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    Help with partitioning scheme for new build

    I'm putting together a new desktop and will be trying to make a full time switch to linux. My hardware is on the way and I'm looking for some insight as to a partitioning scheme. I'm getting my feet wet and will probably rebuild the OS structure next year - maybe to ubuntu 14.04 hopefully to...
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    New ubuntu build -

    I'm putting together a new desktop system and I'm going to try to make the switch to linux for my day to day machine. I'll start with ubuntu as it would appear to the the most 'stupid user' ready. I'm wondering if there would be any real linux reason to go with a certain kind of hardware...
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    Comparison- coldfusion and .net

    We're looking to do some web development and are trying to decide which language to use. Coldfusion and .net are being discussed. This will be for a front end that will interact with an MSQL database. We're hearing conflicting rumors that one or the other is on the way out. Or that one...
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    Dead Space - uggh

    I picked up dead space on steam for $15 this weekend. A waste of money. I turned off the v synch and played with the mouse settings - game was playable, but painful. Some people have said you need to play the game with a game pad. The game felt like I was playing via console. Slow with...
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    XP on a netbook - how much space?

    How much space does XP take on the netbooks. A friend of mine was complaining her 8GB SSD only had 1 GB of available space. That didn't sound too bad, but it had me thinking, how small can they go?
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    Just raise the price and slap a SALE sticker on it.

    I bought SENNHEISER CXL400 headphones for $19.99 yesterday. Today the item is the Newegg shell shocker and it's $21.99. haha shocker is right
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    If you want vista 64 bit - you get to pay for it (it's a feature)

    Yes if you order Ultimate you get both the 32 and 64 bit media. Any other retail version of vista is going to require that you pay for the 64 bit media. I purchased retail home premium. It includes only the 32 bit .... well that sucks. Then I find out the only way to get the 64 bit...
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    Yet another Vsta question - this time about upgrade

    i want to get my hands on a copy of Vista Ultimate - Retail, but I'm not so sure I want to drop $399 on it. (or $379 from amazon). I know the upgrade version of ultimate would be $249 (amazon), but does that give me the retail license I want. With all the talk about oem vs retail I think...
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    PCP&C 610 Silencer is real!

    It's alive!! who had july in the office pool? ULTRA-QUIET PSU: SILENCER® 610 EPS12V
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    Asrock 939Dual and AM2CPU Board

    Has anyone been able to track down any information on the AM2CPU Board for the 939Dual? I've tried to contact newegg to see if they will be carrying it, but haven't heard anything. ocworkbench gave it a pretty favorable review, but we won't know the real deal until it gets [H]ed. Over seas...
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    Sleeved PCP&C Silencer 470

    I called up PCP&C to find out how much it cost to sleeve a PSU and was quoted $30. :eek: i've never sleeved a PSU but after researching the time and effort it takes $30 seems cheap. PSU 99.00 sleeving 30.00 3 day ship 15.00 144.99 to...
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    Note Taking software ??

    What program do people use to take and organize their notes? MS word? notepad? has anyone actually used MS OneNote? Is there something else out there? You college [H]er's have to have something. I went to college way back in the 1900's and I used this stuff call paper. What else is out...
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    How many USB devices do you use?

    I've got 7 - mouse keyboard headset speedpad printer camera mp3 player
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    Any rumors about when the new PCP&C PS will be out?

    I've seen march posted but nothing with more detail. I need a new PSU and wanted to see what new PSUs they have before I pull the trigger
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    Power issues on high-end SLI builds

    Nvidia SLI Certified PSU fails The systems tested were OEMs, but this could affect anyone. How much power are these systems going to need?
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    Monarch OEM - anyone have experience?

    I need a new system but I was dreading putting together my own. Some builds can be quick and painless, but a bad component can quickly turn it into a nightmare. I checked out a number of OEMs and it looks like Monarch can give me exactly what I want. A preassembled machine that had undergone...