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  1. Chassepot

    FS: MSI MSI GL62M I5-7300, 8GB RAM, GTX1050, 480GB SSD+1TB HD

    In good condition, nothing too fancy, just a solid low end gaming laptop. Only upgrade/addon is the SSD. I5-7300HQ 8GB RAM GTX 1050 2GB Intel 540s 480GB m.2 SSD 1TB spinner Will throw a clean install on before shipping. $500 with free shipping in the USA. Not overly wiling to haggle at this...
  2. Chassepot

    any good deals on camera security systems?

    If you want quality for fairly low price and don't mind fiddling a bit to get it all set up, you can't go wrong with a rack of Hikvision cameras....they're good equipment but they're straight off the boat and kind of a mix bag of configurations. Throw them onto a not too ancient computer Blue...
  3. Chassepot

    Idiot-proof Remote Access program?

    I've used it in the past but not sure it's the route I'd want to go for a "business". It's an idea, though. Ideally looking for something with the support of a paid application, just maybe some options cheaper than Teamviewer and such
  4. Chassepot

    Idiot-proof Remote Access program?

    Have a friend asking about setting up something for a family business. I'm familiar with TeamViewer and GoTo products but they're also pricier than ideal for this. I'm not real sure what I'm getting into on "their" end, my guess is security/firewall isn't going to be a hinderance if it even...