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    looking to upgrade unibiqiti AC PRO access points.

    family members house upgraded from cable internet to 1gb fiber. house is 2 stories and is wired with unifi /ubiquiti gear. running two AC PRO access points. currently getting around 150-200mpbs given the proximity to the AP. would upgrading to the AP HD make any difference in speed or the...
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    dual pc setup on elgato 4k60 setup - borderless

    so i have this problem pop up. i have a two pc setup using an elgato 4k60. when on the gaming pc (main) i was getting well over 100fps while on full screen borderless..and now i no longer after various updates. windows, gpu etc. the gaming pc is on dual monitor setup. so if i click to the...
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    AMD Master setting

    Im running a 3600 ryzen and installed ryzen master and running amd ryzen balanced power option. Can someone tell me what the default minimum power state should be. I was messing with it and didnt realized it doesnt let you default was like 90% or 99% cant remeber
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    windows 10 admin account help

    so i have a dell g5 laptop. my main user account is set to be administrator. it will not run the dell power manager or dell update software. but if i create an additional account that is also set to admin the software works. on the main account that the software wont load i have uninstalled...
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    Looking to get into CCNA

    Hi looking into cisco certs and was looking for some guidance. Are thete certain ccna certs that need or should be done in a certain order? Do you need to enroll in a class as a requirement to take a test or can this be self study then take a test?
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    PM missing?

    if you leave a conversion in the PM menu does it go away for both parties? any way to see your sent PMS? trying to find a member and now i cant find the PM. only way i think he can disappear right?
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    Watercooling reality vs expectations

    Would i see any drastic improvment cooling a cpu with an AIO vs a custom loop? (240mm rads)
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    idle 9700k idle speeds?

    i just upgrade from a 6700k to 9700k. i have noticed that i dont hit the base clock of 3.6ghz at idle. i recorded a video and its basically the same at idle when i didnt record the sample. i have power plan set to balanced. When set to high performance its steady at 4.6ghz when idle. seems to...
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    Possible build in Aurora r5/6/7 case?

    Has anyone tried to build in a Dell alienware Aurora R-series case? Any feed back would be great.
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    anyone restore backup image from network??

    has anyone successfully restored a backuped image on a network on windows 10? when you create back up images on windows it gives you an option to save to network. i have been doing this but now that i need to reload the image i cannot get it to work. it will not detect the network image when i...
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    BAD GPU?

    this is a zotac 1070 mini 8gb. sometimes this flickering shows up and sometimes if i alt tab so many times it goes away. is this a failing card? pls ignore yellow vertical line. thats monitor issues not gpu
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    let me see your nzxt 700

    looking for a new case to move my components from my corsair 350D been eye the nxzt 700. anyone got pics of their builds in this case?
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    Does this Keyboard Exist?

    does anyone make a tenkeyless RGB keyboard that uses cherry blue switches?? really liking the look of the logitech pro TKL but im not willing to try romer G switches over my cherry blues.
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    Weird windows 10 new install issue

    i have installed windows 10 x64 on a new build. everything seemed find update all the updates/drivers. i have noticed tho seems to be a hit or miss..but when i chrome the computer seems to almost freeze. mouse still works and programs work but if you click on an open window it will eventually...
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    ip camera setup

    i know my question for this setup is not ideal but right now its only a temp solution. i have a spare unifi g3 ip cam that i would like to possibly pole mount outside of my house but only have access to power. i could buy a cheap wireless ip cam or is there a outdoor wireless bridge that also...
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    extended vga over wireless ip device?

    trying to get ideas on how to do this. looking to extended a vga signal from nvr ( pc dedicated to nvr tasks) to another room in the house. house has plenty of wifi signal. nvr is located downstairs and need a remote monitor upstairs. the nvr is mostly headless. only remoting in when needed. is...
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    2.5 SSD clone to nvme

    so i have a 2.5 samsung ssd with win10 ran the samsung data migrattion software and cloned to samsung ssd 960 evo. i cant get it to boot on the new 960 nvme ssd without unplugging the old 2.5ssd. so if i boot with the 960 and once in windows plug in the 2.5 i cant get it to detect so that i can...
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    Broken Network Port

    i have come across a network RJ45 port that when a cat5 is plugged in will fall out. no click. tried serveral new cables. issue is with teh port/jack itself. is there any fix or remedy other than gluing the cable in there lol
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    extending video signal from pc over network

    can anyone recommend a Ip bases solution to send video signal over a network. i dont have any dedicated runs for a regular kvm. so i think i would need one thats ip based. thanks
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    MONITOR REPAIR CREW.. need help with a vert line

    i need some assistance repairing a monitor. problem i have is that i have a single blueish vertical line on one side of my display. i have opened the monitor and i have 4 video cables. L1, L2, L3, L4. once i remove L4 i get a white screen(no blue line) which i think is disconnecting the main...
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    Network Wiring a new home

    Plan on having a new home wired up with cat5e. most of the equipment wthat will be wired are POE devices. Access points and Ip cameras. Any recommendation to where i can buy bulk quality solid cables?
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    Ubiquiti toughswitch

    looking to get a poe switch to downsize all the ac adapters and wallwarts. I have a 3 dahua ip cameras and as much as i can find they are 48v POE+ Also running to two ubiquiti ap. I see that the 8port tough switch will push 48v passive. Will this damage long term my cameras? I been using the...
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    laptop will not connect over wifi/ethernet/hotspot

    i am having issues with a laptop that i cannot figure out. it will not get an dhcp ip from wifi/ethernet/ or even when i try to connect to a hotspot. issue is mroe on the laptop side. i have tried dns flush. the system will not let me ipconfig /renew either. i have tried to manually assign ssd...
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    Squad Game

    was wondering if anyone has played this game? saw it on twitch and wanted to know your thoughts if you have played it. looks to be able to play 50vs50
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    any tips on a noobie setting up a edge router lite

    im finally trying to setup my edge router lite. i want to have it connected to a unmanaged 24 port netgear switch that i have. i started the config by doing the wizard which gives me DHCp and sets up my wan port. i also have two ubiquit AP that will be connected. first thing i noticed that the...
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    G-SynC question

    i have a dual display setup. one gsync and one not. do i have to have the gsync set as the primary display for gsync to work properly?
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    Optical drive for backup

    can anyone recommend a optical drive that would be use mainly for backing up dvd and blurays? Faster ripping speed the better Thanks
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    Samsung 960 Evo Temps

    what are acceptable temps for a m.2 samsung 960 evo.? running diskmark tests i maxed at a 55c. does this warrant some kind of heatsink to prolong life??
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    recommend me a wireless adapter for my desktop

    going to be moving my desktop to a part of the house that doesnt have a hard wired connection. will be connecting to a ubiquiti AP that does AC 5ghz. adapter needs to be either USB or it can connect over cat5 to a wireless bridge since i dont have any pci slots available in my desktop. thanks
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    "Modded" Corsair k65 vengance

    So my mechanical keyboard started to fail me..and i have always like the design of the k65 vengance but didnt like the cherry red switches. so i took the cherry blue swtiches and moved them over to the k65
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    GTX 1080 SLI missing settings

    i am not finding an SLI settings in the nvidia control panel. it appears that my system sees both cards. Card 1 - Evga 1080gtx sc - monitor connectd via DP Card 2 - Evga 1080 gtx founders using two ribbon sli bridges
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    Mix and match sli?

    can i mix gtx1080 mfg and types or does sli have to be the same make and model/fg etc
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    6700k do these numbers look? #noob

    first time really o/c got it to 4.6ghz...
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    Samsung 960 EVO m.2 Magician now showing info?

    i installed a 960 Evo M.2 drive and samsung magician isnt showing the info like it does on my 850 evo. anyone else come across or seen this before?
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    Cloning windows 10 from 2.5ssd to m.2 SSD

    if i have windows 10 installed on a 2.5 ssd and later clone it to a m.2 ssd will it give me problems and see his as a major hardware change and cause issues with the registration/cd key
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    Samsung 950 pro vs 960 Evo

    other than warranty and some speeed differences any reason why to get a 960 EVO over the 950 PRO? The 250gb+ versions of eAch can be had for about the same price on ebay(used/new).
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    Skylake i7 6700K build..mobo recommendations.

    looking to upgrade my 3770k rig to a skylake 6700k. MObo would need to be mATX to fit in my corsair 350 case. looking at this mobo - would like m.2 to...
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    anyway to see a message you sent? i only see an option for conversation i started. Person i was in dialogue with mustve left the convo for some reason...smh.
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    damaged surface pro 3

    so i have two damaged surface pros that developed cracks out of nowhere. after a quick google it looks to be a common thing. microsoft quoted $450 to replace with a refurb which is ridiculous! displays/digitizer going for about 300 on ebay. anybody have a clue what my next options might...
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    HELP: dual bootining win 7& 10 on seperate hard drives

    i currenlty have win 7 x64 on my main 500gb ssd and want to dual boot with windows 10 on a seperate hard drive. and this is what i did. unplugged the hard drive witn windows 7 connected blank SSD. installed windows 10 booted up just fine. shutdown pc. connected win7 500gb ssd and now boots up...