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    USB voltage 5.20V. Is that normal?

    I have a PC using the following components: Motherboard: Case w/ Power Supply...
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    Windows 10 Insider Preview - is it too late to register?

    I have Windows 10 Insider Preview installed and activated on a (Vista) laptop. But the laptop is becoming unstable and I found an identical replacement. I tried installing the Insider Preview from scratch again but this time it does not activate. I am not too surprised. But I see that the...
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    Question about caseless SSD

    I don't know what is the right term for them. They have no case but appears to use mSATA interface with power. Here is an example: Can...
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    Motherboard w/o AHCI + SSD

    My SSD (OCZ Vertex 2) failed on me. I used it for just 1.5 years and it is my OS drive. My motherboard does not support AHCI, I wonder if it would cause SSD to fail early? If I find a replacement, is there a way to make it last longer? (Motherboard is MSI G41TM-E43...
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    BFG GeForce 210 loud fan noise

    I have a BFG GeForce 210 video card that has very loud fan noise. I bought it new a few years ago and I hardly use it because it has a loud fan noise. Today, I took it out for an older PC. I found online that someone mention there is a BIOS update that will fix the fan noise (I think it always...
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    APU E-350 confused with Catalyst driver and underscan

    I have an ASRock E350M1 M/B with its default HD6310 (?) APU. I installed Windows 7 from scratch and tried it on a Samsung TV over HDMI and all is well. I did not install any CCC / driver. I get pixel perfect 1080p. Now I moved the PC to a Sharp TV, again via HDMI and native 1080p. Yet, I see...
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    Thinking of installing SSD with a backup

    I plan on setup a system with an SSD and also a 2TB HDD. The SSD has a bad rep for reliability but changing it is out of the question. What I plan on mitigating is that I install a boot partition on the 2TB HDD and basically clone the SSD over. The SSD comes with 3 years warranty so if it...
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    moving Windows 7 from one HTPC to another

    I have a Windows 7 based HTPC based on Intel G41. The Windows 7 is installed using an OEM copy. I want to repurpose the PC and move the HTPC function to an AMD E350 based PC. Will Windows 7 be able to recover itself if I simply move the HDD?
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    Memory on discrete graphics card

    What is the use of the memory (512MB vs 1GB) on a discrete graphics card such as ATI 5450? I have an HTPC running Windows 7 64-bits with 2GB. It is an older C2D E4500 with onboard X4500 graphics. It is used for OTV HDTV viewing and it does a fine job. However, I feel that it would benefit...
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    help me pick a cheap HSF

    looking for HSF for 775 socket. Has to be screw mount (don't want to flip over the MB) I am seeking advice for these two but other cheap ( < $15) option is fine too:
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    A very old question about nvidia 4 series cards

    Which of the following AGP cards are better? No gaming. Just browsing, flash video, movies, etc.
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    CPU Headsink FAN becoming noisy

    I bought the MASSCOOL 8WT15-38 HSF for my HTPC: Just after its 1 year warranty expired, I am hearing very loud noise from the fan. It is not because of the heat from the CPU causing the fan to spin up. But I think it is the...
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    ASRock E350M1/USB3 questions

    I bought and installed a ASRock E350M1/USB3 and I have a few questions 1. Can the CPU be overclocked? The BIOS does not seem to support overclocking 2. I see the non USB3 version has a new firmware that supports Good Night LED but not listed in mine. My setup is for HTPC and it blinks...
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    CIR Receiver - how do I use it?

    I recently bought the ASRock E350M1/USB3 M/B planning to be used as my next HTPC using 7MC. I was a little surprised to see the CIR Receiver head on the motherboard which I didn't pay attention on the reviews. How can I make use of the CIR receiver?
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    Core-i3 without 4-pin CPU connector?

    Are there Core-i3 mini-ITX motherboards that do not need the 4-pin CPU power connector?
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    HTPC going to hibernate despite hibernation is disabled

    I have an HTPC Windows 7 setup for my relative that lately developed a strange issue. While on, the screen will suddenly go blank and the HDD light will blink and the PC seems to be in a sleep mode but CPU fan is in full speed. This condition seems to remain until it is power off manually...
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    Why no Atom HTPC boards?

    I am looking for a cheap board for my build to reuse a small case. I am looking to build a low-end HTPC. I see very little offerings for Atom boards. I only need onboard graphics and a spare PCIe-x1 for TV tuner. But the only one available seems to be the ION version. I can live with Intel CPU...
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    side way CPU fan + case fan, orientation

    I have a setup like this (hope it came out ok): back _____________ |..........--------....| |..........| cpu |....| <- case fan blowing air out |..........--------....| |......................| |......................| ----> this side is either facing up or right...
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    HTPC dead. Want to salvage. Need advice.

    I have an HP Slimline s3300t. It died last night and I believe it is related to motherboard. I cannot find another motherboard at a reasonable price and I want to salvage the parts. PC spec motherboard spec From old PC, C2D E4500 TV Tuner (PCIe-x1) 2GB (Maybe 3GB, I need to...
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    GeForce 210 HDMI cutting in and out every minute

    I have a GeForce 210 low profile card same as below: it is installed next to a tv tuner card. I used to experience image cutting in/out (TV would go blank for a second and resume, showing the current input) every half hour or...
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    GeForce 210 nVidia HDMI issues - signal drops

    I have a BFG GeForce 210 and I have tried 2 HDTVs and both having issue over HDMI. On one TV, if the PC wakes up before I switch the input to PC, the display stays black. If I change resolution, HDMI audio is gone. Says "Not Plugged In". On another TV, I experienced HDMI signal drops. Once...