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    Random Reboots ASUS P5Q Pro

    RAM : OCZ2G8004GK 4GB CPU : Q6600 (2.4 Ghz) Stock HSF, no overclocking Motherboard : ASUS P5Q Pro Video card : ATI AIW X1900 Power Supply : Antec Earthwatt 600w I had another thread in this forum, but I can't seem to locate it. Sorry if I placed it too many times. My computer has the...
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    Computer continuous reboot

    My newly built system (probably 2 weeks old) is stuck in a infinite reboot loop. I ran prime95 and memtest86 when I first built it, and everything ran fine for 12hrs. Until yesterday the computer began to restart itself randomly. I have not installed anything new, or do I try to overclock it, so...
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    Q6600 idle temperatures

    I just built a new rig and my Q6600 G0 stepping was sitting at 38, 37, 30, 33. Then I tried reseating the heatsink and applied Arctic MX-2 on there and now is idling at around 36, 35, 27, 33 with stock cooling. I heard that the hottest and coolest temps shouldn't have a difference of more than...
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    Building New Computer

    I have been out of this computer building scene for a while now. I was wondering if anyone could help and see if this configuration would work for a desktop computer. I am planning to use the following parts: 1) Mobo: Asus P5K-E 2) Mem: 2Gigs DDR2 5300 667mhz (have some of those lying...
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    Considering Logitech Z-5300

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    Toshiba Screen Problem

    I currently own a Toshiba A100-JH2 laptop; less than a year old. Whenever I don't use it for a while, the screen saver comes on and then it will change into the black screen (kinda like if its put to sleep). When I try touch the mouse pad or hit keys on the keyboard, the screen doesn't seem to...
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    Power Supply fan is dead??

    Recently I got a new computer case (Antec TX1050B) which came with a 500Watt SmartPower 2.0 power supply. This morning when I turned my computer on, I hear this really loud rattling noise and not know where it came from. Then I looked at the back and saw the power supply fan isn't moving...
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    PX-708a Buffer unstable

    I own a Plextor PX-708a DVD burner. Just today I tried to burn several dvds, the buffer in the burner just fluctuates like nuts, going from 90% - 33% then to 50% -23%. And I have DMA turned on. So any help would be appreciated!
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    AIW 9600 TV Capture

    As stated, I have an AIW 9600Pro and currently trying to record some events from the Olympic games. The quality I get is very poor. I was wondering if there is anyway in enhacing the image through ATI's software, or is my card just messed up? The reason I said that is because from previous...
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    Abit IS7 or ASUS P4P800-E DLX

    Currently I am looking at these two motherboards for a new P4 system. I am going to put a 2.8ghz (800FSB) processor in it. Which one of the two boards would have better overclocking potential?
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    AIW 9700pro or AIW 9600pro

    Currently I have a choice of the cards named above (AIW 9700pro or AIW 9600pro), I can't really make up my mind as to what to purchase. Just needed a few suggestions. Thanks in advance KSL
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    Bottom Bar in IE

    Anyone know how to re-enable the bar at the bottom of IE, which shows the loading status of the webpage and the security of the page?
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    Looking for a case that is decent for air flow

    I am currently looking for a new case for my p4 system. I have a couple in mind, and am looking for suggestions. Here are what I have in mind: Thermaltake Xaser III VM3000A Skull Series Mid Tower Antec Performance One P160 Aluminum Super Mid Tower Antec Sonata Mid Tower Case (black) w/...
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    Plextor DVD burner not burning cds anymore :(

    I have a PX-708A Plextor dual format dvd burner. Everytime I try to burn a cd, it keeps on giving me errors saying "Power Calibration error". I have read up on this error, and many have have said that its due to cheap media. But I am currently using maxell and verbatim, which both are quite...
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    Coolermaster Jet4

    Just wondering if anyone has a chance to try or own the Coolermaster Jet 4, and would give me any comment on it, as I planned to get one in the next few days.
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    Case Temperature 90F+

    Currently, my computer has 5 fans; two in the front blowing in air, two in the back blowing out air, and one on top of the case blowing out air. I don't really understand this, but my case is still at 90F. Any help wit this is greatly appreciated! KSL
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    Customizing Folders in XP

    How can I change the folder types in XP? I know that there is the tab 'customize' when you right click for 'properties', but this does not work for 'My Documents' and 'Program Files'. Right now, on my computer, both of these folders are recognized as 'music folders' and its kinda bothering me...
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    Considering Logitech Z-5300

    I am considering to buy these Logitech Z-5300 speakers, and I was wondering if there was any issues or anything I should know b4 going to buy them. Are these speakers worth $209? My thought is...these speakers are thx certified so they must be half decent. So yea...just wondering if I could have...
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    smss.exe in Windows XP

    What exactly does smss.exe do in Windows XP? Currently its taking well over 60% of my CPU Usage.
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    Radeon 9600Pro to Radeon 9600XT

    Have anyone tried to change their 9600pro bios with 9600xt? If so, how well did it work peformance wise.
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    Plextor PX-708A and GigaRec

    Currently new to this GigaRec feature and I am kinda confused. Are Plextor PX-708A able to use GigaRec on CD-Rs? If so, how can I enable this feature?