budget I would opt for a 2070 super to upgrade the main rig and cheap $1200 mid level gaming laptop for travel or occasional lapdesk use. That said I have never had...
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    Enclosure Builds! Show off your setup!

    I am building a Lack enclosure similar to Supercharged's. The legs and supports are done printing. I still need to print the magnet covers, handle, spool holder, and filament grommet. Hopefully it will be finished in the next week or two, may have to order another roll of filament.
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    Super noob question

    I believe the T450s should have a mini display port, just get mini display port to hdmi dongle or cable and you should be all set.
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    Destiny 2

    I'm kind of sick of seasons already and have only been playing for a couple lol. The new armour mods every season sucks for us casuals. As soon as I get everything master worked it's time to throw it out and start grinding for for something else with some new super special slot.
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    Weird Outlook sync issues - Exchange

    I have never had a good experience with 50gb+ OST files. I would recommend enabling online \ in-place archiving if your 365 package supports it. Then his archive follows him across devices and you don't have to worry about managing it locally.
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    Panic button options for non-profit

    I would just tell them they need to contact a security company to handle this. Way too much liability involved. Sure you could easily setup a little pi or something that sends out a mass text when a button is pressed, but what happens if something goes wrong and it doesn't work? Or what...
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    Need a 512GB 2.5 drive for game installs. Recommendations?

    I use sort by cheapest amazon prime SSDs like this frequently for upgrading old machines and they all have been great. The ~$99 1tb nvme E12 controller drives have also been solid for me if you are looking for something higher end. (Although the old hot deals thread suggests prices may have...
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    Looking to get into 3D printing possibly. Any suggestions?

    I may get the bed springs soon, probably when I order my next PLA+ spool (soon!). The magnetic bed is great but my level gets all out of whack just taking that off to peel a print. BL Touch is on my list but I need to prove to myself this is not one of my many 1 month hobbies before I put...
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    Looking to get into 3D printing possibly. Any suggestions?

    I picked up and ender 3 Pro about a week ago. Don't worry about assembly, most of it comes pre-assembled. You pretty much bolt some rails on and slide some crap on them. If you can build a PC and assemble ikea furniture you won't have any issues. I used this video for mine. Some things to...
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    Windows log in...

    That's why I'm saying MS should just remove the PIN option..... of course you have never seen the option removed when you don't even have it setup..... I'm not sure what point you are trying to prove.
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    Windows log in...

    I'm not blaming MS, user stupidity is definitely at fault. However the fact that MS forces you to make a PW before using any alternate sign on method, then lets you use a pin for 2 years, and then randomly removes the PIN option and forces you to use that password, that you now swear you never...
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    Windows log in...

    Windows needs to get rid of PINs, and face recognition, and whatever the F they call the stupid picture logins. Users have to create a password before they are able to use any of these and they always forget the password (which the computer will force you to use whenever it thinks your login is...
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    I don't know much about G4s but on old PCs a constant on floppy drive light is pretty much always a flipped ribbon cable. May be worth a look.
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    Windows XP to a scientific instrument in a VM?

    I think the other posters alluded to this, but just to be completely clear... The best method to reach your goal is to use a VM and backup the entire VM from the VM host to your backup solution. Then you don't have to worry about granting the XP machine internet access as this is all done from...
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    Destiny 2

    Gambit Prime is fun with a decent team or even a bad team as long as the game is close. I can't say I have any desire to play normal Gambit ever. (Maybe with a 4-stack but a bad team makes this feel like unending torture.) It would be fun too see a weekly rotation added with modifiers to spice...
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    Blizzard’s last six months have shown a rapidly changing company

    This is just a reflection of what happens when games become big business. When you have shareholders life becomes exclusively about maximizing profits. I'm sure the Devs over there know how fans are going to react to most of their recent choices. It doesn't matter when you have Steve in...
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    Anthem seasons are being dropped as BioWare pledges to 'reinvent' the game

    It's a big gamble to stop seasonal content indefinitely while they try to overhaul the game. They really should have been making these changes in increments while new seasons released. Giving your users, who are already are upset with the lack of content, less content, while you promise more...
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    Anthem seasons are being dropped as BioWare pledges to 'reinvent' the game

    I don't see the point. People have moved on, hype trains rarely make return trips. Unless they do something so amazing that the bulk of my friends list starts playing, there is no way I will be taking a second look, regardless of reviews. I enjoyed the beta, but I really don't need another...
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    Destiny 2

    Thanks for the info. I pretty much just aim to hit season lvl 100 to get all my seasonal rewards so I think I'm done leveling up obelisks then, maybe 1 more week. I did the same thing yesterday but only use about ~2k shards with spider. I can't imagine how boring 4k was lol.
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    Error when copying files over 2gb

    You may want to see if there is a firmware update available for the drive.
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    Destiny 2

    Do we have any idea of what obelisk level we should be shooting for? I'm up to ~150. I have ~2000 legendary shards I could keep cashing in at Spider but don't really want to waste all of them (and spend the day hopping between TS and Tower) for no reason.
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    Need efficient PSU for 24/7/365 on home server

    OP, I think you are over thinking this. Your PSU efficiency will probably only change your electric bill a dollar or two a month, unless you are running you server under full load all day. Realistically your server is probably using less power than a traditional light bulb when at idle or light...
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    Need efficient PSU for 24/7/365 on home server

    It's common knowledge at this point. The the testing is inadequate and they don't go after companies that slap the cert on their boxes regardless of passing testing. You can bet any no name raidmax, coolmax, logisys, etc with an 80+ cert is lying to you...
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    Upgrade suggestion from 4790k and 1070.

    It's really going to depend on the game. Upgrading to something like a 3600 or 9600k could net you pretty significant gains in some titles. However if you aren't playing those games then it might make more sense to keep waiting.
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    Upgrade suggestion from 4790k and 1070.

    It probably depends on what games you are having trouble hitting 60fps in. Games like BF apparently need more cores to run well (per every person on this forum who tells me my 6600k shouldn't be playing games just fine lol.) None of the games I play seem to care, so as much as I want to...