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    Raspberry Pi or Cubieboard Media Server/Mumble Server

    Hi folks, like most of you, I im in love with the idea of the Raspberry Pi and other similar devices, and have been trying to come up with a solid use for one before I bought one. Now I have found my use I would like to get one. I would like to install a light weight ubuntu distro and run a...
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    Hardware capability, pfsense vmware?

    I have a dual core atom 1.6ghz with 2 gigs of ram that I had been using as a small vent server and file server for a few years now under windows xp home, but I have recently used it to make a pfsense box and I love it, but now Im without a file server and vent server. I wondering if it would be...
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    Assassins Creed(First One) $0.99 at Amazon

    Sorry I should have looked into this more.
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    Deus Ex HR Standard Edition $16 Amazon

    IF you didnt get it on steam.
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    CHECK THIS OUT!!! This is amazing, I so want this.
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    Internal LCD like murder box.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew what was being used for the internal lcd setups used in the murderbox cases. Is it pico lcds with something like and audrino circuit, I'm redoing my case mod that I had started a while back and i would like to include something like this.
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    Interal WC loop help.

    Hi guys, I gotta problem, before I start purchasing parts im try to figure the layout out of my loop, and since this is my first time doing something wc other than an H50, im really trying to figure out every detail. This loop is going into my v1020, ive removed the hdd cage, fabricated my own...
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    Lian Li V1020 Case Mod(No name yet)

    This case mod is a progression of my previous case mods, as well a learning experience for my new modding ventures. Since Im a poor college kid, this mod will most likely not be done for 2 months, but I should be able to do many small updates along the way. Hardware(my current hardware)...
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    Stupid Question

    Can I move my MITX board over to an ATX case. I want to move my server components in my PC-Q07 to a rack mounted case with space for more hard drives.
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    Harmony 300,Antec Veris, Win 7 WMC

    Can some help me configure my harmony 300 for easy use of windows 7 media center. Mainly, I'd like to use the arrows keys on my remote as windows arrow keys, and I cant get them setup, they will on configure to mouse movements.
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    Power Conditioners, Touch Screens, and the software needed for a decent media center.

    Over the last year ive been slowly building up a modest budget Home Theater. Now I have to bother you folks for some help on some more hardware and software editions. Ive gotten a Yamaha 365 receiver.(Great entry level receiver for $160) MITX Dual Core Atom server to store all of my media. My...
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    I never thought I'd say this but Valve needs to jump on the punk buster bandwagon.

    Im seeing more and more hackers in valve games these days. I recently jumped in l4d to play a round with a buddy, and having not played the game more than 4 times since l4d2 came out, he warned me that hackers were running rampant. I didnt believe him at first but when we jumped in a game 3 out...
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    i7 3.6 260GTX216 l4d2 less than 20 fps

    Ok so this only started happening recently, and i think the reason is that I play BFBC2 before l4d2 and when i close Bfbc2 i have to exit the through the task manager, and shut down the app there. could it be that the memory on my video card wasnt cleared or possibly, could it be the 197.45 drivers.
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    Cant exit BFBC2

    Everytime i go to exit BFBC2 it locks up and as soon as i bring up the task manager it closes. ive left it like that for for awhile assuming that i was being hasty, but thats a negative. hmmm. its not really a problem, although once in a while i have to reset, because even that doesnt help...
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    Can someone help me fix this BFBC 2 issue this is the only game this happens on.
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    Different Blu Ray Aspect Ratio causing error, please help.

    Ok, according to nvidia and powerdvd ultra, my system is 100% HDCP compliant(although im using DVI. Upon purchasing two dvd's today, one at 1.85 to 1(I wanted to see if this would get rid of the black bars), and one in 2.35 to 1(this is all that was available ) neither of them work, but blu ray...
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    Ive only used resistors once, and that was 6 years ago. I was wondering if it matters which end is connected to an LED or to the power source.
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    Can I use these LEDs on my Mobo

    I have a P6T and i want to know if i can change my power led and HDD led to these without a resistor.
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    What do i need to know about case LEDs

    I plan on replaceing my blue case LEDs. Ive picked these. I have an ASUS P6T, and SilverStone TJ09. I plan on ording 2 with 67ohm resistors for 3.3v, 2 with 100 ohm 5v resistors. Now as its been explained to me.The mobos come with an automatic variable...
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    LEDs off the mobo

    Im going to replace the leds in my case from blue to orange, now im almost positive, but i need to double check, the voltage off the headers is 3.3v.
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    LED help.

    Does anyone know where i can get 3.3v orange leds from. I would normally just slap a resistor on it, but this is plugged directly into my mobo, so im not going to take that risk. Also, I need it to be able to ship to the US.
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    The results in making my own colored plexiglass.

    Using some skills ive picked up in other areas of my life, I think ive found a way to decently color plexiglass, now i just have to work increasing the darkness of the colors. If you guys are interested i'll take the time to write out how to do this and post.
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    5.25 Mod

    This is going towards a big mod that ive been planning for a while and just recently started.
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    Excellent Customer Service

    If your looking for a case company with great customer service, Im gonna recommend SilverStone, they have sent me front panel connectors for free, and recently when i recieved a windowed side panel, that was damaged by fedex, they went after fedex, to the point where i didnt even need to rma, or...
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    Calling all water cooling pros. I need some help.

    Ok so i am a chump, and i wanted to retry water cooling(I had a cooler master viva duo augagate). So i purchased a H50, and i think its awesome. Now i have a big case mod project coming up, so asthetics are somewhat important. So heres what im working with and what i want to do. I have a...
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    If you need plexi glass or lexan

    I chose to link to this because they have tubes.
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    For all you cable sleevers out there.
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    Windowed SilverStone TJ09/10 Owners

    I was wondering if one of you lucky windowed TJ09/10 owners could help me. Im ordering a window for my TJ09 here, before they absolutey disappear(i couldnt find one for less than 60 shipped).And as i dont have it, and im already planning on modding it. I need to know 2 things. 1.Whats the width...
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    TJ11 mid next year???

    I had recently contacted Silverstone about needing a windowed side panel for my TJ09, and after a few e-mails back and forth, I asked in my final e-mail, if there was a new case in Temjin series on its way, and apparently its do the middle of next year. No pics though:mad: .
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    The sky is falling, or just the screen in my Veris Premium.

    Like the title implies, one side of my Veris premium is about 1/24 to 1/16 of an inch lower than the other side. Has anyone else had this problem. Or know how to fix this.
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    It could always be cooler. So i need help.

    I recently installed a corsair H50, and while it lowered my i7 temps compaired to my Zalman 9700. As anyone in here would rightly agree, it could always be cooler. I already have a push pull setup.I have a SilverStone TJ09 and Xilence fan controller. So im looking to replace the 2 fans on the...
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    Where can i get cable connectors.

    Im planning on a doing some extreme cable management and i would like to know where i can get power connectors, such as molex ends, sata ends, fan ends. Any help would be a appreciated.
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    Can someone Explain the Relation between Ram and CPU when OCing.

    I dont quite understand the relation between ram frequencies and the cpu, especially when OCing. im trying to hit minimum 3.8ghz.Right now im at 3.7ghz.My ram is G. Skill 1333 i think, its been a while since i bought the ram kit.
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    H50 and weird temps.

    Ive just installed this. And at first i thought everything was smooth once installed, but now im not so sure. And i know what everyone is going to say, reseat your pump. But before i go through all that hassle right away. heres the weird thing. Idle temps are all with in 1 or 2 degrees for each...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 Tatics-Campaign and Versus

    After a serious game of versus(we mopped the floor with them), I decided it would be awesome if [H] members compiled a list of tatics for each other to use. My favorite, which only costs the survivors 25 points, is to sit on the turret gun in the plantation finale, and keep a steady line of...
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    Temp Monitoring

    Can anyone recommend me an application that i can install on one computer and and monitor from another without turning on vnc.
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    Need help.

    Can you guys recommend me a cheap audio selector. The thing is i need it to be backwards from a typical audio selector as i need 1 source and 3-4 outputs.
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    More Problems with VNC software.

    Anytime i go to install software or edit a windows setting, network setting, or whatever else have you. my client says its lost connection with the server. can someone please help me?
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    Lets compile the L4D2 glitches and/or issues

    Just to see how many we can get. 1.Doors closing by themselves after opening them.-Only seen this in Dead center and mainly on safe room doors. 2.You can pick up the same weapon you have. And when you pick up a new one, and then pick up another one(same as the first) it has the same ammo...
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    Can someone explain what happened to me.

    Ok i removed one of my hard drives from my main rig to put into my server as its only hdd, so its being used for os install. this drive had win vista as a back up on it. i didnt touch my main hard drive with win7 on it. so i installed over over pre existing win vista stall as i had a large...