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    Anyone else think it's completely stupid that MS has tied default/store apps and games to a single location?

    I understand that but that ties both everyday apps and games together. We shouldn't have to write to one drive just to turn around and move the item to another drive. The option should be there for either splitting up default app install and game install or the option to specify the installation...
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    Anyone else think it's completely stupid that MS has tied default/store apps and games to a single location?

    Was just checking out the xbox app due to having Game Pass Ultimate. They give an option to select where to install but if it's not already set in the settings to install apps and games to said location you can't install there. I mean seriously what are they doing? Users should be able to...
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    FS Blocked 1080FTW, watercooling, Custom Corsair 540 Air

    Heat is under scgt1 w/ 123+ Local is DFW area (Arlington to be specific) Between just finishing EDGE back in December and Carnage last weekend I can't think of anything I would need in trade so just looking for cash on everything. 1. EVGA GTX 1080 FTW (6286-RX) w/ EK block and backplate Ran...
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    WTB: 2080/2070 Super

    I have both options in 12mm rigid and 1/2 soft. Also have a bare d5 pump or pump with EK xres top non RGB (needs pump top orings, insert if you want it, locking ring, and the EK mount). Also have a 250ml res that needs a deep cleaning (came in a bundle with the pump and I had no use for the res...
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    WTB D5 pump

    I have a Primochill D5 PWM sleeved pump I got in a bundle. Also have an EK X-RES pump top non RGB version (will need o-ring and the locking colar also will only come with one of the rubber isolators) Last but not least I also have the 250ml res (needs a good cleaning) that came with the combo I...
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    WTB EKWB old style thicker dual post Anticyclone tall version

    Zip is 76010 for shipping and local I'm looking for a tall/long version for the next time I drain EDGE and can change it from the short version with having a 250ml RGB res. It has to be the older style with separate mounting posts not the thin one that spans the bottom of the anticyclone. Why...
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    WTB Bitspower 3/8 ID 5/8 OD matte black compression fittings

    Zip is 76010 for shipping Straights and or straight rotary is really all I'm looking for although will entertain angled compressions also for the right price even though I have plenty of angled adapters and multi rotary's on the way.
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    FS GTX 1080 FTW W/ EK block, Custom powdercoated 540 Air, and 16 x Bitspower 12mm matte black multi-link fittings

    Removed the FTW Combo as I'm keeping the 6.5 year warranty card to go custom loop on my daily.
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    WTB 6Tb or larger HD for plex server

    Think ya mean TB not GB. :p
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    WTB 2080Ti

    Just for reference here is a timestamp along with the compatibility sheet. Block and backplate have never been removed from the plastic. Block model is 15624 Backplate mode is 16066
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    WTB 2080Ti

    If you find a card without block and don't require an EK block I have a brand new Heatkiller IV Pro Acetel/Nickel w/ backplate that cools better then the EK blocks. I purchased it for a backup in case the Vector block wouldn't clear my pump/res combo on EDGE. Only reason I went with the EK block...