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    China Releases Footage of First Far Side Moon Landing

    I view it the same way i view the moon landing in 1969, if China was bullshitting it there is no way in hell the US wouldn't call bullshit. Just like there is no way the CCCP wouldn't call bullshit if we faked the moon landing. You don't get it 19.5 billion doesn't cover R&D for missions let...
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    Tech to Blame for Ever-Growing Repair Costs, AAA Says

    Move away from body on frame made things safer but much more expensive
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    Der8auer Delids 9900k and Investigates TIM

    Nothing too scary about lapping cpu, esp when we had no IHS cpu dies as common place back in the day where you'd chip the die when trying not to put a screw driver though your motherboard because the cpu retention mechanism was super suspect
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    Tesla Manufactured 80,000 Vehicles in Q3

    Profitability is what matters, the truck/suv market is big in the US and China it's not favoriable with world sales which is tesla's aim with the model 3. The model 3 is suppose to be their money maker to bring volume sales and expand their market reach, a truck won't do that unless they can...
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    Tesla Manufactured 80,000 Vehicles in Q3

    I mean that's very doable, most manufacturer's plants output around 25k cars a month, the old nummi plant that they retrofitted from used to output nearly 35k a month at it's peak.
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    Tesla Is About to Feel the Heat as Electric Car Manufacturers Roll Out New Cars

    Tesla could easily sell the model 3 for 35k and make good profit if they knew a thing or two about mass manufacturing and supply chain logistics. Tesla vehicles have plenty of profit margin built-in from parts and technology due to their massive integration and simplification of electronics...
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    Facebook & Instagram Hate Iran & Russia

    Hey, they only want real delusional people trying to put on a front.
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    EA Deletes Origin Account with Thousands of Dollars’ Worth of Games

    With how low cost it is to keep information now of days, all you need to do is set up sorting rules and backup the email folder every once and awhile.
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    Fallout 76 Won’t Launch on Steam

    Creation club 76!
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    New York to Kick Spectrum Cable Out of State for 'Failures to Serve New Yorkers'

    Monopoly contracts with local municipalities and utilities often suggested by the cable companies when they set up shop during the right of way talks.
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    Ransomware Infection Cripples Shipping Giant COSCO's American Network

    Someone's been watching the movie hackers too many times.
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    Nintendo Sues Console ROM Sites for “Mass” Copyright Infringement

    Why are people acting butthurt and surprised by this, nintendo's own properties are far from abandoned, they'll sell it to you six ways to sunday, nes classic, virtual console store etc. Nintendo in general just doesn't like sites like this because in general every generation nintendo consoles...
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    Mobile Game Spending Drives Global App Revenue to $34 Billion in the First Half of 2018

    But you can play mobile games at work and then pretend you're just reading emails on your phone, boss.
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    Chevrolet to Boost Bolt EV Production by 20% to Meet Demand

    Except now you're running your car off a mix or w.e you live near, hydro electric, nuclear, wind, solar, coal, gas etc, it's also been shifting more to using renewables in the past couple years let alone the shift away from coal into natural gas which if you want to look at it in terms of forms...
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    SHOCKER - Autopilot Buddy Deemed Unsafe

    Sounds like a product made by a bad maintenance personnel who tape together safety gate sensors to get the machine running then never come back to fix it properly.
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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk Alleges Sabotage by Employee in Company Email

    I make more than the avg income the last car i bought was a 2012 cruze fully loaded with everything for only 22 grand because it was last year's model at the time. I honestly can't see justifying such an expensive purchase for just a daily driver, which is what the avg car should be, a daily...
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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk Alleges Sabotage by Employee in Company Email

    Wait the avg price of a new car in the US is 35 grand. Shit people pay alot for just a daily driver.
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    Energy Revolution: California Approves $768 Million for Electric Vehicles

    Depends what you're talking about and how old the numbers you are using. Most of that came from the laws in California was trying to pass post 2008 crash. In terms of state/local debt is not terrible it's quite in the middle in terms of debt to revenue. When you're even talking that debt per...
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    Tesla Model X Rollover Test

    weebles wobble but they don't fall down, it's the same shit all the weight is below the center of the tires. The frame of the car passengers etc weigh little compared to the battery pack and motors crossover isn't a real designation they just call suv's crossovers now, it's a marketing term...
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    Report: Tesla Battery Reignited Days after Fiery Crash in Mountain View

    They do, tesla isn't the only electric car out there and isn't even the most popular, it's popular in its price range but it's not the highest selling overall. There is different training for electric vehicles, you have to disconnect power before you start which cars in the US have for...
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    US NTSB Shakes Finger at Tesla, but Why?

    Good thing drunk driving is nearly unheard of thing! Humans are so great!
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    US NTSB Shakes Finger at Tesla, but Why?

    You say that but if you actually look at the 101 to 85 interchange's history there are quite a few crashes with those gore points, a handful every year, in part because of inadequate markings. After all the reason why the barrier was gone was because there was a crash into the same gore point 2...
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    US NTSB Shakes Finger at Tesla, but Why?

    That actually isn't the same. That gore point is missing a lane marking but still has chevrons which the cars should pick up sooner. The crash in mountain view's Gore point has no stripes or chevrons just lane markers, so in terms of confusing a robot it's more understandable. It's also the site...
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    Analysts Believe Tesla is Overusing Automation in Model 3 Final Assembly

    I've worked in a UAW shop before; if you have a problems getting rid of bad workers it's the managers' fault. Working union means the managers actually have to be only managers not manager/worker. Management needs to over document and cut things off as quickly as possible as it's a ton of paper...
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    512 GB Phones Are Here. How Much Storage Do You Actually Need?

    It probably the future for half the population, thin clients and just in general people don't need a ton of processing power to do most things. It's why part of the samsung dex crap makes sense. It makes sense but it doesn't quite reach expectations. Maybe in the future it will but not right now.
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    Drivers Blinded by “Too-Bright” LED Headlights on New Cars, Warns RAC

    Lumens aren't really any different, given that lumens are regulated. Although i know jackasses with illegal lights meant for offroad only on their daily driver. LEDs don't really fade like halogens would, that while being more directional means hitting the right angle and you're getting peak...
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    512 GB Phones Are Here. How Much Storage Do You Actually Need?

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    Craigslist Drops Personal Ads Because of FOSTA

    Aww the personals were gold, comedy gold. Nothing like craigslist cringe
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    President Trump Getting Options to Crack Down On Chinese IP Theft

    It's all well and good but if you need a quick turn around from design to run that combined with low prices quite a few things are only possible in 深圳. Either way anything you wish to stay a trade secret you keep out of china.
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    Senate Banking Bill Would Make Credit Freezes Free

    Yup unless you see yourself applying for new lines of credit all the time there is little reason to not just be hassled the few times you do sign up for new credit.
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    Final Fantasy XV

    I've played maybe 3 hours in the game i've noticed 2 instances of lighting issues, long tunnels that open to light sources at multiple ends and water reflections are not being displayed properly when graphics are at their highest settings. I've also encountered a bug when sitting at a bench that...
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    Millennials Scammed More than Seniors

    Thanks for providing us with the year you did half the work already! I can provide you with the numbers all i'll need is the last 4 of your social security number and the area you were born in.
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    Millennials Scammed More than Seniors Alot of...
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    Amazon Drivers Photographing Front Doors to Provide Proof of Delivery

    Might depend on area but UPS in my area is def full of unioned workers, esp the drivers. Public unions are more problematic because generally they have more actually rights to fight their case because it's against the government not a business. All that anti-govt getting in peoples way stuff...
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    Have I Been Pwned is Now Used by Governments to Check for Data Breaches

    It's why anything i use that has any sort of financial link to me get's it's own email, just takes 5 mins to set a new email and set it up with the rest of my stuff. Plus it makes it easy to see who is giving me spam.
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    Amazon Drivers Photographing Front Doors to Provide Proof of Delivery

    Then make sure you include UPS in that. So that leaves you with Fedex. Which would be more union except fedex is chartered as a air freight service while ups was chartered as a ground freight service meaning it was easier for UPS workers to unionize which they did.
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    Amazon Drivers Photographing Front Doors to Provide Proof of Delivery

    "innovation" seems more like pretense in denying you any sort of refund or resending if your package isn't there.
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    Wind and Solar Power Could Meet 80% of US Electricity Demand

    Does that include calculations for all the bitcoin miners?
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    Wind and Solar Power Could Meet 80% of US Electricity Demand

    Height and max speed of the windmill matters alot into how many birds it's going to strike down. But that varies by area quite a bit. There also might be something to increase visibility but i don't remember anything looking into that seriously
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    Mine Crypto While You Drive - Or - Jacking it in Your Tesla

    crypto>blackhat>fanboy most to least hate