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  1. SonDa5

    GRAPHENE TIM: Build it and over clockers will come

    I missed this.... Graphene Shoe soles. :geek: I'd love to have a pair of these just based on the technology of the material. June 2018.
  2. SonDa5

    GRAPHENE TIM: Build it and over clockers will come

    Graphene still moving forward in electrical conductor design. Good stuff. Battery application is revolutionary.
  3. SonDa5

    ASRock - B450 GAMING-ITX/AC Mini ITX AM4 for $84 AR, free shipping

    I'm frothing from my bile duct. How does this compare to the new gigabyte aura itx flavor?
  4. SonDa5

    Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced with Corsair H60

    Reminiscing. It was nice when I had the time and energy to build stuff like this for freinds for fun. I want to build something simililar to this foot print for my 8 year old son. :)
  5. SonDa5

    16GB (2x8GB) ADATA XPG GAMMIX D10 DDR4 3000 $80.75

    Looks like this is it on Neweggs WEB stie for alot more money. Looks like a hot deal if the specs match your needs.
  6. SonDa5

    ACER Aspire 3 Ryzen 2200u with Samsung 860 EVO M.2

    I'm not sure how i got the numbers. I returned the Acer 3 because the display was terrible. I installed the same 860 EVO in a Thinkpad E485 with Ryzen 5 2500u and it was not able to see it. Wierd. I put a 970 EVO in the ThinkPad E485 and it sees it and works. Note the EVO 970 does not...
  7. SonDa5

    ACER Aspire 3 Ryzen 2200u with Samsung 860 EVO M.2

    I got this notebook for under $300 on sale. I tried a samsung 970 EVO and it would not recognize it in the BIOS and when doing a clean install of Windows 10 no drive was found and I couldn't find any drivers to recognize it during install so I tried a 860 EVO M.2 and it was recognized in the...
  8. SonDa5

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX & 2950X Unboxing @ [H]

    I see razors hidden in the design of the package and case. Subliminal messages of razors.... The era of hot rod muscle processors for the masses has arrived. Congratulations AMD and all the lucky people who will be having fun with these new processors.
  9. SonDa5

    Ncore V1 No Frame Water Block Prototype Sneak Peek

    Hard to the core. :blackalien:
  10. SonDa5

    “The Last Jedi” Is the Most Divisive Star Wars Movie Between Fans and Critics

    I watched the first Star Wars in a theater when I was a kid and loved it. I remember waiting for what seemed like forever to get into a packed theater. This time around there was no line and the theater was less than half full. I thought The Last Jedi was amazing. Best Star Wars movie since...
  11. SonDa5

    The Top 5 Best Motherboards of All Time

    DFI Lan Party P45 T2RS JR . Loved it. Moved me electrically in many ways. Its beautiful frequencies are still alive in my life.
  12. SonDa5

    ASUS AM4 ITX motherboard coming soon...!?!

    That UFO shaped heat sink loks interesting. Powerful AM4 ITX motherboard would be nice.
  13. SonDa5

    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

  14. SonDa5

    ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero Motherboard [Video]

    Very informative video. No talk about the VRM design. The VRM was briefly shown in the video. From the video. Informative VRM video.
  15. SonDa5

    Why is AMD's Zen more efficient than intel's Core?

    R5 less impedance, less load, less heat, same IHS thermal transfer design. Should show improved electrical quality/continuity performance..... Even at 1080p gaming.
  16. SonDa5

    Why is AMD's Zen more efficient than intel's Core?

    Better designed electrical circuitry for flow of electrons to switch 0s and 1s. Better IHS with gold to transfer heat and lower circuit resistance. I think the R5 series will perform even better than R7 core for core.
  17. SonDa5

    Ryzen 1700 OC to 3.88

    1700 is looking good. Top dog at HWbot on air with stock cooler. Nice voltage.
  18. SonDa5

    AMD Ryzen 1700 on the Test Bench Under Water

    I suggest some results please... :D
  19. SonDa5

    Ryzen Delid Cooling test: No Significant Improvement

    I might get a R5 1600 when it becomes available. Till then I'll be sitting in the back seat eating popcorn.
  20. SonDa5

    Direct die water cooling

    I love the idea. Hope it is reliable for you.
  21. SonDa5

    AMD Ryzen 1700 on the Test Bench Under Water

    Looks like there is alot of room for improvement on Ryzen water block design. This is how I would design the block for IHS on R7 series. 1. Entire IHS needs to make contact with block. 2. Identify hot spots of IHS under load with infared camera and design liquid flow through input and...
  22. SonDa5

    Ryzen Delid Cooling test: No Significant Improvement

    It might make a huge difference if the heat sink is saturated with heat and not able to transfer heat due to thermal transfer design. The heat sink though large had a very weak fan. Also his results did not capture the same conditions. He should have used exact same cpu with the exact same...
  23. SonDa5

    Ryzen Delid Cooling test: No Significant Improvement

    Such a weak fan on that cooler he used. Bummer he was not able to mount a waterblock. More testing needed.
  24. SonDa5

    AMD Ryzen 1700 on the Test Bench Under Water

    Nice results with the lap job. Dooes your water block make contact with the entire surface of the IHS?
  25. SonDa5


    I think you should focus on the greatness of the 1700x and 1800x. Performance wise the 2600k is not in the same perfomance workstation class of the 1700x or the 1800x. I enjoy over clocking and I think the over clocking satisfaction may be greater on the 1700. AMD delivered a power house in...
  26. SonDa5

    Ryzen CPU Temps

    Probably maximize cooling by direct die contact. Plus it would be fun.
  27. SonDa5

    Ryzen Beyond the Lid

    That soldered IHS looks well made. I was hoping for easy access to the bare die.
  28. SonDa5

    Ryzen Beyond the Lid

    R5 1600X strike 3 AMD? :watching:
  29. SonDa5

    Ryzen CPU Temps

    The temps look bad. I really think they should have went with an easily deliddable design. Hopefully the R5 1600x series will be easiily deliddable. Even if 1600X is not deliddable I think it will run cooler and probably easier to over clock than 1700x or 1800x. I wish I would have bought...
  30. SonDa5

    and...Intel is already dropping prices...

    The 6800k will drop alot more as the Ryzen R5 1600x release date approaches. You will probably pay a premium to get the latest and greatest Ryzen 1700 at release date...
  31. SonDa5

    MSI X370 xPower VRM

    I hope MSI delivers the VRM goodness for AMD that they did for the Intel Xpower Titanium series. Good info on the Intel side of the MSI Xpower titanium series:
  32. SonDa5

    MSI X370 xPower VRM

    I think the available photos may be proto types because the photos of the chokes I have seen don't have the Ti markings like the Intel MSI Titanium do. Best case situation for the high price I think it will be high end IR 60a VRM design with digital line and load settings for stability.
  33. SonDa5

    Ryzen AM4 mobo's with only HDMI 1.4 are stupid

    Premature analysis. Give it some time. What I see so far is massive CPU processing ability for an incredible value.
  34. SonDa5

    Buying Ryzen? Share w/ us your upcoming build!

    Patiently considering building a RYZEN rig....seems like a great value so far. I'm thinking... X300M+R5 1600x+VEGA flavor Nano+M.2. PCI 3.0x4 SSD+ 2x8GB I hope the VEGA generation of GPUs are priced right and offer many small format card designs.
  35. SonDa5

    AMD Press Release on AM4 Motherboard X370 Chipset Specifications

    300x+R5 1600X+VEGA NANO CARD+PCI 3.0x4 M.2. SSD sounds like a tasty and satisfying cup of Ryzen tea.
  36. SonDa5

    Ryzen Beyond the Lid

    Intel gave the gift of delidding.... What performance gains are to found in delidding Ryzen if possible? I've been thinking about this for 2 days now.
  37. SonDa5

    Gone a long time ago.

    Gone a long time ago.
  38. SonDa5

    Tim Cook: "iOS Will Never Merge With OS X"

    Focused on two because they have a loyal market that will buy both "different" devices... While Apple can continue to make max profit goals they have no reason to change anything. I'm sure they will change their tune some day when they begin to fail or the competition begins to beat them.
  39. SonDa5

    Silicon Lottery delidding....

    Guys buying into a chip that is a good conductor for over clocking will still require good cooling. Don't be fooled into thinking that you will not need to monitor temps on a delidded chip to maintain good temps. Thermal insulate material doesn't last. Eventually some new TIM will be needed...
  40. SonDa5

    Silicon Lottery delidding....

    If you delidding and using exotic TIM materials then plan on doing some thermal paste adjustments. Delidding isn't for those that just want to use their system and go. Delidiing requires monitoring and occasional work to help CPU go fast and stay cool.