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    battery problem - A8N-E & A8N-SLI Deluxe

    Both my motherboards, an ASUS A8N-E & ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe, give me a cmos checksum error when i unplug the pc, and everything gets reset. I thought the problem was an easy one to fix, change the onboard cmos battery. I've tested 2 new batteries on each system, but, still, both lose cmos...
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    copied Windows XP account documents denied access in Windows 7

    Before installing Windows 7, I copied my entire User's Documents directory to another drive. I erase XP and install 7, now all the files in the copied directory are encrypted and impossible to access (they are colored green). I've tried nearly everything I could think of from changing...
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    XP - Wake from Standby using USB gamepad?

    I have a USB Logitech Wireless Rumblepad 2 game controller, and want to know if I can use it to turn on the computer from standby. I can resume my PC with both my usb keyboard and mouse, is it at all feasible to get this working with my gamepad?
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    Windows 7 Sleep / Shutdown Problems

    Win7 has worked great for about a week, sleeped and shut down perfectly, but now, the system refuses to wake up from sleep, I have to hard reset it, and if I shut down, or even use the power button to manually shut down, the computer turns itself back on within a minute. Any remedies/ideas...
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    8800GTX + Sony TV problem.

    I plug in my sony bravia tv, and it shows all the POST and boot information, but after that, the screen blanks. Nothing shows, regardless if I am trying to boot into windows or even boot from the Windows install cd. But if I plug in an old 1280x1024 display, it boots into windows just fine...
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    Prime95 not maxing both cores?

    For some reason, Prime95 now will not max out the CPU usage in the task manager on both cores. I have two instances, both set to separate affinities, but the task manager shows only 56% cpu usage, the first core is fully loaded and the second one barely is reading. If I start the first...
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    eVGA 7800 GT crashes

    The title basically sums up the problem...I play Half-Life 2 for an hour, the game freezes and I have to reboot my computer. I have NVIDIA's 81.95 drivers, the video card is not overclocked. I don't believe my cpu or ram are the culprits, as I ran Prime95 for 15 hours with absolutely no...
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    Good, free client-side proxy software?

    Ill post another thread, hopefully someone will help this time. On a main computer, I have ccproxy running. On the client computers, I either have to type in the main computer's proxy IP address and ports in every program or run Sockscap and make profiles for every program I use. Is...
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    Sockscap Proxy / Alternatives?

    I've been using sockscap for a couple weeks with my programs, and it works pretty well. I was wondering if there is a way I can have the sockscap proxy route all windows networking traffic, instead of having to create profiles for each program to go through a proxy, or if there are alternative...
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    Advice OC'ing AMD 64 X2 3800+ XP?

    My specs are: ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Corsair Value Select DC 2gb AMD XP 64 X2 3800+ (stock HS/F) Can anyone guide me on the steps to OC my processor (I'm looking to achieve 2.4ghz, read many places that it can be done pretty easily even on stock cooling) and optimize memory speeds (I am a...
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    Going to build a new computer, budget $1500, suggestions welcome.

    My computer is about 5 years old, I would like to build a new one. I have $1500 dollars to do so, and would like suggestions on the best hardware i could get for the price, and where to get the parts online. I already have a new monitor. I play games occasionally, but mainly use my...
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    program recommendations to password protect files?

    Id like to group a bunch of files together into a single file with a password. I know I can use WINRAR to do this, but it takes a long time to extract files even when they are only stored, if i have something like 2gb of files. So is there a program that will group them all together and...
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    DVI to HDTV problems

    I recently hooked up my computer's DVI out to my Sony Vega 60" widescreen LCD tv. The desktop always had a few inches cut off, out of the screen at any resolution (I ran the resolution @ 1900x1200). I also noticed that the text looked awful on the screen, especially when watching dvds. It...
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    ISP Privacy?

    I know ISP's can monitor its members internet usage, but is there a way to make it completely private from the ISP, e.g. sending all the information in encrypted form through an internet server?
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    Samsung SyncMaster 930B Resolution and Refresh Rate question

    I recently purchased a Syncmaster 930B (great LCD), and I was under the assumption that it could run 1280x1024 @ 75hz. I used the supplied analog cable and the only supported refresh rate at that resolution was 72hz. Today I recieved a DVI cable, used it instead, and now windows only is...
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    Where to find free Remote Desktop utility for XP HOME?

    Does anybody know of any free software that allows me to set up a remote computer like windows Remote Desktop? I need to be able to log in and out of accounts also. I tried TightVNC, but you need to be logged into an account to allow access from a remote computer.
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    Sharing Compuserve 7.0 dialup connection over LAN

    I don't know how to make it work over my network. Anyone out there have suggestions?
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    Windows XP Networking Woes. :(

    Another case of networking woes here. SETUP: Linksys Router (WRT54GS) Computer A (desktop, XP PRO) hardlined to router Computer B (desktop, XP PRO) wireless g Computer C (laptop, XP HOME) wireless g PROBLEM: Computer A isn't always accesible via Network Neighborhood or via IP...