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    Replacement Mobo / CPU for HTPC

    Hey all, I have an ancient HTPC that I think has a mobo that is dying. I mean the thing is like 11 or 12 years old, but suddently it isn't seeing hard drives...2 drives and all at once it can't see either. The case is good as is the power supply, and I have ample storage space. What I was...
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    Time for a change?

    Hey all, I have been running a Windows 7 pro machine for years. I have know for awhile that one day I'll have to make a change since WMC no longer exists in 10, so I'm currently weighing my options and thought I'd come here for advice. Caveat: Currently in addition to video recording, I also...
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    Best Solution for wireless & filtering

    I have AT&T Uverse service and am not particularly crazy about the router since the wifi is only G. I'm considering going up to a Dual-N since I could do that for cheap and still get a nice bump for the devices that support it. I'm also interested in trying to do some filtering at the router...
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    Quick System Build question

    I already have an HTPC (as seen in my sig). Was asked about building one for a family member. I'm trying to give them an idea on hardware and was wondering if someone could refer me to a reasonable build price. I know you don't have to have the latest and greatest, but I also don't want to...
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    Video Card for older system

    I had inquired about some issues I was working on with my parent's HTPC HERE Well I got around to buying them a new LED tv, but now that I am replacing their dinosaur TV, they will need a video card with HDMI, obviously. Since their system is an older one, I hate to drop tons of money on it...
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    Troubleshooting Lockups

    Confession: I am an idiot. The reason is because I thought I would be a nice son and take my old computer and turn it into an HTPC for my parents. DO NOT DO THIS! You will support it forever! Okay so for the most part the config for this machine is listed in my sig. The original build is a...
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    Cheap options

    Hey all - I'm currently replacing my desktop/gaming rig and had the idea to take the current stuff and make it into a HTPC for my parents. It isn't a speed demon by any means, but I think it would work for them. I will have to buy a few parts, so I thought I would ask you all for input. The...
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    geforce 660 in older mobo

    I'm in the process of upgrading my whole system, just doing a little bit a month. Was going to go ahead and do a video card since i figured I could use it immediately, but now I'm not sure. My current mobo is this (don't laugh) And I am currently running a geforce 8800 GTS. I was planning...
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    Second HTPC

    I have an existing HTPC with Windows 7 home premium as OS. I currently have an xbox 360 in the bedoom as an extender, but 1) The dvd drive on it is trying to quit and doesn't work well. 2) Had to get a roku for netflix since I don't pay the xbox live subscription fee. The wife may be...
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    SATA III/II question

    It is my understanding that SATA III drives will run on SATA II Controllers, given that you can change the jumper setting to limit the drive to 3Gbps. Is this not the case? I have a WD drive that will not show up at all on my SATA II system. I know the drive is spinning up.
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    10 foot browsing

    Hello all, I've got Windows Media Center on Win7 on a 46" tv. Mostly just use it for tv viewing and actually haven't had a decent keyboard/mouse for it til now. I was just wondering if you all have experience and tips to improve any computing experience you may have on it. One thing I've...
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    Using TV as Computer

    Hey all - not so much an HTPC question...but now that I've got a new tv, I plan on getting a keyboard and mouse for my HTPC soon and was wondering your advice on using it for email and such. Any configuration suggestions? At 1920x1024, those webpages look mighty small. Do you just set up zoom...
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    Test Board

    Is there a testboard to test things in your setup or posting an image and such? Or would that be here?
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    Building computer for Grandma

    My wife's grandma has a computer that is on the verge of collapse and so she needs something new - anyway a couple of questions for you all 1) Would you even do this, or is it crazy? She probably won't use it for much beyond surfing - but then again, she lives an hour and a half away -...
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    HD Stuttery

    Decided to start a new thread asking about this since it was a separate issue - I was running my HTPC with an added on ATI Radeon 4350 for a year or so because i did not have an HTPC. I just bought an HD tv and hooked it up and got the HDMI working. It is an Asus board with an Nvidia 8300...
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    HELP! No HDMI!

    Ok, this may not be where this goes, but since some of you helped me set up my HTPC, I figured I would try here. I have an Asus M3N78-EM motherboard. Initially, I did not have an HDTV hooked up, so instead of using onboard video, I put in an ATI card and used S-video. During that time, I...
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    Upgrades for HTPC

    Hello all I built an HTPC based on recommendations I got here in February, I believe. Well, I've been running Win 7 RC but am about to buy probably the OEM, which I know is essentially not supposed to be on a computer that is upgraded majorly - so I was wondering if you all would recommend...
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    Bluetooth Cordless?

    Hey all, not EXACTLY a Mobile phone question but wanted to see if anyone in here had experience in this. I am looking or a cordless home phone that has bluetooth. We don't have a landline, but I know these bluetooth cordless phones exist and then you can leave your mobile phone in one place...
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    Lines on display

    Hey guys, I built an HTPC awhile back. My primary tv is not an HDTV, but my HD TV in my bedroom is connected via an xbox 360. I've noticed on some shows (currently I only notice it on cartoons my daughter is watching) that when there is quick movement on the screen, I see a series of lines on...
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    HTPC Business?

    Hey guys, I began posting on here a few months ago when I built my first HTPC. I'm not a computer novice by any stretch, but was not into the HTPC thing at the time. I have a full time job in IT, but was considering the idea of maybe doing some local business of building HTPC's for...
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    Hiya d00ds, Got my winders 7 beta HTPC setup going on an old analog pc. Plan on switching to a new tv possibly over the summer and will intend on other uses then. Was wondering what you all recommend in a wireless keyboard and such. I am thinking I would definitely prefer something that is...
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    Windows 7 Issue?

    Howdy guys, Built me an HTPC based off of advice here a few weeks back. It has worked great for me with one exception and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I'm running windows 7 beta. We put the HTPC to sleep frequently (obviously). We have been having an issue where when...
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    Windows 7 Media Center Help

    Hey guys got my rig mostly set up - still waiting on remote (which is a pain in the neck). Anyway, as some of you know, right now I'm using Windows 7 and connecting to an old Analog TV. I have a few weird resolution problems - I know, this will hurt your ears, but its set to 640X480 (it...
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    HTPC build help

    Hey all first post here. I used to run a proprietary RCA dvr that died on me a week or two ago and was wanting to build an HTPC to replace it for the dvr capabilities. Also it woudl be our dvd player as well. I don't intend on getting a blueray drive for it now, but do plan on it in the...