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    “Rick and Morty” Returns May 3rd

    I hate that , 10 episodes per year/season is the norm for TV these days and you cant push enough story with such a number. i get that with sci-fi etc. shows there is a massive post-production work to do on a level equivalent to cinema 10 years ago in terms of special effects. i also hate that...
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    Samsung to stop (monitor) LCD production - Focuses on quantum dot OLEDs

    Well i just bought a 65" QLED this week , i decided against lg c9 OLED since i cant handle the burn-in issue , my kids watch all kinds of crap on tv with logos and stuff and it would burn the hell out of it
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    Samsung to stop (monitor) LCD production - Focuses on quantum dot OLEDs

    Something doesn't makes sense , haven't read the article , but irc its either QLED or OLED - no familiar with QOLED
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    Spectra's New LGA1151 Motherboard Takes Us Back to 1992 With PCI Slots

    I was under the impression that you cannot install 6th gen and above on Win7 or less due to lack of CPU driver support i`m aware there are some work around, just seems like excessive to produce something for such a small niche audience
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    Spectra's New LGA1151 Motherboard Takes Us Back to 1992 With PCI Slots

    Whats the point ? what PCI card will you connect that also have win10 drivers? or are these board meant for Linux use
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    VMware Updates per-CPU Pricing Model

    IRC we pay around 400K$ to VMware annually just for host licenses, before SRM and vrops , but lets all be honest , they offer you the ability to have the whole data center compute power on a single cabinet , and thats huge, it saves allot of money for enterprises on man-power , electricity...
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    FBI probes use of Israeli firm's spyware

    First , fabs only produce the silicon , they dont add anything to it second , Intel development center in Israel were pivotal for most innovations Intel had for the last 2 decades , so some respect for the teams there third , to even imagine such a conspiracy there to put backdoors is...
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    Sneaking Into Intel's Secret Laboratory: The Tools and Team Pushing CPUs to New Limits

    I used to work in one those Intel labs 13 years ago as a tech setting up the systems to be tested etc and preparing the server rooms that generate the tests for the systems. was impressive even back then (they had most of these toys already) , validation boards with CPUs connected to logic...
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    why do CPU's GPU's cost so much or do they cost so much?

    9K isn't even that much for a 1u or 2u rack mount server , you shouldn't be comparing that thing to a PC oh and thats before licenses, esxi , OS etc.
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    Solid state battery breakthrough could double the density of lithium-ion cells

    Didnt we already have the weekly battery breakthrough news article ? Need to save some for next week
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    AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Reviews - 16 core beast

    srsly what the actual fuck ?
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    NordVPN Encryption Keys Stolen

    Many use VPNs to get around geo restrictions, like getting access to more content on Netflix, activating product keys for games etc.
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    Stop Paying For Anti-Virus

    I managed (among other things) McAfee ePO for a government agency , its a decent product and i never had any issue with false alerts or false positives , at most it required exceptions for better performance in application specific usage (like SQL Server ,web service IIS etc.) client side...
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    NVIDIA confirms next-gen GPUs will be based on 7nm, coming 2020

    Waiting till 2H 2020 till next gen Nvidia? f*** me
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    AMD Bundles 3 Months of Xbox Game Pass for PC with Ryzen and Radeon parts

    I have about 3 years of Gamepass Ultimate (after converting from gold via the 1$ promo) , its great ! but i`d prefer to get actual digital copies that i get to keep with my hardware.
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    Jony Ive leaves Apple

    Hehe instantly reminded me of this:
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    Dropbox Changing Plans/Pricing

    I prefer the Dropbox model of work across my mobiles/PC`s/NAS , also i read somewhere its block based sync vs google file base but the bummer is that i only use like 200gb so now i wasting even more space for more money , great.
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    Nvidia SUPER Refresh: Faster 2060, 2070, 2080, Faster GDDR6 and $100 Off

    Still a nope on the 20x0 series, i can wait.
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    (DCS World developer) jailed and charged with smuggling fighter jet manuals to Moscow

    so flight sims (for civilian , commercial or military use) are considered weapons these days? good to know
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    (DCS World developer) jailed and charged with smuggling fighter jet manuals to Moscow

    This is crazy , F-16 manuals are available on the net and eBay and not to mention plenty of countries operate the F-16 and also, its legal for some U.S citizen to buy those , but illegal if he sends it abroad like its some illegal arms sell anyway, this is the formal response from Eagle Dynamics:
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    Microsoft Launches Disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

    I get why people are upset , its nice to have a nice collection on your shelf and it feel more tangible than digital download , but i still prefer all digital , my One X has never had its disc used and i got load of games i buy cheap on sales and from key sellers
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    SpaceIL`s Beresheet space craft to land on the moon today

    Well sadly there was a main engine failure during the decent at around 30k ft. and Beresheet crashed on the moon around 5 minutes before touchdown. Good try though, and Israel joined the 'crashed on moon' club, and planted a flag there , just a bit deeper than planned. last photo received...
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    SpaceIL`s Beresheet space craft to land on the moon today

    If successful , Israel will be the 4th country to land a craft on the moon , and the first time a privately funded organization does this (at a cost of mere 100$ million) more details and links to the live stream...
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    Corsair Recalls Some H100i RGB Platinum SE Coolers Over Faulty Plumbing

    I have the i100v2 , came with the wrong firmware (i80 GT) and cannot be changed , need to send back (i chose not to ) also the pump occasionally has trapped air inside and makes alot of noise (like a HDD working real hard) , i have to turn the pc upside down and let it work a bit to release...
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    Oculus Rift S Dumps IPD Adjustment in Favor of Marketing

    The more i read about the 'S' version the less interested i am about it , barely even a side grade basically the only reason they made it was because its cheaper and manufacturer and probably the slightly larger resolution is a minor cost compared to what they save from the changed from CV1
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    Facebook Unveils the Oculus Rift S

    its been 3 years since cv1 and thats what they have to show for ? I have high hopes for vr , really hope that it wont be another passing fad like 3D TV were (too bad btw , with more r&d could have been great)
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    HP Announces HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset: Professional Edition

    new and stronger GPUs just are not being pushed fast enough , VR still needs to grow before it can satisfy the needs for all types of games and even now high GPUs barely handle it honestly after so long since Oculus CV1 and Vive were released i expected we will be further ahead in both GPUs and VR
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    Dell Technologies Gains Global Market Share in Server and Storage in Q4 2018

    Had a Dell storage in my last job , now i`m working with 3PAR and the technology is simply on another scale from Dell even after buying EMC
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    Kalashnikov Makes an Explosive Suicide Drone

    This drone design is ancient , already done in on IAI Harpy since 80`s or early 90`s.
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    Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Buds Commercial Leaks

    Had the S7,S8 and now the S9 , this one looks real nice and i`ll be keeping my eye on it don`t like the price hike though
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    EA's Head Blames Marketing, Development Delay for Low "Battlefield V" Sales

    It went on sale 50% after two months already , i think i even saw it for 15-20$ Anyway , i think the real issue with BF5 is content , they put out the least known battles of WW2 , most of them are before D-Day , no Russian/American armies , No pacific front , no naval warfare, so what did...
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    Intel Core i9-9900T 35W CPU Listing Appears Online

    Sounds like a decent CPU for a NUC
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    New Xbox Rumors: $249/$499 Consoles, 1TB NVMe SSDs, Ray-Tracing Support

    Not hard to answer that one , look at current get , even if the hardware was exactly the same , the software is what counts. Each company focuses on different areas , Sony is more into exclusive and peripherals like VR , while MS is more focused (in last 2 years) on a large gaming library...
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    Free-to-Play Games Were Responsible for 80% of 2018's Digital Game Revenues

    First thing , the definition of F2P is kind of misleading, For example i play DCS (a combat flight sim) which is technically F2P , but it only comes with 1 map and 1 plane , if you want more you need to buy, its not about pay to win , its the same as buying addons from 3rd party for MS Flight...
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    Netflix Raises U.S. Prices

    Click-Bait, Fake news , the article was about some company saying that their product could be used by companies such as Netflix, thats all
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    Resin Solidification Speeds Up 3D Printing

    Sound like a different take on a technic thats been around for decades , i think there is a reason why layer printing with filament is much more popular than a vat with resin. as for mass production , i dont think that this is the answer , the item in the video seems very crude. also being...
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    Picard Will Lead "Radically Altered" Life in New Star Trek Series

    I love Patrick Stewart and Picard is my favorite captain by far , but honestly i cant see how a 78yr old Stewart can do a show for the next 5-7 years. Picard already looked old and weary on Nemesis
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    Netflix Password Sharing May Soon Be Impossible Due to New AI Tracking

    First time i hear of it , i have a lifetime sub for Plex and i use it on tons of devices , have a NUC server and also a backup server on my NAS how is Emby any better? i see its also sub based for premium features
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    NVIDIA CES 2019 Press Event: Watch the Livestream Tonight at 8 PM Pacific

    oh crap i was wrong, i have the MG279Q also (IPS 144khz) oh well.